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  1. Can someone kindly advise how to calculate possible PPI reclaim amount ? I have calculated my monthly PPI interest amount figure using forum details located in which I have already paid over120 months but still have 60 months to expiry. Any assistance would be appreciated as I would like to know a possible figure in order to compare with Welcome's offer if successful.
  2. Good evening all, I've done a bit of research trying to close accounts which led me to requesting CCA's to Cabot. I sent two for two different accounts which they took off Halifax (1 x CC & 1 x Current Acc Overdraft). I posted the following to them: Dear Sir/Madam Account No: With reference to the above agreement, I require you to supply the following documentation before I will correspond with you further on this matter. 1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement, under the legislation contained within s.78 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974. 2. A full statement of account. 3. A signed true copy of the deed of assignment of the above referenced agreement that you allege exists. 4. A copy of any other documents referred to in the agreement. I understand that under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (sections 77-79) , I am entitled to receive a copy of any credit agreement and a statement of account when I request it. I enclose a payment of £1 which is the fee payable under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I understand a copy of any credit agreement along with a statement of account should be supplied within 12 working days. I understand that, under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, creditors are unable to enforce an agreement if they fail to comply with the request for a copy of the agreement and statement of account. A speedy response would be appreciated to resolve the matter amicably. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully THE LETTERS WERE RECEIVED ON 17TH/18TH JULY AND TODAY I RECEIVED THE FOLLOWING LETTERS: Thank you for your CCA request etc etc... We currently do not have this information on file. However I have requested the relevant details, which include a copy of the credit agreement, statement of account and relevant terms and conditions from the original lender. You have requested a copy of the Deed of Assignment. Please be advised that the DOA is a confidential document between Cabot and the original lender. It does not contain any personal details relating to you or your account and is not available for disclosure. We sent you a Notice of Assignment for your account to your address, which is sufficient to confirm our ownership of this account. Only the courts can request this... Blah blah blah. A couple of things here... I asked for a true copy, they are referring to simply a copy. If they do obtain a copy, is this enforceable? Also is it acceptable what they are saying about disclosing the DOA to me? I don't ever recall being sent a Notice of Assignment, if I did, is this sufficient to confirm ownership and enforceable? I have been currently paying towards what they are claiming, on a monthly basis via DMP. The next payment is due in a couple of days. Should I continue paying or is it advisable to stop until they wholly action my request? Thanks in advance and any help/advice/feedback is much appreciated! I'm looking to get a mortgage by the end of the year so I can get my son into the school I/he wants. Many thanks.
  3. Good evening everyone! Here I wanna share my experience with you and may be get some useful advice. Here is the text I sent to the Council via their internet site form: I'd like to report you a regular and continuous shouting of my neighbour at night time. Every night after around 10 pm or 11 pm a very loud shouting of a woman comes through the wall from my neighbour's (the address is xx xxxx Road xx xxxx). Sometimes she shouts for no obvious reason, sometimes she shouts at her husband, sometimes she shouts while talking to someone over the phone, and sometimes she shouts at her little son, beating him up occasionally(I may provide you with an audio where you can clearly hear sounds of hitting, her shouting and his screaming). The woman is either mentally handicapped or she abuses alcohol. Whatever the reason, but her behaviour is obviously antisocial. She is a rowdy and inconsiderate neighbour. She just prevents me from sleeping. It is an absolute nuisance. I want you to make her stop or restrict the nuisance. Please inform her that she must not and have no right to shout or even speak in a raised voice at night when people try to have some rest after a working day. The woman is most likely unemployed and has no clue that people need to sleep at night. Now the shouting happens every single day after 10 pm or 11 pm and may last for hours. I can't bear it any more. This must be stopped. In around a week's time I got the following response from them: see the attached picture What would you do next, if you were me? In my opinion it was a sheer runaround, a reply without substance. They just don't want to do their job, and I pay more than a hundred pounds of council tax every month. The only thing I asked of them is to let the neighbours know that it is not good to be loud at night. As the noise is not of intermittent nature, but a regular one. What is the best thing to do next? Reply them and try to explain to them that it is not a normal noise, or move to another step and file a complaint about the Council?
