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  1. I would be grateful for any advice or if anyone can point me in the right direction. I have a loan with Welcome finance, secured. Lost my family busines of 20 years in 2009 and things have been a real struggle ever since and im certainly not out the woods. All creditors have been kind and helpful apart from Welcome who have bullied me and really been nasty. After a week of harrasment from them, I folded and ended up on antidpressents. Welcome told me i could not go bankrupt. (I now know different). I got a copy of my loan agreement to find its almost completely unreadable, I have been taking advice from moneysaingexpert which has been great (until last few days) - gave me all the template letters to send with regards to a loan where the CCA is illegible. I have sent these all to Welcome and they continue to send me these bad copies that you cant read the figures on. Last week they posted me a reconstituted copy of the agreement - with no signature, dates etc. Just the figures clearly. (I dont have the agreement at all so I have no idea if these amounts are correct). I went back to the site for further advice on this and it seems now that rather than people help the advisors are just saying why dont i just pay up, dont run away from your debts etc - suggesting im looking at an easy way out. Quite frankly I would love to wipe this debt these people were the final straw when i was desperately trying to cling on and which resulted in serious depression and I dont want to have to deal with them again so yes i do want to wipe the debt if i can. Im terrified of dealing with these people again. I am being told now that a court ruling says that a reconstituted copy of an agreement is acceptable, does anyone know did this court ruling happen recently? Its just everyones advice seems to have all of a sudden changed from illegible loan agreement cant be enforced to now that it can. Will a reconstituted copy stand up in court if Welcome take me to court. Also on the reconstituted copy the figures show i borrowed 15k and that the total charge for credit is 29K.. Meaning the total amount payable is 44K. This is hurrendous obvioulsy and i clearly did not check this before i signed the agreement otherwsie i would not have signed. I was young and foolish i guess. Any advice on Illegible Loan agreement, Harrassment (although it was all done by phone), and unfair interest rates - anyone can give me i would be grateful. I have scanned and attached 1. Bad copy they have posted me of the original agreement 2. Reconstitued copy received in the post recently 3. Statement of account It looks as though an acceptance fee of £235.00 and a broker fee of £1500.00 has both been included in the oiriginal loan amount. On the 'original' agreeement (although bit difficult to read properly) it shows the broker fee on the right of the agreement, on the recon copy the broker fee has gone but the total amount borrowed is not £15000 but £16500. On the last page of the statement of account (which is the beginning of the agreeement back in 2007) it shows; first entry (14.2.07) - Loan Disbursement of £16735.00 (DEBIT) second entry (14.2.07) - Fee Disbursement of £235.00 (CREDIT) but then the total amount does not adjust accordingly with the credit. If you look at the statements that i have scanned and attached i hope you can see what i mean! I have tried to google how to work out interest but i cannot work out if they have charged me interest on the acceptance fee or the broker fee - if anyone can help here i would be really grateful - i do not know what im doing here - its complicated and the information on the agreements differs which i do not know is allowed either. Also on the recon copy it does not mention that the loan is secured on the property. Where it says 'secured on:______' - this section although completed with address on the 'original' is empty on the recon. How can you trust a recon copy when the company is so untrustworthy. Thank you for anyone that can help me! this was Pre 2007, no i have not checked the calculations as I do not know how, I can npost the agreement no problem i have a scanner, how do i post? No it did not include PPI at least its not showing on the reconstituted copy anyway.. - the loan did not include PPI and the loan was taken out Feb 2007. Figures are Amount of loan £15,000 Duration of agreement (minimum) 180 months Monthly payment £235.00 Variable APR 19.50% Total charge for credit £31,232.53 Interest charge £30,997.53 Rate of interest per annum : 19.10% I have taken this info from the reconstituted copy that they have provided but this info seems to be different to that on the illegible agreement. For starters on the illegible agreement there is a broker fee of £1500.00 - this is not shown on the recon copy. Also the APR's are different and the total charge for credit is different. my signature is on there I will scan and upload the doc, do i just blot out my details from prying eyes? - the agreement (the bad copy) is in the 1st post - thank you again for your help surrey36 all welcome docs .pdf
