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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm a new member to this forum so apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place. I have just received a letter from a UK company called communityfees.com based in North Yorkshire. The letter is headed Kettlewell Solutions Ltd. Basically, it relates to a Spanish property on a golfing resort that I bought in Dec 2003. However, due to financial difficulties and also the resort not being completed by the developer the whole site started to deteriorate over time. I tried to sell the property at less than half the original purchase price but it never got sold. I tried asking the local Spanish bank, with whom I had the mortgage with, for help but they were unhelpful. Then I started defaulting on the Spanish mortgage as it was becoming unaffordable. The bank then sent a valuation guy (2009/10) to visit the property but as I was in the UK, I got the cleaner to give the keys to the valuation guy so that he could enter the property to do the valuation. After which the keys were kept by the bank/valuation guy. Also, from about 2004 onwards the local communal areas were not being maintained yet I was sent invoices for communal charges. I kept arguing that I would pay only once they did the maintenance work for the communal area. But since 2009/10, I have not heard anything from the bank or the community people until today when I got a letter demanding payment of unpaid community charges along with various other charges like Spanish legal fees of around 3000euros and interest of 700euros, etc. Not sure how I should respond to this letter and also wanted to know if this company are legally authorised in the UK to do this sort of work? Any help is appreciated as I don't know what to do and am very worried about the whole mess that I have got myself into.
  2. Hi help needed please! I have received a visit from the Sheriffs Office (baiilff company) regarding community fees owing on a property in Spain (currently going through repossession).I have never refused to pay the fees and was actually making arrangements to clear the fees owed even though I was struggling financially, and started paying to a company called Community Fees (oddly enough), who are looking after the debt on behalf of the community in Spain. In March I was shocked to find that I had been sent court papers claiming that Kettlewell Solutions (another name for Community Fees) were persuing my debt through the court. I immediately contacted Kettlewell to ask why I had received these papers as I had started to pay, to which I was told that the proceedings would be halted as I was, a) paying up, and b) disputing the amount. Kettlewell told me that they would find out exactly what was owed so that I could budget for this ( turned out to be around 600 euros ). On hearing this, I didnt respond to the court papers within the timescales (30 days I think to defend), as they had assured me that the court proceedings would be halted. It was then again to my surprise that my wife should call me at work to say that a man from a company called The Bailiff Company (another original name!) had called to the house and asked her to give me a letter. In the letter it said that I had received a CCJ and now had to pay to them and not Kettlewell (Community Fees). I called this guy and explained my situation and informed him that if I did have a CCJ then I would lose my job in the finance industry, to which he told me to call Kettlewell, which I did. I spoke to the MD of Kettlewell and again explained my situation, and he said that looking at my records that I should never have been issued with the court papers and he would get the CCJ set aside. He sent me a document to sign saying that this summons was issued in error and that both parties were going to settle this between us and asked for the judgement to be set aside, he also told me that as soon as it was returned to him he would get it to the courts straight away, so all was well...so I thought. Next thing to happen, a company called The Sheriffs Office, in my hallway, just let themselves in as the door was not locked!! This time I was told that I had a CCJ against me via the high court and I had to pay them £2000 or they would begin to remove my stuff! I explained that this case was being set aside and Kettlewell could confirm this. They said that this warrant was instigated by the community's solicitor, but once I had shown them the document signed by myself and Kettlewell agreeing to get the judgement set aside, they were confused! They e-mailed the doc to their head office and were told to walk away, to which they did. I called Kettlewell and told him what had happened and he said that too many people were getting involved in the recovery of the debts for the community fees and said that he would sort out my case with the solicitor. I asked him for an update on the CCJ and he said that he had not heard as yet but would let me know when he does. I called the solicitor in Spain and asked him why I had been visited by another bailiff company, turns out that he did not know about my dealings with Kettlewell as they had not informed him! He agreed to call off the Sheriffs Office on the terms of me paying up, and this being agreed by the community. I e-mailed him all of the correspondence that had happened and he said that he would forward this on to the community and then let me know their response. I called him today and he still had not heard from the community as yet, I told him that my fees are nearly payed up, then he said that I would also have court costs AND the bailiffs fees to pay!! Surely this cant be true, if so then anybody in Spain could send out the bailiffs to people in the UK and then charge them for their time! I have paid for a search to find the registration of this CCJ but cant find it anywhere, does anyone know where I could find it? Also does anybody know of a good solicitor who could help as I dont want a return visit from the bailiffs, I certainly dont trust these people to be telling me the truth PLEASE HELP!
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