  4. Hi all, Just a bit of a background, I called Blackhorse on the 23rd December 2018 to check whether I had any PPI on loans that I took out many years ago. The first and most relevant was taken out in 1987 as I recently found out from them. They found I had three within 87 and 91. They didn’t indicate or tell me whether or not there was PPI on any of my agreements and instead sent out a complaint form and explain to them why I was misold any of the policies attached to each loan. I had no paperwork at the time of calling. A week later I sent back the form and gave the reasons why each were misold. Before doing this I called Blackhorse again and requested a copy each credit agreement agreement they hold on file which they said ok but still fill out the form and send it back which I did. 2 weeks after sending of the form, instead of receiving credit agreements, I was sent each loans running Statements from the opening payments right up until the last. 2 do not show an indication of PPI. But the largest and earliest loan clearly stated PPI £1637.11 included in a total amount of £15,387.78 to repay back. This is on the first page of the statement. Ive keep asking them to comfirm and they keep saying that there is a strong indication and a final response would be provided The Final response date I was given was 18th February. But I received a letter today stating they need at least another 8 weeks to fully respond to the complaint. It’s quite frustrating that they are not providing a final response. I understand there busy and that’s why they have such sufficient time provided to them under their regulations. The reason they have provided for this responses is that they are busy and it hasn’t gone to the relevant departments yet. It funny because I’ve spoken to 3 different people so far during the weeks that have gone by and they have each stated completely contradictory stages as to where the complaint currently is positioned. 2 weeks ago someone told me it’s half way, a week later someone said it’s not even been seen yet by the case handlers and now they have decided to extend for another 8 weeks. I don’t know what to believe. I’ve mentioned to them that I’m going through hardship at the moment as I’m now disabled and require funds for a needed private operation and the money would come in very handy at the right time. Is this common practice or is there something more to it? Would it be wise to take the complaint to the ombudsman? What’s the best thing to do going forward? Given that there is records of each loan, whats the hold up? Could they be passing liability onto someone else, and would have they not of done that already to address the matter ASAP? Any advice or experience anyone has with dealing with Blackhorse PPI dpt is very welcome and I look forward to receiving everyone’s responses on how to best get a reasonable response in a reasonable time. Thank you
  5. Could you offer some advise on my situation please? I moved into a property in December 2010, and the Water bill was put into my name. I left this property at some point during 2014, at which point i had made no payments towards the water or been in contact with the water company. I've made good the debt now, ive actually cleared all my debts! My question is regards to the default date. The company placed the default in January 2016. They then applied for and won a CCJ by default in August 2016. I've raised a complaint as i believe the default should have been dated between March-July 2011. That is correct i assume? In regards to the CCJ, I have asked that they agree to have it set aside, as if they had placed the default on the correct date then it would have been statute barred. Im confident on my first point, how do you feel the second point (CCJ set aside) will be? I've already paid any monies i owe to them, but if they had placed the default correctly then it would have been statute barred before the date that they actually applied for it
  6. Hello, My brother-in-law received a lengthy report, from assesors acting for insurers, staing that his trees in the back garden had caused subsidence to his neighbour extention. A complete nonsense as the trees are tiny. My brother in law commisioned his own report which stated that the complaint was utter rubbish - mentioning poor quality build of the extension = basically the claim was frivillous and vexatious. The assesors have now written back stating: I have been advised that, as the level of damage occurring to our insured property is slight, and, taking into account the lack of evidence to support the OCA Report recommendations, at this present time your vegetation removal is no longer required. However, you are placed On Notice of future risk. This means that although your vegetation is no longer requested for removal it has been implicated and therefore must be considered as a future risk. Whilst you have advised you will not be mitigating at this present time you may give consideration to taking some action in the future to prevent any further possible damage occurring to our insured property by your vegetation. My file on this matter is now closed and I thank you for your time in dealing. Tree Mitigation Specialist Oriel Services Limited Oakleigh House, 14-16 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3DQ, GB My brother-in-law clearly doesn't want the threat hanging over him, having to mention this to his own future insurers, but is not sure how he should respond to counter this - any ideas please? Perhaps respond that his neighbours are also on notice of their vexatious complaint, or something.. basically put up or shut up. Regards John