  2. Received an email today from Asset Collections advising that they have initiated a County Court claim against myself for 3 Lending Stream loans in 2014. My 3 loans were: Start Date 18-May-2014 End Date (As per the original agreement) 30-Oct-2014 Loan Amount (including FPS fee if applicable) 140.00 Outstanding Principal Balance 55.01 Total Amount Paid 218.27 Arrears Payable Including Charges 55.01 Start Date 27-Jun-2014 End Date (As per the original agreement) 27-Nov-2014 Loan Amount (including FPS fee if applicable) 220.00 Outstanding Principal Balance 72.61 Total Amount Paid 222.19 Arrears Payable Including Charges 147.41 Start Date 26-Jun-2014 End Date (As per the original agreement) 27-Nov-2014 Loan Amount (including FPS fee if applicable) 200.00 Outstanding Principal Balance 66.02 Total Amount Paid 201.98 Arrears Payable Including Charges 134.0 As you can see, the 3 loans I had totalled £560 and I had actually paid back £642.44 yet Asset Collections say they're taking me to court for £423.80 (£336.44 plus interest and court charges). I've only just cleared my file of my last CCJ and have started to repair my credit so another is the last thing I want. Would I have a leg to stand on if I appealed ? I feel that £423.80 (even £336.44) is excessive considering I've paid back the capital and then some already. Can anyone advise? If I have to pay it, I will as I just don't want another CCJ. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'd appreciate some help/advice regarding the above please. On 29th September, I parked in a Euro Car Parks location. I paid by phone, and have the receipt/proof of purchase from 14:31 to 17:31 on that date (£3.20; £3 for parking plus the 20p service charge for using the phone service). According to their CCTV, I entered the car park at 14:13. I remember spending quite some time driving round waiting for a space, found one but re-parked (I couldn't get out; it was clearly left as everybody else had that issue!) so it took some time for somebody to leave. I now understand the grace period was 10 mins from car park entry to payment. Come departure time, I was back at my car at 17:00/17:05. However, the car park has me exiting (via CCTV) much later; I don't have the original notice to hand but I think it was just before 18:00. This is correct, because the car park was just a massive queue due to surrounding roads being blocked and nobody could leave. I didn't really think anything of it/never contemplated an issue until I had a notice from Euro Car Parks in October (received by me on 16th October) stating that "the P&D/permit purchased did not cover the date and time of parking." I wrote to them (not recorded delivery) with proof of my purchase, offered to pay £1 to cover the difference/what the parking would have been, explained I was hunting for a space/queuing etc, didn't think much of it. No response. I then had a letter from Debt Recovery Plus dated 6th December (paying your parking charge, how to settle, what happens if I don't pay, a supreme court decision so do not ignore this), and I sent a copy of what I sent to Euro Car Parks. No reply. I had a further letter from them dated 28th December (notice of intended court action). I ignored this letter. I had a further letter from them dated 14th January, with a final settlement offer. Again mentioned court and CCJs. I also ignored this letter. Today I received a letter from Zenith Collections. It shares it is sent without prejudice, they'll collect the debt and pursue to a legal conclusion if necessary, they urge me to act now etc. It is titled "notice of debt recovery assignment" and says the date of the notice is 29th January and all communication should be with them. I called them, mentioned the offer made, that others have not responded, etc. I also made the same offer to them. They will only accept the reduced settlement rate of £136 (from £160). They do not want copies of the parking ticket/payment made or correspondence to Euro Car Parks/DRP (who seem to be the same as Zenith). They said they will take me to court and they recommend I seek legal advice. With all of the above, is there any advice available here please as to what my next steps should be? Lesson learnt; send everything recorded delivery in future/be aware of parking cover if there's a big queue/you're still expected to pay even if queuing! Many thanks in advance. I just found this bit, so here are answers to questions 1 Date of the infringement - 29th September 2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] - 5th October 2018 3 Date received - 16th October 2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Yes - specifically paragraph 9 (2)(b) 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? - Yes - two photos of car number plate only 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] - no appeal, offered to pay £1 to cover difference, sent parking ticket payment receipt which covered 14:31 - 17:31 Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up - No 7 Who is the parking company? - Euro Car Parks 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Cornhill Wolverhampton Euro Car Parks are a member of the British Parking Association (stated on letter). All other correspondence detailed above.
