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  1. Tawnyowl here with a thought that entered my mind about one minute ago. Best write it down because another minute or two and it will be forgotten. Age is my excuse.Strange how many times that excuse is used nowadays. When this post is finished will check up how old i am. Went to the docs last week for healthy heart check up,you go once a year to check you are still here after having heart attacks. Check blood pressure,things like that. Now definitely not keen on hanging around the docs as you just never know what you might catch. Nurse told me to shut up while checking my pressure as she could not get a reading. Last time she saw pressure like that was in a cooker. I do go on a bit at times. After ten minutes she said perfect,as expected. Goodbye nurse see you next year was my reply.Headed for the door sharpish. Just hang on a moment have you had a flu jab.Nurse said . Well jabs that word,i nearly passed out thinking of the needle remembering those jabs they give you in the hospital in your stomach to thin the blood.Well i think that is what they are for.I tend not to ask many questions in hospital as if they take a liking to you they may fancy experimenting. Well no why. You had better have one then. Which arm i said,choose your spot. Well can you believe it,she paraded in front of me with this needle about two inches long giving me a smile that would freeze the desert oasis. And came at my arm like a Olympic javellin thrower complete with run up.At a speed worthy of a sprinter. In it went,my feathers nearly fell off and i was ready to take flight. But managed to stay put. After recovering for a split second i said my goodbyes and headed for the door sharpish.Hold on a minute the nurse said,not so fast. Have you had a pneumonia jab. What are we having a laugh i have never heard such a thing. Settling down a touch after reassuring me there was such a thing i said as usual,which arm would you like. My she said you are a bright one,there is only one arm left to have go at. And once again out came the needle. Took a fine run up and in it went,180 i replied,(Darts term) and legged it shortly afterwards,because if another jab had been required where would it have gone.Fell for that before in hospital,putting my arm out and the nurse shook her head and pointed to my trousers. What a job,three layers of thermal insulation,well it was winter,braces the lot,then i got harpooned,tetanus that time. What have i come in for,ah i know i caught a cold,just got rid,now put my back out but will not stop me running my empire. The smallest business in the UK,it must be.But i am pleased how things are going. From 1-10 probably 2. Now how are you all this cool, windy huge coastal tides day.Have you a cold that arrived from who knows where. Strange is it not that i am sure i read that you can catch a virus from touching a screen,a door things like that. Now what is the first thing you do when going to the docs. Hit the computer to say you have arrived,age,date of birth etc. That is what i came to ask.How are you all. Bye for now Tawnyowl.
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