  7. Hello, We have had a terrible experience with a local children's nursery and I wanted some advice before I submit a case to the small claims court for a refund of our fees not used. After researching various nurseries we chose this particular one which ticked all of the boxes for us. A relative worked there, we were assured at the initial show around that communication with parents is key and a sheet is filled out daily containing all of the details of the day (food eaten, wet/soiled nappies/milk consumption/activities). A key worker would be allocated so we could have a smooth settling in process. Being new parents all of this was very important to us. We felt happy with our decision, read through the policies and procedures which detailed the above and signed the contract along with paying the deposit. Unfortunately none of this materialised when our child attended the nursery. Two settling in sessions were held where we dropped our child off for 2 hour periods. We did not meet the key worker nor did we receive the information sheets - given it was for a short period we didn't question the report sheets however we did question when we would meet the key worker. The key worker allocated was on long term leave with no immediate date of return so the other workers would chip in and help. We therefore did not have the chance to bond with a particular individual at the nursery. I should mention this nursery has children of all ages mixed together in one room. After this our child spent 2 full days at the nursery. Both times we again did not meet the key worker, communication was poor, no report sheets provided and therefore at pick up no-one could give us details of what our child had eaten/drank/nappies changed etc. This was not the service we were promised when we signed up. We were feeling very uneasy and wanted reassurance so we asked for a meeting with the nursery manager. The meeting got unnecessarily heated. The manager felt attacked by our concerns and was very defensive. It was confirmed that the production of the daily report communication cards had been halted for 2 weeks due to the hot weather - something to this day which still baffles us. This had not been communicated to parents. Additionally the allocated key worker still had no return date. At the meeting it was clear the relationship had broken down and the manager confirmed the nursery was not right for our child. We followed up with an email later that day confirming our child would no longer be attending the nursery. I should mention too that during all of this we received information from an ex worker there that safety standards were not being met (child to adult ratios), poor hygiene was observed (feeding babies with same spoon at mealtimes). This person has chosen to remain anonymous however a complaint may have been submitted to Ofsted by them - something I am unable to confirm. This information coupled with our experience clearly resulted in a loss of confidence in the nursery. Monies - we had paid over 500 pounds on what ended up just 2 days care (48 pounds per day). We requested a refund due to the breach of contract as they did not deliver the service they agreed. Within the contract they request one months notice and we would therefore not be entitled to any money back. A goodwill offer of just 150 pounds was proposed to us which we reluctantly agreed. When I have chased for the monies a week later they have responded confirming they have changed their minds and they will not be refunding any money to us. Clearly frustrated I feel I have a case to pursue this however would like some advice. Thank you in advance for your help on this.
  8. Hi all Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have submitted a complaint for irresponsible lending for the above. They are requesting bank statements and wage slips from the time the loan was issued (almost 14 months and still open now). I feel fairly uncomfortable providing these. Would I be within my rights to decline and ask them to look into the internal affordability tests that they carried out? I'm not sure how to proceed as I've not encountered this with any other complaints. Thank you
  9. So far I have had several successes with Wageday Advance, Lending Stream and MyJar, and I still have several ongoing complaints with other pdl companies. With regards to Pounds till pay day, having read through a lot of the other threads its seems that as they were not based in the UK when I originally got loans from them then its quite unlikely to get a resolve. However, they have not even responded to my complaint, despite following their complaints policy. They have totally blanked me. My question is now that the 8 weeks is here, can I complain to the ombudsman based on this? that they have failed even to respond to my complaint. Its was sent after they became UK registered and therefore having to abide by the regulations. I know the FO problably will not look into my complaint re: loans, surely now they should follow their complaints procedure? Any advice before I attempt to go to the FO gladly received.
  10. Greetings All. First post (hopefully of not too many, but think there may be a few in the pipe). If a Dealer's Website says: "Complaint Procedure" - Awaiting Content" of course there's nothing about any trade bodies or ADR channels. is this a breach of law and if so which legislation/ASA code etc? Is it worthy of an additional 'complaint' ? Thanks for your time.
  11. gI have also recently received a letter from MBNA regarding the same thing.g In this letter they say,.. " You could now receive some money back if we took a high level of commission on your PPI policy but did not tell you this when you bought it. A high level of commission typically means it was over half what you paid for the policy. Generally we do not tell PPI customers about our commission at the point of sale, as we were not required to ". Interestingly the reply address they give begins with........MBNA Plevin Proactive. Unlike Welcome they include a form to be completed.