  4. Hi All, I had car insurance with Quick Fit back in 2016 and after writing my car off I cancelled my direct debit as I didnt have a car to be insured. I have just noticed an email in my junk mail from Helix Collections chasing me for the "debt" which is now £200 when i think i only owed about £50 to Quick Fit. they have emailed twice in the past two weeks threatening further action and offering a 20% discount. Shall i just keep on ignoring them?? HERE'S THE LATES EMAIL.... Our Ref: XXXXXXXX Debt Type: Kwik-Fit Car Insurance Client Ref: XXXXXXXX Balance: �198.28 Telephone: 0203 096 XXXX (Calls are recorded) OFFICE HOURS 9AM TO 7PM MON - FRI 9AM 1PM SAT Dear Mr XXXX XXXXXXXX SETTLEMENT OFFER TO AVOID FURTHER ACTION We write again regarding the below vehicle, reference to the debt for �198.28 registered in your name for a Credit Agreement you had for car Insurance, which was underwritten by Kwik Fit Insurance, on a VAUXHALL on Reg XXX XXXX, which remains outstanding despite our best efforts to date no reasons relating to your circumstances has been given by you or an authorised third party. However, to stop the need for further collection activity, we are willing to work with you on an affordable payment plan, depending on affordability and if you are up to date with your priority debts, we have suggested an option below but are happy to discuss other options. 25% DISCOUNT. We are willing to accept the sum of �148.71, to settle your contractual defaulted debt, once this sum has been received the debt is cleared in full. Repayment plans We can offer repayment plans over 6 instalments of �24.79 Maintaining payments or settling your account will be positively reflected if your debt is registered with the Credit Reference Agencies. TO MAKE PAYMENT All payments through the post should be made payable to Hellix Limited with our reference number clearly stated at all times. You can make payment by Standing Order, or if your bank account allows by On-line or telephone banking Quoting Account Number 08763317 Sort Code 09-01-28 and our reference number, you can also make payment at any Santander Branch with our above bank details. Payments can be made by calling 020 3096 5899 Yours sincerely
  5. Hello Consumer Action Group! Having a bit of trouble with what I have found out to be a gym contract. The timeline of events is as follows March 2018: Was given an introductory Jiu Jitsu lesson at Gracie Barra Barnsley. After this I then paid £60 up front and signed a direct debit mandate so they could start one with my bank. They specifically told me this is not a contract and only like one in that fees can go up if I want to go to more advanced classes. August 2018: After attending for 3 months I was unable to continue due to other commitments and the fact that the schedule they advertised on their website was subtly wrong. A few of the times were different namely, Tuesday which is the main day I could attend. Only other times I did attend were due to having a lot of holiday time saved up. After trying to make it work I could not. Plus the gym was too small and one time I was literally thrown out the door and banged my head on the concrete (the level of first aid provided concidering I was bleeding out my head was nothing, just said if you pass out call us.) It just wasn't working on any level. I send an e-mail to the only point of contact listed on the website and tried to call multiple times all of which was ignored and never heard a response. I let another months payment go through and cancelled the direct debit. November 2018: While searching through the junk in my e-mail to find some gracie related stuff I found a direct debit failure notification. I immediately contact the gym to find out what is happening. Seems they have bound me to a 12 month contract. After ignoring my calls for a couple of days I e-mailed them. They will not respond to why they ignored my request to cancel and my calls and will only refer me to their direct debit company by the name DFC. Furthermore when I argue they have mis-sold me this, he runs through the sequence of events that lead to me apparently being fully informed and happily signing this agreement. I then point out that it wasn't even him that sold it to me and he now says he won't disucss it with me and I must talk to DFC. So talking with DFC is where I'm at now. I put a big list of issues to them in writing which they then completely ignored and said that I can either, and I quote, " 1: full contract amount to be paid 2: contract amount to be paid at an agreed amount 3: If you wish to take it further they are happy for this to go ahead. " Some of the issues I put to them are: Ignoring requests for me to cancel the contract or find out the cancellation procedure. Refusing to discuss the service with me. The contract isn't filled in properly and it hasn't been returned despite the fact that at the top of the contract it clearly states that if it is not filled in entirely, it will be returned to me. (Their customer services responded to this by saying it is fine as they only provide one service (in relation to the service description box being blank) and after asking them where it says that on the contract they told me to seek legal advice, then came back and said e-mail us with evidence of the contract, I then e-mailed them this and they responded with above) I never filled in the contract and this was done for me (including my marketing preferences) as the handwriting varies across the document. Why after requesting the contract and them setting a 14 day timescale for this, why did they not do that. When I then said do not contact me again, did they e-mail me anyway with the contract and apologised for not meeting that timescale. Offered to reduce all fees to £15. Then, at the bottom I requested a further cancellation (literally the third time now) if they for any reason believed the contract to be valid, under the 1st right to limited cancellation which it doesn't state I need evidence for (however I listed 7 reasons.) This was also ignored. Now I'm at a point where they say they the above. Total outstanding is £180 + £15 admin fee which they expect at minimum. I sent them an e-mail saying I will pay £195 right now to cancel the whole contract if you tell me today, otherwise I will need to work out a plan. They have not responded and so I can only say I'll have to work out a plan. Sorry for the wall of text but just looking for some advice here as I have no idea how to continue. The CAB says just pay and that is why I sent the above. Any help or advice would be really appreciated as I have never been through something like this. Attached is the contract and ts&cs they sent through TC normal .pdf
