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Found 2 results

  1. Sadly I’m learning online that mine is a typical story of very poor COMET service. Could any helpful readers remind me where the online feedback sites are that COMET monitor. I saw a link to them the other day but cannot now find the thread again. I purchased a gas cooker from the COMET auction site as I am currently unemployed which was delivered on the 28th November. Unfortunately the delivery people had smashed the glass grill door. Having two young children and having had my old cooker removed I was obliged to accept the delivery so at least I could cook. This is not a big deal, accidents happen of course, and I was happy to wait for a few days to get a replacement door under the warranty terms. Here’s where the fun starts though! It took a 30 minute call to finally get a repair arranged for the 2nd December (8am-1pm) via Arron in the ‘engineers’ section - ticket number 6528312. As I sat in waiting on the day I thought I should check if a more precise time slot was available having not received any confirmation calls. After a 45 minute call, most of which was on hold, I was; · Passed from the Auctions Dept (Becky) to the Kitchen Specialists (Lauren) to the Engineers (Gregg) and back again to the Kitchen Specialists (Ella) · Told no engineer was in fact coming that day · Told an engineer was booked in for 30th DECEMBER! · Put back in the loop system twice, once by the ‘engineer’ Gregg after I asked to speak to a supervisor. · Then told I couldn’t speak to a supervisor but could be booked to get one to call me back sometime over the next 8 hours (what!?) · Told that I have a revised repair date of the 7th December somewhere between 8am & 6pm. I emailed Bob Darke and Mike Rooney at COMET asking if either of them thought that after damaging my purchase whilst it was being delivered, that they should be making some effort to put the matter right? I also sought a reassurance that I would not be let down again on the 7th December. Rather naively I asked if either cared sufficiently to do anything about this. Later that day (2nd December) I received what looks like an auto-generated response stating that they “will endeavour to respond by no later than 3 working days. If we are unable to give a complete response within this time we will contact you direct with an update on the situation.” Meanwhile, on the repair front, an engineer did indeed telephone today but not to schedule the time to come and fit the part. It was to state that he would be coming out to examine the cooker to get the model/part number after which he would only then order the part which would take 5-10 working days to arrive. Then, and only after this, would a date be scheduled for fitting the part. I immediately bent down in front of the cooker and read off the necessary model/part numbers to the engineer. This is staggeringly incompetent and begs a number of questions; 1. Why, on 22nd Dec, did Aaron in the engineers dept not ask me to do this and get the model/part ordered? 2. Why has no one to date from COMET checked my purchase details to ascertain the model/part numbers and order the part? 3. They failed to fulfil the scheduled repair on the 2nd December, why did they not have the courtesy to call me to explain why they would not be coming? 4. Why, when I called on the 2nd December and spoke to Becky in the Auctions Dept, did they not ask me to give them the model/part numbers and then order the part? 5. Why, when I called on the 2nd December and spoke to Gregg in the Engineers Dept, did they not ask me to give them the model/part numbers and then order the part? 6. Why, when I called on the 2nd December and spoke to Ella in the Kitchen Specialists Dept, did they not ask me to give them the model/part numbers and then order the part? 7. Why, when I called on the 2nd December and spoke to Lauren in the Kitchen Specialists Dept, did they not ask me to give them the model/part numbers and then order the part? In regards to my complaint, this is the 4th working day since COMET promised to give a complete response within 3 days or contact me direct with an update on the situation. I've heard nothing and am just about to pick up the phone to them yet again (deep sigh!). The bottom line here is that since they smashed the glass door whilst delivering the cooker on the 28th November, they have only begun to order the new part 9 days later. This despite my repeated calls and emails involving no fewer than 10 COMET employees including the Managing Director.
  2. Hi, I just wanted to relate my experience today with Comets after care service. After speaking with several of their people & emailing comet (& a realistic comet email address seems to take an awful lot of finding) I'm left bewildered & amazed at their indifference. Below is the email I've remitted (I've omitted some reference numbers & my address from this copy & paste). Comet buyers beware. On 27th December we bought a variety of goods from your store. These included a gas hob which was installed & fitted by yourselves. Over the next few days we occasionally smelt gas around the hob & attempted to report it to Comet on Monday 10th January. However 'excessively high volume of telephone enquiries' at Comets end meant we didnt get through until this morning, Tuesday 11th. We advised the situation, Comet advised that we must ring Transco & not them. If Transco reported the hob/connection faulty then we should phone Comet back. Transco had an engineer to us within 35 minutes of speaking with them. He confirmed a gas leak to be emanating from the hob but couldn't clarify whether or not it was the hob itself or if it was the connection that had not been fitted correctly. He advised there was no accesible isolation switch on the hob & that he would therefore need to cap the meter outside - this he did. Capping the meter means we now have no gas - which means we have no hot water (for showers etc), no heating & no hob facilities. We rang Comet back to advise. I have spoken with several people now at Comet, the most recent being xxxxxx & later his manager xxxxxxxxxx. Both say that the very earliest they can get an engineer to either uninstall or reinstall the unit - and therefore allow us to have heating, hot water etc is in 10 days time, Thursday 20th January - somewhere between 8.00 in the morning & 6.00 pm at night. I have explained & reiterated that this means we will have no hot water for personal hygiene, no heating (temperatures during the day currentl circa 6C & on a night in the minuses) & limited cooking facilities. they remain adamant that the best they can do is get someone to us in 10 days time. They have said they can deliver a replacement hob to us on Thursday of this week - but that they have no one to install or uninstall it at that time. They have also suggested we could arrange our own engineer - but this seems very much like trying to wash their hands of responsibility. This is a hob provided by & installed by comet. The work done is described by Transco as being 'Immediately Dangerous'. Comet though say 'we are very busy at the moment. 10 days time is the best we can do. I appreciate it may be inconvenient not to be able to have a shower for 10 days or to have heat for 10 days but thats the way it is.' Just as an aside, the receipt from Comet was stapled by them to a leaflet which includes the following statement:- 'Extra Help If you're having trouble getting your new product set up or it isn't working properly, don't worry, Call us on 0844 800 95 95 for help. We're great at repairing things.....' Frankly this is a disgraceful example of customer service
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