  12. Just a brief outline regarding my experience dealing with Swift Advances regarding a excessive charges complaint of which involved Fos. 2005 I took out a regulated loan for £10000 to be paid over 5 years.. Regular monthly payments were made inline with the agreed amount, sometimes a day or so late. This triggers charges on the account of which also incur the same interest rate as the loan. as you can see the charges are relentless. Late 2008 i was in severe financial difficulty as i was elf employed my business was struggling. Realising the depth of debt especially with Swift following a redemption figure request i conceded that there was noway i was going to be able to repay this debt with the spiralling charges being added to the account. 2009 i lost my family home to Swift as i foolishly at the time gave up and did not fight my case in court and just assumed that no matter what i did they would take it anyway. 2012 Following media report about ppi scandal i started to look into the Swift charges and noticed i had ppi added, as i was self employed the ppi was invalid and i successfully reclaimed ppi from FSCS as the original broker had gone bust. Then i started looking more closer to the charges added to my account following a SAR request to Swift. Firstly i filed a complaint regarding excessive charges added to the account with Swift of which they dismissed with a Final response so i took my complaint to FOS. After a lengthy battle it was deemed that Swift acted appropriately in managing the account "I have not seen evidence to show that swift was not transparent about the charges or that you have been treated unfairly" is whats stated from FOS in their summing up letter. However as Swift had changed the amount they charge for some of the admin costs they agreed to refund the difference so i received a cheque for approx £900 in 2013. So it seems that despite all the complaining we do not even FOS agree that how Swift conduct their business is unlawful or done in a manner where the consumer is set to fail from the outset. For anyone wishing to know what the letter codes mean then here is an attached document. Im not sure the pdf file loaded properly in previous post. merged.pdf
  13. Hello all I have been dealing with a number of irresponsible loans lent to my sister who suffers from dreadful mental health that total £40,000 in just a few months One of those is with a payday lender for £400 I put forward a complaint on her behalf and they asked for a copy of her passport and a letter authorising me to make the complaint. I have provided both twice. She has signed the letter that states she gives me authorisation to make the complaint and for the written outcome to be addressed to her by letter to her address I have asked for the outcome of the complaint to be addressed to my sister. However they are being very difficult and asking me for my details, date of birth and address, but I have stressed that whilst I am making the complaint on her behalf and have sent in medical documents that show she is mentally very poorly they keep changing the goal posts and making this very difficult. I have been able to make complaints on her behalf to a number of financial organisations but not come across such a string of emails since the first week of June. They keep changing the requirements and send email responses three to four days later with a new request Is this right because it does not feel so and its just adding to the stress of trying to sort this mess out
  14. Ok, 1st post on here so bare with me.... Bought a car in mid Feb this year for 3.5k, 6weeks later an engine mount fails and the dealer tries to fob off with "I'll get it fixed for you at trade cost". I use my right to reject and compose a letter to demand it repaired under the CRA. At this point I find out that the dealer xxx motor company, is actually xxxx body repairs (I won't name and shame as we are still in dispute). The sales invoice hadn't included this info and I wasn't made aware at time of sale. If I'd known I was buying from a body repair shop I wouldn't have bought the vehicle. The company director is also his wife, but under her maiden name on companies house. So it took me a bit of FB stalking and 2hrs searching on companies house to even be sure who to reject the vehicle to. I get no responce, so compose another letter, giving more detail on the fault and why I'm rejecting. Then get a letter back from "law firm". Basically saying it's an old car so it'll break down, deal with it. I reply with chapter and verse, an mention that their 'member' did not disclose who they are on the sales receipt along with a request to confirm the milage at time of sale as my invoice says exactly 75,000. So in the eyes of the law I had completed only 150miles.balso for copies of a service check on the vehicle and or pdi as I have no copies given to me at time of sale. They come back two weeks later with, yes the dealer rounded up the milage on the sales receipt! (illegal) And have included a copy of a pdi and service. Turns out the service check was completed after I'd laid down my deposit and taken