  6. Hello. today i received a letter from zenith collections saying they want me to pay £160.00 for an unauthrorised parking charge. the address this was sent to is my old address not where i am living now as me and my wife separated in June 2017. i think the other letters from smart parking have also gone there, which ive never seen or been aware of. they are asking me to pay the £160.00 by 17/12/2018 or theyll start court proceedings and ill have to pay solicitors fees court fees etc. i parked by a local health centre not knowing it was smart parking for the health centre as itss not inside actual car park reason i parked there was my blood sugar was low as i am diabetic and it was the nearest place i could stop to go get something sweet as i did not have anything with me in the car. i would like anyones advice on what is the best thing for me to do ? thank you for reading Geddy1961
  7. Hoping for some help here. I was getting chased for a debt to Lending Stream that I didnt remember getting, however Asset Collections was chasing me so I was speaking to them a few times and the debt was from Several years ago. I agreed to pay it back to get it off my chest, however, on one call, I was told by the advisor that my DOB didnt match the debt therefore the debt was not mine. So I asked to receive original copies of the credit agreements. Next thing I knew, I received a CCJ notice from Laganside Courts and since then I have been in dispute with TM Legal services regarding this. I asked them to again to supply a copy of the original signed agreement. Failing this several times and sending me a few emails saying hold period expired they sent me what they say is the original agreement. It was password protected so I phoned TM Legal and they said this would be my date of birth as on the original agreement - but this wasnt accepted. They then replied telling me the password. On this, there was no confirmation of personal details such as DOB and it wasnt signed. I queried this. Each time I phoned they tried to get me to confirm my DOB which I refused. Now they are saying they are going to enforce the CCJ. I dont know my options now as they are refusing to supply any further information and state that if I want to dispute the debt with them it would cost me £250. I informed the agent that as they have failed to supply me the information I have requested several times I now am informing them that I believe this is now harassment. Any help please would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. Hi, I have received a claim form from northampton bulk centre with asset collections as the claimant. The original loan was from lending stream who sold it to asset, I dont mind paying it but the amount has grown somewhat from the last dca who chased it and i cant afford to pay that much back. I have responded to the claim at moneyclaim. help needed please
  9. Hi all, I need some advise on how to deal with HRMC and stop them from coming to my house, applying crazy charges, taking my goods and making me bankrupt (which will cause me to lose my new job) all down to a problem with self assessment tax , charges and interest from claiming child benefit. Really don't know what to do but I know that they can reclaim tax by adjusting the tax code which I assumed had already happened as my online tax code seemed to change ever few months . A collection office turned up at my door last week, demanded £75 for his visit and insisted that I somehow sort out £11000 dept.** I offered to make a token payment of £500 and asked to have the payments taken via my tax code.* He didnt agree to this but said that I needed to speak to the dept management team which I did.* they advised me that I needed to complete my self assessment by registering, then waiting for an activation code and finally completing the submissions before we could do anything. My worry is that I will not be able to do all this within the 14 day time limited the HMRC collections persons placed on me I understand they have unique powers meaning they can enforce bailiffs without needing to go to court. What can I do ? I was about to sent a letter asking for the payment to be taken from my tax code and pleading my case (almost begging etc) but wanted to ask for some advise first. Anyone offer any help on what I should do.? Thanks Scott
  10. Long story - old outstanding debt with Lending Stream got sold to Asset who wanted to take me to court. I defended and was referred to mediation which I thought was successful. I have been religiously paying the amounts agreed since last August and now I am emailed by their 'accounts' department stating that they have not received my payment. The reference number also does not correspond to that of the original agreement. I have sent them PDF proof that I have made the payment and they advised me to contact their litigation team with the evidence. The email address they gave me did not work. I really don't want to speak to them. Any advice please? I am terrified that they will say I have broken the mediation agreement and proceed to a CCJ. I am not able to go to court due to ill health. I can't pay the whole amount either.
