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Found 2 results

  1. I found the threat about Fendy-v-HSBC https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?83821-Fendy-Can-I-Get-Statements-From-Old-Midland-Bank-Account-20-Years-Ago I was interested because i was a customer with Midland bank, then rolled over to HSBC when HSBC took full control over Midland Bank. I had a situation where, after rolling over to HSBC, i spent time away losing contact with the HSBC representatives who Dealt with my every needs (Year 1994-1995). I returned to HSBC in 1997 to open a new account, staff then did not want to provide me details of older accounts (1994-1995 accounts). i opened new accounts and lived my life avoiding the intimidation. In 2016 I read an article the HSBC can trace or locate Midland bank accounts, and that there is an Inactive account process where HSBC may hand dormant accounts to the BBA. i filed forms with HSBC and the BBA to see if they could locate the accounts. I was not asked, but the accounts i held in 1994-1995, the accounts i wanted to recover where frozen due to attempts of Unauthorized access. I only assumed they had gone in to dormant or inactive account process. HSBC representatives tell me The bank only holds records for a period of seven years, Unless i can prove HSBC holds records for a longer period of time. I referred to the Inactive accounts. Now HSBC Inactive accounts state that "If your account is in credit and has been dormant for at least 15 years, we may transfer balances of dormant accounts to Reclaim Fund Limited (RFL)" HSBC also claim that Yes Midland Bank became part of the HSBC Group in 1992; therefore we can help you trace any dormant Midland Bank accounts and reunite you with your money. how do i get in touch with the right people working for HSBC, to get reunited with my Money as, so far, They claim they can not find any records as HSBC only holds records for 7 years. Let me know if you guys know of laws or other i can highlight to get better assistance from HSBC who do not reply to me after i highlighted HSBC holds dormant accounts for at least 15 years.. I was trying to get back over A £ 1 million pounds, But i do not know how to get HSBC to find the account that was frozen during the 1990's due to unauthorized access attempts
  2. I wonder if I could get some help with my latest detective project. My sister sent me €200 from Cyprus for my birthday. She did this as she cannot transfer funds out of Cyprus. She sent it by "registered post" which I guess is equivalent to our recorded/signed for delivery. It cost her €2.24 and has 3 bar coded strips on the envelope. I received this today and when I opened the envelope, the taped-up card containing the money had been opened and nothing was in it. On closer inspection the main envelope looks to have been steamed open and resealed using brown tape and old style airmail stickers. My sister confirms she did not seal it this way. Although sent recorded, my postman handed me the mail and did not ask for a signature. I went to the local sorting office and they said it was strange, but they did not have a log of the recorded item and I am becoming very suspicious about this. They suggested I speak to the manager tomorrow morning and want to prepare myself. The sorting of the letter from Cyprus to me, I assume, would have been handled by machines with minimal human intervention, and that's why I believe it happened since arriving at my sorting office, however, I am not totally sure. My sister has known the post mistress in Cyprus for 25 years, but the envelope has three barcoded stickers, two are identical stickers, one of which I would have thought needed to be retained at the sending post office. My sister is my closest living relative and survives on a widow's pension that has been reduced by the Cypriot government. I am so, so angry, out of all proportion to the problem, but I cannot believe some wretch of a human being could do this. I lost my 19 year old dog two weeks ago and it seems one thing after another. I have spoken to Royal Mail and my sister has to start things from her end as the sender. If I sent a letter by registered post/special delivery from the UK I would be insured for the full amount and if I sent it recorded, substantially less. However, this is if the letter is lost. What is the situation when the contents are stolen? Thanks for any advice. Ruth
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