for a test drive (also illegal) . So he had no idea the condition of the vehicle when he put it on the forecourt, I took a testdrive in what could have been a death trap. At this point Ive already contacted the back for a chargeback. Which has gone into my bank account, but he can still dispute in the next 6 weeks. I've responded to "law firm" with your member has committed a criminal offence(s) and I'll take it to small claims if he tries to refute the chargeback. Due to the severity of the above and flat refusal of liability on the dealers part I've also reported direct to the local trading standards with the above info and evidence to back it up. Now I'm happy to take home to scc if required as I'm 100% I'd get cost of the car back just on the mis selling of the vehicle under the wrong trading name. However, how likely are trading standards to take action and if so how do I find out if they have? He's basically only checking cars after they are sold (if at all as service check sheet could have been completed at any point in the last 4 months), and is pretending his main trade is a car dealership rather than a body repair shop. He could potentially be taking vehicles that have come through the body repair shop, offering customers a part ex and doing a quick fix to what could be prang on a vehicle and then selling on for big profit through the sales site (what I suspect with my car due to the type of fail and his reaction on the phone). Oh and here is the crux, he also didn't include Ltd on the sales invoice (or any other documents) so he or his wife could be personally liable rather that the Ltd company she is director of (there is a case law which proves this). If I do have to take to scc - who do I serve against? The Ltd Co. He who sold the car and signed the invoice or her who is sole director of the Ltd company? This could end up losing him his marriage as well as business.
  15. Hi All, We recently submitted a claim to the Halifax for PPI on a loan which was sold to us on the basis that the PPI was a necessary stipulation of the application. After 8 weeks of complete silence from the Halifax we today received a letter. The upshot is that they are refuting our PPI claim on the basis that they sent a letter to us 4 years ago stating that they had reviewed their PPI sales process and found that our PPI policy 'may' have been mis-sold. They apparently outlined common failings and invited us to respond if any of these concerned us. Now, apart from not even recalling such a letter or being able to find it in our records; is this sufficient reason to abdicate their responsibility to refund a mis-sold policy? If so, it seems to be a nice way of sidestepping the claim. Now 4 years ago I don't think we were in any way as educated to the whole world of PPI as we are now and so at the time we might not even have thought of ourselves as in the bracket of the 'mis-sold'. However, with greater and greater information and publicity around the whole scandal - we re-educated ourselves and took a longer look at our finances and historical loan applications. It now seems that was all for nought and that even if we were mis-sold, The Halifax can simply state they sent a letter 'way back when' and that's it - no redress. Am i missing something or doesn't that seem particularly unfair and insidious. Is there now anything we can do? or do we simply close this particular chapter and move on. Interested to know everyone's thoughts. Many thanks in advance Kholo
  16. Hi, I am looking for some advice to try to attempt a default removal, if this stays on my credit file then I am looking at August 2020 before it falls off The balance owing is £509.52, this is made up of £300 in interest charges that they have added since the account was open in 2013. The last lot of interest was added in September 2013 of £97 on a balance at the time of £441!! I have written and complained but they will not write off the debt and have said that the balance owed is outstanding and needs to be paid. I have today received a copy of an unsigned credit agreement and the letter that was sent issuing a default notice (this I never received). Could someone point me in the right direction of what the next steps are please, in an ideal world I want the Default removed, but appreciate this may not be possible. I will upload the documents this evening, but just wanted to get the ball rolling - is there a letter template of irresponsible lending perhaps that I could use please? Thanks in advance
  17. Hi, I have an ongoing complaint with NPower since Sept 2013 regarding their bills. The Ombudsman is currently involved for a second time. As they were taking a long time in dealing with my complaint, I informed them in February 2014 in writing that I would charge them for my time spent in dealing with them. My complaint remains unsettled and we have received the "deadlock" letter and so now know NPower will budge no further. Can anyone tell me if I am legally entitled to claim for the time I have spent in sending emails, letters, phone calls etc? I have recorded everything in a spreadsheet. Thanks. Mark.