  11. Hi. i have read through quite a few similar threads (Including one very similar and very recent), but will submit my own anyway. Name of the Claimant ? Asset Collections Date of issue – 01 jun Date to acknowledge) = 19jun date to submit defence = 03JUL What is the claim for – 1.Asset Collections & Investigation claim this amount in respect of an unpaid loan funded by The Lending Stream. The defendant failed to abide by the terms of the contract. Asset Collections & Investigation purchased this debt from The Lending Stream and subsequently sent a notice of assignment to the defendant to advise. 2.The defendant has failed to respond from the Claimant thus denying the claimant any opportunity in assisting the Defendant in attempting to bring the matter to an amicable Conclusion 3.I will provide the defendant with seperate detailed particulars within 14 days after service of the claim form. 4.The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of %8 a year from xx/08/2016 to xx/05/2017 on £1700 and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgement or earlier payment at a daily rate of £0.40 What is the value of the claim? £1880 Is the claim for - a Bank Account (Overdraft) or credit card or loan or catalogue or mobile phone account? Payday Loan When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? After Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Purchaser Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Not to my knowledge Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Not to my knowledge Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Not to my knowledge Why did you cease payments? Payday Trap, buried Head in the sand What was the date of your last payment? Jan14 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management planicon? No Timing on this is incredibly bad, i was away and was only able to open the claim letter on the 14th (At which point i acknowledged it) Not yet sent CCA or CPR - will be on that tomorrow morning recorded (To Claimant as no solicitor). Thanks
  12. Hey guys, Ive recently started receiving emails and letters the latest one says contact them within 10 days of the letter at my address. i took out a loan with Advant Credit a few years back and since then been in and out of work and now am slowly getting back on my feet as i declared myself bankrupt but have a restriction put in place untill 2021 something like that about 6 years ago & have these coming through the door. i was making payments didnt miss one repayment etc and then the direct debits stopped coming out so i just assumed i had paid it off about 8-10 months back. what is the best course of action as i am low on funds as my outgoing at the min are just covering my wages as i have csa back payments going out etc so i have no disposable income. i currently haven't been in contact with the lender or this company many thanks for your advice Re: Account Summary Customer Reference: XXXXXXXXX Original Creditor: AvantCredit UK Outstanding Balance: £XXXXXXXX Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, We refer to the fixed sum credit from Avant Credit, regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 – the loan agreement and any related guarantee being the Assigned Documents and the outstanding balance of £XXXXXXX from Avant Credit (Assignor) to (Debtor). Please contact us to help us identify a an affordable payment plan and to prevent your account from further collection activity. We appreciate that everybody’s circumstances are different and hence there are a large variety of ways we can set up a repayment to tailor to your personal needs. There are lots of ways you can make payments: Paying By The Phone Contact one of our friendly team on 0330 808 1580 who are available Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 7:00pm and Friday 8:00am to 5.30pm. Paying At The Bank Please find below the Asset Collections & Investigation banking details: Bank Name: Barclays Bank Account Name: Asset Collections & Investigation Account Number: 00629882 Sort Code: 83-27-34 Customer Reference: 307527 (THIS MUST BE QUOTED) Paying By The Post You can send us a cheque payable to: Asset Collections & Investigations Unit 1, Neptune Court Whitehills Business Park Blackpool, Lancashire FY4 5LZ Please clearly write your Asset Collections & Investigation reference number XXXXXX on the reverse of your payment. If you are not in a position to pay the account balance in full, we ask that you contact our team on 0330 808 1580 to look at setting up a payment arrangement. Our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 7:00pm and Friday 8:00am to 5.30pm Kind Regards, Asset Collections & Investigations
  13. Loan in partners name who is currently in very bad mental health. Have a claim form for old Lending stream loans from Asset collections. He wont be able to go to court, can I try and defend this or is it pointless? Also they have lumped at least 3 maybe 4 loans into one for this claim, can they do that? I know you will ask for the info from the letter but I probably wont be able to post it up until tomorrow sorry.
