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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, recently my NatWest bank account was unexpectedly closed due to an apparent commercial decision by the bank. So as I've only now got 1 bank account I apply to open a basic bank account with HSBC which was accepted. I received the pin and was waiting for the card to arrive and today I receive this letter. It states that following a review of my application, we regret to advise you thar we no longer wish to provide you with a bank account and that they are closing it. Closing a basic bank account seems extreme, feels like I've been blacklisted or something. It'
  2. Hi, Im hoping to get some advise on my last WCA. Ive had four assessments at each one the HPC had my ESA50 infront of them, at my last WCA the HPC didnt have my ESA50 infront of her and was looking at my last review via the computer. It makes me worry that the HCP didnt have my ESA50 at all. My WCA was also ended within 20minutes, the HCP then said she had to make a phone call, then came back in to say she has enough information to write her report and not to worry. Is this sosmething i should be concerned about? P.S I was in WRAG for 2 years before being moved into the SG on the third
  3. my wife parked the car in Colindale and I got a pcn from parking control management, addressed to me the registered keeper, I wanted to fight it but I think I'm way out of my depth , i was under the impression that because i was the registered keeper and not the driver I wouldn't be liable, i also read that i should ignore the letters and wait for it to go to court the 26/02/2017 PCN was issued 05/04/2017 i received a keeper liability letter, which states that under the protection of freedoms act 2012 schedule 4 states the registered keeper of the vehicle becomes liable,
  4. 1) My 'Actions for getting employment" doesn't stipulate a number of jobs to apply for per week (which is odd, when I claimed before I had to apply for 2). Obviously I don't want to display every single job I apply for (which would risk creating a baseline figure), but what is the minimum number that an Advisor needs to see in order to sanction me (for insufficient applications)? 2) They also included 'log into my UJM account daily' - I have NOT ticked the box that allows the DWP to view the jobs I've applied for, BUT can they still see how often I've logged in? Ta
  5. I have discovered that on company House there has been a entry saying that company where I work was to be strike off the register. It was given 3 months to comply. The strike off has been suspended as conditions have been met. Does this mean the company is in financial difficulty? as it feel like it is due to the lack of resources, atmosphere and comments being made. Is there a way of finding out if the company is OK or should one think about jumping ship
  6. Hi Everyone, I posted today regarding a CCJ that has been registered against me for an old Santander overdraft. After receiving advice I am going to ask for proof of the payment they say I made in 2009, and once I'm satisfied, I will pay it in full as I am trying to put ourselves in the best position for a mortgage and can't afford CCJs. My concern now is though, is if this one has found me from the past, will the others? I had an Egg Card, an MBNA Card, an HSBC personal loan, and a Capital One Card. The HSBC loan was with a DC for a while, and became statue barr
  7. I think this is relevant because this part of the forum is to do with benefits advice. I think the admin team responsible for monitoring these threads should be impartial, and not allowed to act like a blue collar gang, closing threads and then allowing admin staff to continue to post, after the creator has been banished from his own thread. They seem to want to put their opinions across and stifle and repress all opposition to it. This is the behavior of school children, and not a consumer actions group it is often the case that no attempt is made to answer the th
  8. Hi guys getting myself quite worked up ere and stressed , in 2007 i had a llyods tsb credit card and maxed it out to its limit of £5000 , after getting into financial difficulties i quit the payments and left it ( yes i know wrong thing to do ) last year i started receiving letters from lowell group and a friend said to me dont pay can't collect , since lowell its been passed onto various groups including hamptons legal hamptons red and now some solicitors in edinburgh , they are now threatining with bailiffs ccj's etc need to know what is the worse
  9. Hey so today i got a letter from DWP titledcustomer compliance interview...I have no idea what this is about. My circumstancs have not changed however the letter indicates this. I had an appt on my last signing date...regular interview where i needed to bring in my passport,birth certificate, driving licence, bank statments and proof of bills if i pay any which i don't. I have seen several threads regarding his....are DWP doing random spot checks? Asi said nothing has changed in regards to my claim, though on that last appt on my bank statement he noticed a payment from Bedford Hos
  10. It is being said in the DWP response that medical evidence is insufficient, and apparently there are numerous inconsistances, with my ESA50 and the appeal papers written on my behalf by a family member …Not so. .my ailments have only been echoed .and if anything explained. more explicitly. The Welfare benefits team have written a submission for the hearing (my atos medical was 12 & 1/2 months ago) If the hearing is not found in my favour what if anything can I do as a next step? I have currently been out of work and claiming long term sick for 10 yrs, my
  11. Hi folks. Back in my teens, I was taken home for being too drunk - no caution, warning, arrest or fine followed. On another occasion, I was taken to the hospital after being run over (which was partially my fault because I was running around in the road, and yes I was drunk). There were no injuries (thankfully) and therefore the police didn't do anything; they just told me off for being an idiot. I've never had DNA, photos or fingerprints taken at a police station, if this helps. I sound like a complete idiot - I apologize. I use to hang around in the wrong crowd and drink way too much al
  12. More than 20 million UK adults worry about personal debt, with two-thirds blaming the cost of living for their financial troubles. The number of debt-ridden adults who worry about their finances has risen by 8pc since February, according to a survey by insolvency trade body R3. One fifth of UK adults say they are "very" or "extremely" concerned about their current debts. Worryingly, 42pc of adults said they struggled to make it to pay day, with most saying the high cost of living was to blame. Liz Bingham, president of R3, said: “Although the economy is starting to pick up, many families
  13. My wife and I would be very grateful for advice. Our daughter who is 22 and lives at home, training to be a teacher, has had a boyfriend for a couple of years. The boyfriend comes from New Zealand, seems a nice lad and often comes to our house at weekends to be with my daughter. He has his own flat about 50 miles away near where he works. As he has come from New Zealand he has moved around a bit and has used our address a number of time to get post sent to him. Recently the boyfriend bought a car and we noticed that a letter had come from the finance company to our address for him. It is obv
  14. A few months ago i got a pcn from euro car parks in cardiff. I parked at 7.15 pm and returned at 9.08pm to find a parking ticket placed on windscreen timed at 8.40pm. The notice said i had exceeded maximun stay and that i had been recorded leaving the car park. The car park sign said return within 1 hr 30 mins , penalty if no return within 2 hours. The ticket was placed on my car within the 1hr 30 min window. I received a letter from euro car parks for £60 pound and i then received another letter for £90 advising if i did not pay they would forward my details
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