  18. Hi, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone has successfully claimed a refund for irresponsible lending, even if it was over 6 years previous? I've e-mailed a complaint to Wonga as I was taking out a loan month after month from May 2010 - June 2013. The majority of loans I had taken out were on the same day as the previous loan was repaid - usually in the region of £500. I made a spreadsheet with dates my loans were taken out, credit amount, amount repaid, total in interest/fees and dates I repaid them. There were 3 occasions I had to set up a payment plan and the day the final payment was taken, I had taken out a new loan with them. The total I had paid in interest and fees is a staggering £2563!! Around the same time I also had several other loans with other companies - one of them with Payday Express which was around the same timescale as Wonga and it was again month after month, I haven't yet worked out how much exactly but have sent them an email aswell. I'm aware the majority of cases on the forum were within the last 6 years but can anyone tell me if I have a good chance of getting some money back although it started 8 years ago? I've read a thread from a few years ago and saw some people were offering excellent advice (fkofilee being one of them) so thought I'd write a post and see what advice I would get.
  19. 2 years ago I requested DWP several times (verbally and in email) to remove my phone number from their systems and to stop calling me. - Their response to this complaint = "would i like a callback" doh.... Eventually DWP removed my phone number from their systems after I had notified them that I will resort to legal action if they do not do this. Since then, if I have had to contact DWP then I have refused to give my phone number. Some weeks ago I received a phone call from DWP CEO Office. This phone call should not have been made due to my previous request. In response to this phone call I contacted complaints resolution team and spoke with someone who has been dealing with my complaints since 2015, she stated that as far as she can see and as far as she knows, my telephone number has been removed from their systems and she can't possibly see where the CEO office obtained my number from. The cynical side of me suggests that DWP made this phone call out of spite in relation to my complaint of a few weeks earlier where DWP CEO staff implied I am a liar, then when I proved I am not a liar by quoting her a reference number she refused to apologise. I need to stop phone calls from DWP, but despite the fact that they have removed my number from their system, I still receive unwanted phone call from their CEO office. Breach of my privacy by DWP - informing my parents of my complaints.... During the phone call (which should not have been made), DWP first spoke with my father and somehow managed to verify that he is myself. DWP then went on to discuss my previous complaint with my father who was not aware I had a historical complaint (hes only aware of recent complaints). This has made my parents even more stressed in the knowledge of an historical complaint as since they have been helping support me financially during DWP pathetic excuses of they cant pay claim because my go fit note not matches exact date of claim etc. For my parents to learn that I had struggled financially previously and have an outstanding complaint worries them more as they are nearly 80. They were hoping that my complaints surrounding 2015 to present date would result in DWP realising that they are wrong not to pay benefit for sickness, this would then repay my debt to my parents who have been financially supporting me. For my parents to learn of a more historical complaint which has been ignored just adds to their worry. DWP called me 2 years after them removing my number from their system and requesting no phone calls due to mental health reasons. They also disclosed my personal details with my father. For my mother to hand me the phone saying its "DWP talking about your complaint from years ago" with a flushed worried complexion is horrible. I am trying my best to keep her from such worry given her age and health, the same for my father. Thanks to DWP incompetence they are both aware... I need to stop these phone calls! How?????
  20. Hello I was wondering if anyone could possibly weigh in and give advice First of all I take any and all responsibility for the stupidity of my youth and lending patterns it has taken a long time to admit that to myself! Back in 2012 I opened a brighthouse account, I was 20 and a new parent (my son was about 8months old) and what I took out was a washing machine and cooker as I was broke as a joke in a new city with no family or friends. I found as I kept going into store to pay they kept pushing items on me, now I was heavily medicated at this time due to mental health problems on top of post natal depression, yet they kept doing it with suff they knew I couldn’t afford but would love to have, games consoles, a laptop, a big tv, phones it got to the point that they FULLY KNOWING I WAS ON BENEFITS, started accepting my boyfriends wage slips as MY proof of income, his name was not affiliated to the account nor mine to his wage slips, but they did it anyway (I know I have partial blame in tbh but I feel they had a duty of care to see it was wrong and that it could land me in debt) by the time it got to 2014 I started paying via bank card and the payments had shot up to £94 a week, between Jan and April of 2012 I gave them over £1200! I have put in a complaint to them for the second time after the ‘lost’ the first complaint I made a month ago! I just feel like I needed to post my situation somewhere and ask if anyone else thinks they were in the wrong? Thanks guys
  21. Sick and elderly have to wait outside in all weather in the cold for up to an hour before a GP surgery opens - just to get an appointment. Patients are said to start queuing at around 7am every day, although the surgery doesn’t open its doors until 8.00am. What if you are elderly and living on your own? You can’t expect them to come and queue. It’s disgusting. There are lots of old people standing in the freezing cold in the middle of winter. The system needs to change. There are queues every morning. The surgery should open up its doors earlier and have a ticket system, whereby the surgery doors open early to let them inside that way Sick and elderly are not waiting in the cold. The weather is only going to get colder and colder, please help me draft up a complaint to the surgery to get them to change their ways.