  14. Hi Been a while since I posted after being very active here once upon a time.. .about 6 years ago I got a few pay day loans (marriage split at the time, living away) At the time none of these places were doing the correct checks to see if you could afford the repayments. Wonga have previously written off £900 with me for the same reason... One or two others haven't bothered. Lending Stream sold this particular one to Asset and they've been chasing ever for a while... They have now taken me to court, despite my repeated requests for proof that the correct credit checks were carried out (I couldn't afford to repay the debts at the time as had too many going on) P , they simple ignored all my requests and I now have court date. As you can see from below,p they aren't bothering to send anyone as the debt is such a small amount (as they say). My argument here is still that they haven't proved the correct checks were carried out.. .Is this going to be ok to go to the judge with? Also going to say that loan might be small in their eyes but it isn't in mine and I have taken a day off work to attend... This is their letter to the judge ... They have (what they say) is the original agreement - was online so not sure how I can prove otherwise. I write in regard to above case and the hearing that has been listed for the ****** The Claimant respectfully begs your Honour to excuse the Claimant’s non-attendance in person and kindly ask your Honour to accept this letter as written notice of non-attendance in accordance with CPR Rule 27.9 1(a). We hasten to add that no disrespvectfulness is intended by our non-attendance, but we wish to save costs having particular regard to the fact that the claim is small. We ask the court in accordance with CPR 27.9 (1) © to deal with this application in our absence. We wish to ask your Honour to consider the reasons set out within our Witness Statement attached as to why the Claimant does not agree with the Defendants defence. In light of this the Claimant humbly asks your Honour to dismiss the Defendants defence and enter Judgment for full balance immediately. We also add that we have not received any documentation from the Defendant in support of his defence for the hearing. Please also be advised that a copy if this Witness Statement and Evidence has been sent to the Defendant via email. We thank you for your time in this matter and look forward to hearing from you in due course. With regards,
  15. I had several loans from LS and repaid them, in the end I had 3 for about 300 each and became ill, self employed stopped paying and ignored them. Asset collections and investigations Ltd sent me a letter eventually saying they'd bought the loan for amount of 1475-00. They made me several offers to pay a reduced amount but I didn't have that either so ignored them. They said they'd take me to court which they did to CC Business Center who found in their favour and wants 1544-00 paid to Asset collections ect. I dont remember ever receiving a 'claim form' but the court said I didn't reply to it. Is it too late to do anything do I just have to pay asset collections or the court sends in the bailiffs
  16. Anyone heard of these? Are they another in house collections unit of minicredit/opus limited? I've had an outstanding balance of 1,336.20 in which they claim they are owed from a loan that started at 220.00 in which 19.50 of that 220.00 I never even saw... I rang them and they said they will not even knock a single penny of this balance off at all... Saying it's in the T+C's etc... They only offered a chance to pay back in installments and with that sum of money they are asking for they can have a pound a month from me! Anyone know what to do in beating the crap out of these cowboys? Thanks in advance...
  17. Hi, I am hoping for some advice and i have heard i am in the right place. 10/2015 - I received notification from Northampton County Courts Re an unpaid parking ticket issued by Blackpool Council. The car was one which I was the registered keeper of, however I was going through a separation at the time and was unable to agree ownership of the car with my ex partner. The car was in her possession during the period the ticket was issued. I wrote to the county courts and to Blackpool council, detailing the above. The courts agreed to cancel the case however Blackpool council never bothered to reply. I heard nothing until today which was in the form of a letter through my letterbox issued by Phoenix headlined ENFORCEMENT AGENT VISIT. They state on the letter that they called to collect a sum of £423 on behalf of the named client - Blackpool. They state that they wil return in 5 days to seize and take control of my goods if payment is not made by then. They asked me to contact them on 0333 323 0333 to make payment and avoid further action. Signed S.King. Under this, its headed GOODS VIEWED FOR POTENTIAL REMOVAL and nothing is listed.Overleaf, it says a detailed breakdown of my account and lists; Debt amount £ (blank) Compliance Fee £ (blank) Enforcement Fee £ (blank) Sale & Disposal Fee £ (blank) and then a fee schedule I have not contact the bailiff as yet, but i have sent an email (containing the email i sent to the county courts back in 2015) to the head of Blackpool council Mr David Blackburn as a letter of complaint. I attached the letter i received today and asked him to cancel the parking fine and to instruct Phoenix to cease action with immediate effect. Please can i have some advice on what i can do. Many thanks, Bm1988
  18. Hi All. Looking for a bit of help and direction here On the 16th September i had a letter from Mil Collections Saying debt purchased Letter before action The letter was very vague and and The registration plate was for a car i had previously owned So i wanted to know more about the alleged debt as i didnt remember getting a parking fine i wrote back and asked for more information ie copy of the ticket dates times Pictures if any. I sent it recorded delivery and heard nothing back till i received a county court letter The court letter had more information about the claim. When i looked at it i realised that it wasnt me that was driving the vehicle at the time but a family member who was using the car whilst buying it off me paying me instalments monthly which is why the car was still in my name at that time of the alleged offence. i never sent log book until all the payments had been paid off. I have now received another letter from court with a hearing date etc at my local county court Ive been looking around the web and have read up on Mil and looked at cases that they have taken to court and lost Im not 100% sure how to attack this. Should i send Mil a part 18 Request and ask for all the relevant information ie The original deed of assignment • A copy of the notice to driver • A copy of the notice to keeper • Photos of the Alleged vehicle causing the alleged offence • A letter from the DVLA giving permission to use my data And hope it puts a spanner in their works or just go to court and see if i can get them to throw it out due to Mil ignoring my letter for more info? Has anyone here had any experience with Mil?
