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Found 4 results

  1. apologies if this is long-winded. Basically I have a hunch my vehicle has clocked mileage, there are some tell-tale signs like the wear on steering wheel. the vehicle came from Southern Ireland, so would possibly have had KM clocks, but now has mileage clocks and is in the UK, the UK MOT certificates show corresponding mileage to what the vehicle now has. I don't know if the vehicle came to the UK privately, or with a dealer of some form importing the vehicle/first MOTing vehicle. the vehicle was written off in the UK and I bought as a damaged repairable from a salvage site, which did have a disclaimer relating to mileage, the owner at that time would probably have been the insurance company. I have driven the vehicle for 18 months, and obviously spent money fixing the vehicle, so do NOT want a full refund or anything. Is it worth checking the vehicles computer for mileage history, etc. I haven't bothered to date, as I didn't think I had any course for claiming. Many thanks.
  2. Hello all!! Im speaking on behalf off my brother. He purchased a car 11 months ago on finance (thankfully) He went to a dealership to sell it as there is always something wrong with it so he wants rid of it. Well looking around the car they said about £2300. However, once he performed checks on the vehicle the manager came back and said im sorry to tell you this but your car has been clocked. blah blah obviously he is not happy. He got them printed online but didn't come with when he took the car. In 2009 the car had done 97,000 miles .2010 the car had done 69,000 miles. From 2010 to when im brother brought the car, the car had done 800 miles? Is that the dealership trying to sell the car for 2 years with no luck so thought they would try there luck with MOT history? I've heard oh it could be a missprint of the mot garage. But it has failed every single MOT since starting MOT (no mot for first 3 years) Makes us wonder if the mileage isn't the only problem. Fair point my brother shouldof done his checks himself but didn't expect it on a 2008 vectra. For 1 week he was trying to get hold of the manger/boss at the dealership but every time sorry he’s out of the office or his inmeetings. So my brother spoke to trading standards and they said you have to deal with the finance company themselves the dealership onlysupply the car. My opinion is, they are equally to blame surely?? Moving on....He spoke to the finance company all they kept saying was We cannot guarantee mileage. Fair enough if its been driven around and what not to go up but to go back down? Thats got to be a criminal offence and fraud. Now days you buy a car depending on the mileage if its new right? This bit made me hit the roof. Finance company said We will take the car back off you but you will not get a penny back? So right...my brother uses a car for a deposit, has paid £2500 so farleft with no car? and were mean't to just forget about the money? I do not think so, me being family i want to help and i believe they are taking my brother for a ride and trying their luck. Im just asking for help as to how to re-approach them, if we haveto take legal action what steps to take. I believe my brother iscurrently speaking to fair trading to see what he can do. But im justas angry as he is and i will get this sorted myself if i have to. Thanks for reading and in advance Mick
  3. Hi, I'm looking at buying a car from a local dealer, they have advised that they know the mileage is wrong on it and it has covered around 50000 more than is showing on the Speedo, they have just put a new MOT on it. I can get it for a good price (based on actual mileage) and was wondering, this could be a stupid question but is it ok to buy a car that I know has potentially been clocked? the garage dont know who clocked it but have said it wasnt them. cheers, Nick
  4. Good evening/Morning After reading various posts on here trying to find information that will help with my predicament, I decided to join up and see if you knowledgable bunch can help me. I bought a 4 year old transit 2 years ago from a dealer on HP, It was sold to me as 66k miles and fsh. It has 2 previous keepers, one was the dealer (name on log book) and the other turns out to be a company Ford leased it too. It failed its second mot since i owned it on a few minor bits, i misplaced the failure sheet so went on VOSA's MOT History site to pull up the list of failures. This was when I spotted the vehicles first mot at 3 years old, and it had a mileage recorded of 168k yet the MOT the dealer put on a few days before collection had 66k recorded. i checked the service history and googled the dealer on the ford stamps in the service book. They didnt exist. postcode was even fake. i rang the mot station where it had its first mot which happened to be a ford dealer. they confirmed they leased the vehicle to a company for 3 years, mot'd it at 168k and this fitted in with the 10 services they had carried outs mileage. they also said they disposed of the vehicle by auction with 175k on the clock. How should i go about resolving this? I have spoken to the FC who have allocated me a mediator. He has advised i write to the dealer which i have done and am waiting for a reply. He also said its unfair to go after the FC as they arent the ones who wronged me but if i get no reasonable solution from the dealer i may have to sue the finance company and they will get the dealer brought into the equation when it goes to court. to sum it up im the 3rd owner 2nd was dealer 1st was somebody ford leased it to and they returned it to ford who auctioned it with 175k. the auction house has confirmed this. I bought it as a 66k mile truck with fsh but the service history turns out to be fake. ive paid over 7k in total and owe just over 5k What should i be doing? should i stop payments? can i reject the vehicle? if i reject the vehicle what is a fair sum for the usage ive had out of it? (ive had it 2 years and done 20k miles) should i even worry about being unfair chasing the FC when i believe its the dealer that has wronged me? if i stopped payments would FC take me to court where i can air my greivances without the cost of sueing them? thanks in advance for any advice as you can tell by the time its playing quite heavily on my mind at the moment. Rick
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