  22. hi all i took a contract out in sep 2016, couldnt use it, called to send back but they said i'd had it over 2 weeks so no. i never paid anything and forgot about it as they didnt take my compliant serious. they in november 2017 i they put a default on my file. just wondering if i have any recourse to get it took off or anything? Thanks in advance
  23. I have made a complaint to lending stream about irresponsible lending "I am making a complaint to you about irresponsible lending. To help me explain the details, I would like a list of my loans, showing when they were taken out and how much was repaid when. Please note I am only asking for details of my loans, I am not making a Subject Access Request." They replied "We see that you are requesting to investigate your concern regarding the affordability analysis and credit checks conducted when the loans were approved. We would like to inform you that such nature of query falls under the purview of Subject Access Request (SAR). Therefore, in order for us to provide you with the information, we would request you to send us a written letter addressed to Lending Stream with a £10.00 cheque (in favour of Lending Stream LLC) as per the SAR requirements under the Data Protection Act 1998. To ensure that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of your loans agreement which was initially sent to your registered email address at the time of borrowing, we would request you to refer to our emails for all the information shared by Lending Stream with regards to your loan accounts. Upon receipt of the request, we will be able to share the information within 40 calendar days post the realisation of the cheque. As a regulated organization under the FCA, we make sure that we treat our customers fairly and provide the appropriate resolution." I don't really understand why they want a £10 cheque from me and what any of this really means. Anyone that may be able to explain this to me would be much appreciated thanks.
  24. Hi, I had various loans from wonga in 2011 date - 11/07/2011 amount - £135 interest+fees - £29 date - 03/08/2011 amount - £280 interest+fees - £60 date - 29/08/2011 amount - £523 interest+fees - £172 date - 30/09/2011 amount - £660 interest+fees - £189 date - 28/10/2011 amount - £780 interest+fees - £223 date - 30/11/2011 amount - £973 interest+fees - £179 I made a complaint of irresponsible lending as i regularly was unable to pay bills etc. they have offered me £159.91 plus 8% interest which totals £222.58. Should i take this further to the fos or should i accept the money and forget about it. Just wondered if anyone has similar previous experiences or if anyone has any ideas if it would be beneficial going to the fos. thank you
  25. hello all - need a bit of advice before proceeding This might seem more complex than it actually is, so please bear with me. after a long haul, I have had my PPI complaint upheld by the RBS. So far, so good. They have made me an offer and then gone on to explain that I won't be getting some of it due to a succesful claim made against the PPI. Then it gets a little complicated. I have all my DSAR documentation, and have been going through it prior and post claim. The copy statments show insurance amounts hitting the account to cover the loan payments, but they are sporadic and do not make sense - eg. there are 9 insurance payments being credited to the account on the same day? And I distinctly remember prior to these payments trying to make a claim on the insurance due to redundancy but the claim was delayed and not upheld. I never received any notification from the bank or the insurance company that succesful payments were being made and the account went into arrears, being passed round various DCA's before being sent to CMS telford Theirs and my offer calculations are nearly the same. What is confusing me is that they have sent me copy statements going back to when I opened the account in 1995, listing every detail and transaction etc. but then the statments stop in 2010. The account has been in dispute since 2008 and has been statute barred since 2014. My questions are as follows: how do I find out if the account is still active? there has been no activity on the account for at least 9 years and I have had no "you owe us" letters for about 7 years are CMS a part of the bank or a DCA? I presume that any amount I receive will be offset against the statute barred debt? when I cca'd and DSAR'd the bank they could provide no evidence of any credit agreement existing between us I think i've explained it pretty much, so any comments/suggestions/questions are welcome
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