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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, Help required!! Does the OP have an update on this situation as similar thing just happened to me (without the disabled spot) My situation is my car had been having another engine fitted, while it was in the local garage the MoT and Road Tax ran out so I declared it SORN (but kept it insured). fast forward 3 months and car is delivered back to me on breakdown truck due to no tax etc. but covering my driveway (dropped kerb, official driveway BUT council owned property) Car was dropped off 07/03 Wednesday night, I booked it in for MoT immediately but earliest booked app
  2. Been a while since I posted so here goes. A month back, my car got clamped for an unpaid PCN. The car was parked on a single yellow line overnight (legally) and restrictions only apply from 08:30 am. At 08:30 when I went to go to work, I saw the car clamped and made the relevant calls and dealt with it. I wasn't notified that the clamp had been removed (it was removed at 10am I have found out). When I returned to the car later to see the clamp removed there was a shiny new PCN on it for parking on a single yellow line during restricted hours. The PCN was given at 10
  3. I've just finished building myself a carbon frame Colnago road bike. The whole thing is a bit of an indulgence really – the bike is extremely light and very beautiful and well beyond my level of endurance/ability. For a few years I've been riding a titanium bike which has been great because you can use it in all weathers and it handles neglect quite well. Anyway, I fell in love with Colnago and over the past year or so I've been slowly collecting bits and pieces from eBay and here and there. I eventually put it together and it's really fantastic and I'm waiting for some goo
  4. Hi Looking for information here. We purchased a little Citroen the other day Collected it after it had been taxed at 9.10am. My wife then used it for work transport and parked it on a side road. When arriving back to her car at 2pm there was a clamp and sticker on it saying no tax. i rang the number given on the leaflet and was told car was not taxed. Yet we had purchased in the morning. The lady said the car was clamped at 10.05 in the morning. Surely DVLA would know that tax would be on it? So i paid the fine to release the clamp. £100. H
  5. Ok, some more questions for clarification on this. From what I understand, a bailiff cannot clamp your car on private land. Would this include a bed & breakfast car park that you were staying at? Because sometimes I have to work away and just wondered the legality of the situation. The only reason I ask is because I know they use ANPR, so theoretically if they're looking for my car they could get lucky, although this is unlikely I just want to be sure. Secondly, they can't take your car if it's worth under £1350 and is used for work? So, how do they value the car? And how
  6. One of the most dangerous pieces of advice being given on the web, is to remove clamps on cars which have been taken under control. intentionally interfering with goods which have been taken into control is a criminal offence under Paragraph 68(2) of Schedule 12 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007. Punishable summarily by a prison sentence of up to 51 weeks, and/or a Level 4 fine (currently £2,500 on a guilty judgement. This is in addition to other actions that the EA make take under common or civil law. There is much talk of debtors interpretation of the law in this
  7. Last week yet another debtor appeared in court for cutting off a wheel clamp. In this case, a bailiff from JBW Group applied a wheel clamp to the debtors car in relation to a debt for council tax. The debtor 'claimed' that he thought that the clamp had been left on his car by a friend as a joke and accordingly, he used an angle grinder to remove the clamp. Clearly the court did not believe his story and after admitting causing criminal damage the court ordered him to pay £435 which was made up of a fine of £250, costs of £85, compensation of £75 and victims surcharge of £25.
  8. I'm later today(24th july 2014) to attend voluntarily that is for interview over allegation! All i can think to do is what i've always done & keep shtum,not a word! No mention of clamp removal leading to any criminal damage only that as it was held i'd in effect stolen it(my car hat is)! Can only imagine this will be one of some but to come in there hoards no doubt! Anybody de-clamped their own car since the new regs "Taking control of goods etc" came in april in regards to magistrates unpaid fines whereby stage 2 of £235 is added by bailiff on top obviously £75 comp
  9. I would really appreciate some advice, long story my daughter got a fine -driving in a bus lane she did n't pay it, yes I know she should have but you may understand the pressure she was under if you read this. She had a bailiffs letter a few months ago, left sticking out of her letterbox, I wrote a letter on her behalf stating that she was a vulnerable client for the following reasons: She was a victim of severe domestic violence including being held prisoner in a house, threatened with being shot , said he would disfigured, her, he smashed
  10. I am hoping some of you can help me, my daughter has had 3 bailiffs letters re a parking offence, she doesn't deny that she owes some money and she has good cause re not dealing with it, she is being treated for depression and is currently in fear of her life due to violent former boyfriend, she has made statements to police and is going to be a witness in the court case, despite threats from him. I wrote a letter ( on her behalf) to equita and explained her situation and informed them that the situation came under the vulnerable debtors, clause and ask
  11. Hi, I have just found my car to be clamped, by Task Enforcement Ltd. I rang the mobile number given straight away, and the man came over within 45 minutes, I paid the £650 fine, and he took the clamp off. I had NO idea why my car had been clamped, but I was told that in May last year I was stationary in a box junction (not parked), in London. For this I received a PCN but all letters went to my previous address. I changed my logbook to my new address about 2 months ago. I received NO letters or visits from anyone at my new address. I was told that bailiffs went to my old addre
  12. Hi everyone. I am a part time motor trader, and bought a van to sell to a friend. Said friend then decided he didn't want it, and I had to keep the van near my house. Now, I KNOW I am at fault, I parked the van on the road without it being taxed. Long story short, a neighbour reported us. At 5pm on the 17th December, I drove past and saw the van had been clamped, with a DVLA flyer on. The leaflet explained there was a £100 release fee, and I also had to produce a valid tax disk. The following morning at 9am, I taxed the vehicle, and paid a £100 release fee to have t