  19. About 7 years ago my wife had a gastric band fitted and subsequently had 'topups' She went for a topup about a year ago and when the bill came in it was £280. The previous band fills had been about £100. I have refused to pay as I feel that, while I understand prices go up over time, this is an unacceptable amount to increase. They now have passed the matter over to ICON collections who call frequently and while they don't intimidate us it is very annoying especially when they tell my daughter who they are and why they are calling! I am not disputing that we need to pay for the band fill but where do we stand legally regarding the hugely inflated price? Given the fact that the previous two band fills were only £100 each, was it reasonable for us to assume that this one would be a similar price? Do we have to deal with ICON collections or can we insist that it is dealt with by BMI? Are there any rules about harassment by collection agents? Thanks Woolfie
  20. Have been ignoring my 6 Payday loans and 4 other debts for several months now, the other companies don't appear to have put disproportionate amount of interest on to the debt but my Toothfairy loan has gone from the original amount of £300 up to £1438 since I took the loan out in late July and I get this email from them every 5 days: We are writing to give you formal notice that ToothFairy Finance Ltd - ToothFairy Pay Day Loan has legally assigned the rights of the above debt to Marshall Hoares Bailiffs. This means that Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited now legally own this debt. YOU WILL HAVE OR WILL SHORTLY RECEIVE A HOME VISIT We intend to pursue you fully for all outstanding sums (GBP 1438) including any fees we incur collec ting this debt. Payment in full must be received no later than 17:00 to avoid further door collection fees being added to your file. DO NOT IGNORE OR THIS WILL COST YOU MORE Debt GBP 1408 Missed Payment Fee 1 (day 29) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 2 (day 43) GBP 10 Missed Payment Fee 3 (day 57) GBP 10 Repayments todate GBP 0 Total GBP 1438 TAKE NOTICE: You should accept this letter as formal notification that unless payment is received within 4 days then your account will be fast-tracked and considered for the following: Consequences of inaction: 1. Court Judgement legal action will be automatically started in the County Court for recovery of the full amount outstanding. Any such proceedings will include additional claims for legal costs and interest which will increase the amount you will be required to pay. 2. Warrant of execution will be app lied for to enable us to seize goods at your addresses and or an attachment of your earnings. 3. Register of Judgements any judgement will be entered in a public register, the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines Credit Reference Agencies, who will supply them to credit grantors and others seeking information on you financial reputation. This will make it very difficult for you to get credit. 4. Credit reference ToothFairy Finance Ltd have already advised the Credit Reference Agencies of your DEFAULT. This may seriously affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. Once the balance is paid in full, only then will the default be shown as “Default Satisfied”. To AVOID A HOME VISIT or further action you should PAY IMMEDIATELY 1. online using a card by visiting: www.marshallhoares.com OR 2. at bank either over the counter at the bank or by electronic transfer to: Barclays Ba nk Account Number: 93462382 Sort Code: 20-50-94 This debt will not go away and should not be ignored You can contact us on 08433811111 to discuss your outstandig debt. Yours Faithfully Anti - Fraud Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Telephone: 0843 381 1111 The content of this email should not be considered as an acceptance of any offer unless we previously review and expressly approve in writing your terms and conditions relating to the subject matter of this email. The information in this email is private and confidential. If you are not the intended recipient(s) or have otherwise received this email in error, please delete the email and inform the sender as soon as possible. This email may not be disclosed, used or copied by anyone other than the intended recipient(s). Any opinions, statem ents or comments contained in this email are not necessarily those of Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited. If you wish clarification of any matter, please request confirmation in writing. Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited. Registered Company No.: 6871092 Consumer Credit License: 631168 We take precautions to minimise the risk of this email containing a software virus but you should use virus checking software. How should I even begin to deal with this lot as from looking in this section of the forum they don't look very easy to deal with
  21. Hi, and thank you in advance for any help and guidance on this matter. I requested a cca from Lowell regarding a debt of £9000 (which consists of mainly interest charges) from very catalogue. They eventually returned an in signed agreement that has discrepancies on. There appears to be 2 different dates they state the account was opened, one is 07/12/2008 and an alleged credit agreement with an electronic tick for my signature dated 29/06/2011 The total debt is for £9,000.38 Of which £6,434.63 is made up of interest. I am wondering what my next step is, do I contact shop direct about discrepancies or Lowell ( who are demanding full payment or they are sending the debt to the collections department). I have a neurological disorder which hinders my thinking process and mobility and I have been classed as disabled because of it. I find the constant texting and phone calls disturbing ( I had written asking for all correspondence to be delt with by way of letter when I asked for the cca as my speak is slurred ) As I am unable to work due to my disability the funds would not be available to pay the disputed debt. Would I need to request a sar at all? They have placed the debt onto my credit score now as being in default. Sorry for the long post (trust me this has taken far longer to type than it has for you to read it Once again thank you in advance for any advice given
  22. have been getting letters from lowells for an alleged debt to 3 mobile. ..for about 400 quid. ..which is strange as paid by direct debit never late never ever missed a payment. ...have ignored lowells and they have now passed to bpo!! i do love a tryer.. ...now there is obviously no cca to ask for.. ..am wondering why lowelifes have passed this on???
