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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I have done something really really stupid. I don't know why I did it, no excuse at all and I got caught. I attempted to steal random items from Tesco today (didn't even need them - crazy behaviour) and they stopped me leaving the store and asked did I know why I had been stopped. I said yes and they took me to the back room (read a few similar stories on here). My theft was intentional I knew I was doing it and I don't know if I almost wanted to get caught (not in a great place emotionally right now but as I say it is no excuse). I have never done anything like this before but I was walking around and blatantly put 5 items in my bag not in my basket that I was also carrying (total value of £37). The security lady who monitored the CCTV in the back room said she had seen me and had followed me on CCTV from the makeup aisle (apparently very common for thieves to target). They looked through my bag were satisfied that the items I gave them and admitted to shoplifting were what she had seen me take.... They didn't phone the police but said to expect a letter from DWF with a demand for payment. I actually was very grateful to them - was shaking and crying when I got to my car. I felt they had been kind and "let me off lightly" - was in there for about 20 minutes. They said I would be banned from Tesco for a year. Kept my clubcard and told me I would have to reapply if I decided I wanted to in a year's time. They also took my driving licence and took some details from there and the security guard from the store entrance took a photo of me on his phone. I am assuming they will circulate that to all local stores to ensure I don't go in or am flagged as a shoplifter (cannot believe I am even typing this..)? Having read threads about these letters and Tesco not getting anything from it, I am now wondering if Tesco will get any of the money I get "fined" from DWF. To be clear, I do feel I should pay as I did commit the crime. They have CCTV evidence of me commiting the crime and quite simply I shouldn't have done it. First and last time that will happen I can tell you.... But the threads on here about RLP all say ignore letters as they are not legal. I am not sure what I am asking really - I feel I should pay as I was totally at fault but equally if these companies are not ethical (says me.... the irony hey) then should I pay or ignore? Also am I right in that because the police were not called this is not a criminal matter (no criminal record)? Thank you.
  2. Hiya, I tried to take about £30 of shopping from Waitrose today. I know I'm an idiot (hence the username) I'm not doing it again, I've been scared about it and want to just move on. I'm worried about the civil recovery thing. I admitted to having taken something before on one occasion from Waitrose and so they gave me a lifelong ban. They didn't contact the police but they scanned my ID and took a photo of my face. I got given a letter from RPL. What legal advice do I need to get? They told me I will get a fine 'probably around £100'. When will I get this letter, does anyone know? what happens now? The letter says at the bottom: 'In principle the Data Protection Act 1998 does not prevent the use of data for civil recovery and employment screening purposes... Your personal data may be stored and used by prospective employers within client companies to make employment decisions...' What does this mean realistically? I think I might want to work with kids as a teacher - will this stop me from being able to? Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here, but never did I think I would be in the situation where I would need help. I was shopping in Sainsburys on the 16th Nov and myself and my partner brought about £60 worth of items with the hand hold self scanner, anyway, after walking through the exit, two of the guards grabbed us and said ''I know what you did''. Took me to the back room, and accused us of stealing a tin of roses as my partner put it in the trolley without my knowledge simple mistake,, in the shock of it all i must of dropped the receipt outside the store,, as the guards wanted it and i could not find,, they said well it was in your hand i said well its not now is it we were escorted through the store one in front and one guard behind,, I was shocked, in hindsight, I know I was on autopilot mode as my partner had paid for all the items and had pushed the trolley out of the store I explained that to the guard, but he wasn't having it i said theres been some mistake and offered to pay for the item, and looking directly over me in an intimidating manner whilst we were seated and he said ''you purposely placed items in the trolley without scanning them and we have already called the police,,, he then started the previous wk shopping where myself and my partner had been "randomly tested" at the scan and go tills but through a fault of the scanner everything had to be redone through a normal check point and it came to £227 as we had brought alot more than normal as we were getting ready for xmas & it was my mothers birthday but he said there was only £97 on the scanner before it went through which i replied thats incorrect the guard then said well this is you nector card isnt it? I said well i used mine to activate the scanner but after the confusion at the till point we used my partners and she paid,, but on his paper work only my details were present,, he said i was lying and that i could explain it to the police he and the manager then said all your visit to sainsburys comes to 60-80 per wk thats pretty consistent and by this point i had enough of there manners, i replied with well its called sticking to a budget which he then said well he cant manage that consistence..i said thats not my fault The police turned up whilst we waited in there holding room with the door open and staff continued to walk past very embarrassing for the both of us,,,, after the store discussed the matter with the police came into say they would service me a a penalty notice of £100 and i said to both of us? the officer said no its been treated as u were working together and i said well put it in my name then which the officer did,,,, Anyway, they gave us a form, banning us and let us go. To be honest, I was glad to get out and didn't care if I was banned for life. we were also refunded the amount we had paid but even then i still offered to pay bcus i really didnt wanna have to go shopping again that day , (which i did to tesco and spent £80) then when they refunded the money they gave us £4 to much as we had used a coupon so this proves there tils can not be accurate but on the 21st (the letter was dated the 19th 3 days after the incident) we both get a letter from DWF stating: Dear Sirs (seriously? as my partner is a women) Our Client: Sainsburys Supermarkets Balance Due: £150 This sum is broken down as follows: Value of goods stolen £0.00 Value of goods damaged £0.00 Value of cash stolen £0.00 Security costs £150.00 my first question is why have me and my partner got a letter each when the guards and police dealt with it as a joint offence and secondly is this scare tactics? will there be more letters with threats of civil actions? Please Advise guys! Many Thanks
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