  13. What kind of proceedings do I need to issue to get a court order against a bailiff ordering him to remove an unlawfully applied car clamp?Please be specific , i.e. what is the exact wording of the order am I seeking,what kind of court do I apply to, what forms to I use to apply for the order,what do I put on the forms. Do I issue the proceedings against the individual bailiff or the firm he works for? I want to issue proceedings against the bailiff or his company NOT the local authority Background is the car is owed by a limited company (and this can be proved). The car has been clamped u
  14. Hey All, On the 2nd May I awoke to discover a clamp fitted to my car at about Half 7 in the morning and a letter pushed through my door from Equita Bailiffs. The reason for the clamp was a parking ticket which I did not dispute, but was awaiting contact in order to make an arrangement to pay it as i'd been unable to reach an agreement with the council prior to it going to court. Equita claim to have sent a letter and had someone visit on the 8th April but i'm strongly disputing this and nothing was pushed through. Allegedly they have a description of my property but this hasn
  15. Hi all, It might be a little bit cheeky and not sure if it is possible but thought it was worth a try. i have recently moved in with my partner and we've been sorting the finances and I've found out that she paid over £1000 to a bailiff over the past year. One was for clamping a vehicle and cost just under £600 just for one visit (for PCN). The reason I'm asking about claiming back is because she had a terrible year in her personal life, very bad anxiety and mental health problems. She was the single mother of 3, one who is disabled and all this pretty much tipped her
  16. My newly bought car got clamped outside my house in the morning while still asleep for previous owner fine, i call the bailliff on the number left on screen and show him my v5c/2 and reciept of sale for the vehicle plus photocopy of completed part sent to dvla whith all my details showing in it but he refuse to unclamp my vehicle saying i should contact there o845 office number and left, he refuse to give me the warrant or any documentations at all saying data protection, i email my v5 and receipt of sale to there office and council that sent them with a complain and still have my vehicle uncl
  17. There is a clamp on the car on my drive. The note on the windscreen says it is for non- payment of council tax. I have a liability order for some of last years tax. I have made a part payment to the council towards this liability order along with an offer of an affordable monthly payment. Don't want to include amounts on this site, suffice to say it will take a couple of years to repay the amount owing. Is there any way to legally get the bailiff to remove the clamp before two years? I had picked up some information with regards to filing a complaint at the court which issued the
  18. Hello All, Any quick advice would be hugely appreciated as this is currently on going. Last oct i got a ticket for parking on a yellow line after 7pm (thought all councils were the same). The ticket was paid for but because it was late by one day they tried charging another £60 which i refused. Today i was in a car park opperated by euro car parks and it was clamped. they reckon i owe £500. What are my options please??? thanks in advance
  19. Some months ago i parked in a loading bay and received a fixed penalty charge..due to circumstances i couldnt pay...subsequently i have taken the car to a garage for work to be done on it and the bill turned out to be horrendous....he was fine with me but said that as long as i sign a document saying he is now the owner of the car/or effectively he puts what i beleive is called a lien on the car that i could still use the car,keep it registered in my name because of insurance purposes,then he would be happy for me to take the car away until i can pay the bill in full...im due to pick it up in
  20. Hi, First of all thanks for reading my woes with the DVLA. I will try and condense the information down as much as I can but it is a little long winded, so here goes. The vehicle I am writing about was correctly declared SORN since June 2011 and for the most part sat untouched on a private driveway. On December 12th 2011, I started a new job and although we struggled with one car for this month it was decided we should get the secondary car back on the road. I work shift hours and my wife works part time core hours so a secondary car was absolutely necessary. The vehicle in
  21. Hey all, help needed URGENTLY! Yesterday, I found my car had been clamped outside. I phoned the number and the guy on the phone said he clamped it as we have a 2year old parking fine unpaid via the council! I visited the council letting them know that we were never aware of being issued a fine - if there is one I would pay it (fine was £80). The said that as fine so old I have to deal direct with clamper who wants £650! IfI dont pay by 11am, they tow my car and charge £200 for doing so -plus £45 a dy costs. I knew nothing of the £80 fine, and simply cannot afford this! What c
  22. We have received a Requistion Notice from the DVLA under sections 29 and 30 of the Vehicle Excise and Registrations Act. I failed to pay the registration on our car by 28 May 2010. We had moved house and it got lost in the paperwork. On 7 July the car was clamped and an infringement notice attached to the car. I paid it immediately and the car was unclamped later that day. I thought that that was the end of the matter. Today (28 January 2011) we received the notice. I am very confused as I thought that it had been sorted...Can anyone offer any advice here as to whether we are in the wrong stil
  23. Last year my friend and I parked in a what we thought was a parking bay only to find the car had been clamped and towed away because it was private land. The only problem is it happended last year and I did send an appeal letter but it was obviously a waste of time. After reading some of the posts about the same firm I find myself becoming increasingly annoyed at being charged so much. Does anyone know if there is a time limit on taking action? It happened last november but back then wasn't sure if we had any grounds to take it any further.
  24. Hi guys, I am a student and live in a block of apartments which is a private residential area. Just outside the apartments is a construction site where they are building a bunch of shops. The construction site is blocked off by a barrier and next to this barrier is a road for cars. I had loads of shopping from Tesco so I assumed I could leave the car downstairs for a few minutes to bring the shopping upstairs and then come back down to move the car. The road does have signs saying that any car parked will be clamped. So anyways I took the shopping upstairs and when I came back
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