  23. Good Morning! Does anyone know how I can stop a door collection agent from Provident attending my home? I missed a payment collection date and was unable to notify the agent as my phone died. The agent then attended my property 4 times that evening knocking loudly from 9pm. Has anyone dealt with Provident before? The whole doorstep collection process for the sake of £100 loan is getting ridiculous. If I can come to an arrangement and deal directly with them that would be ideal. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks very much. Kind regards P
  24. Hi, I was hoping to possibly get some advice. My kids where at a private school (fees paid till the end of the school year). Then this happens.. . http://www.shernoldschool.co.uk/118972__1.pdf and http://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/shernold-school-inadequate-staff-checks-97172/ at which point we withdrew the kids from the school and moved them elsewhere. We have told the school that we where not happy (so have others) and we would not be paying the notice period (although the bill they have sent us appears to only be for half of the term Fast forward a few months of email exchanges to yesterday, we receive a letter from Redwood Collections looking to collect the outstanding amount. Its there typical "We are instructed to take all necessary steps to recover the sum shown, including legal action if required". Some (hopefully) useful points: 1. The school fees where paid in full till the end of the school year 2. My eldest son has moderate aspergers syndrome and ADHD (we have letters proving it and the school where aware of this) he also had major heart surgery in March of this year 3. My sons care team had tried to work with the school with regards to what is the best outcome for my eldest sons education. They weren't interested (can prove this as well). 4. All things said done we where going to move them regardless due to having (documented) concerns for a while. Whats the best way forward with this? Thanks in advance! P.S. Sorry to work around the "To be able to post links or images your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts." message, but I think the links are important to what is going on here.
  25. Given the seriousness of this thread, it really does need to get wide coverage. Accordingly, I would hope that the moderators allow it to remain on this section of the forum. Sadly, this is not the first time that I have taken issue with documentation from DCBL. There is a long thread on here regarding this firm and their letters regarding private parking debts (more later). This firm are also behind the TV series....Can't Pay...We Will Take it Away. Yesterday, I was contacted by a gentleman who had received a letter from DCBL the previous day. The letter was received by post and was on headed notepaper from DCBL and clearly stated at the top of the letter (beside the word DCBL) the words: Certificated Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Officers. The letter referred to a 'debt' in excess of £10,000. Interest of 8% (since May 2016) had also been added. The letter stated the following: Unless we receive immediate proposals from you regarding the repayment of this debt, the recovery process will commence 7 days from the date of this letter. We may also make arrangements for a representative to call upon you to open up lines of communication. The person receiving the letter knew about the 'debt' and knew that it was heavily disputed. More importantly, he was adamant that court proceedings had not been undertaken against him and that a judgment had not been obtained. He intended writing to DCBL. Before being able to, he had a visit at his home from a High Court Enforcement Agent from DCBL. It is fair and accurate to state that an argument broke out. The 'debtor' called the police. Astonishingly, the police refused to attend stating that they were satisfied that DCBL had authority to attend his premises to enforce the debt. The High Court Enforcement Agent from DCBL refused to leave the premises unless he received payment. Under duress, the debtor borrowed a sum of £2,000. DCBL yesterday confirmed the following: That the debt had not been subject to court action. That a judgment had not been obtained by the creditor. That they were enforcing a 'pre judgment' debt. That the 'High Court Enforcement Officer' was attending as a 'Debt Collector' Members of the public receiving letters such as these will no doubt be hoodwinked into believing that the debt was legally due and that a court order exists. They would be wrong.
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