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Found 6 results

  1. Citibank does not have a large presence in the UK, but it is my bank, and I have had a problem with them refusing to cancel a continuous payment authority. I decided I didn't want to carry on paying £20 a month to an organisation, but they refused to cancel it, saying it was technically impossible. I lost £20 because of that, and to stop it happening again I cancelled my card. I've complained to the FOS who have now got to the stage of forwarding my complaint to Citibank. I'm claiming £21 including postage fees. Just £21. I just don't understand this. Banks have to pay the FOS £550 per complaint whether they win or lose the complaint. It would be cheaper to give me my £21 than pay £550 - and yet on principle they have refused to pay me the £21 They claim the direct debit agreement means that they have to pay any debits on the card that come through, but I sent the bank a printout from the FOS website showing the FOS has previously ruled this to be an inappropriate response. I hope the FOS continue with their approach when it comes to my case. Let me just clarify these are not direct debits. The bank didn't refer to the direct debit agreement but rather the agreement governing use of the card (probably their agreement with VISA). Citibank said these are actually not CPAs. But I understand that banks say this all the time when refusing to cancel CPAs. As a CPA is just an authority that the company can take any amount at any time in the future, it doesn't have to be announced to the bank as a recurring payment from day one - as long as they have your debit card number they can simply continue to debit the account. And yet the bank will say it is not a CPA. Whatever it is - it's not legal. Fingers crossed for the FOS to bank me - I'm not asking for the world, just £21.
  2. Hopster

    Hopster v Egg

    I have paid £495 to one company - since been served with a default notice by Egg - now past the due date - was told no problem if this happened - have emailed them but no reply !
  3. Hi I am wondering if someone could advise me how to work out a suitable figure from Citibank regarding an old credit Egg card started in 2003. This is not PPI. This involves Egg and Citibank incorrectly reporting on credit file for years an incorrect number of Egg Accounts. I only ever had one and they reported 3x all commencing in 2003. This incorrect information was not removed until 2012. They have asked me to provide a figure. Thank you
  4. Whew I'm on a roll here...also just wanted to mention if I'd never read Linda Franklin's book on debt I would never of had the courage to do all this !! Right second debt was originally with Citibank...we had been with them since about 94 and no problems at all then bang recession, business problems and bereavement in 2010. Now these were a bit better after I contacted them in July 2010 they did charge £857 in interest but put the account to 0% fairly quickly. I was again though bullied into paying way far more than I could afford as they were sent a full financial statement etc but somehow convinced me to pay £174 per month. Then in Aug 2010 I realised I just couldn't afford this much and so wrote to them again with financial statement telling them all I could afford was £80. After some messing around a standing order was set up and agreed for the £80. in Dec 2010 the account was then passed to OPUS wjo wrote to me agreeing to the arrangement etc and in Jan 2011 I have a letter stating "We can confirm that an informal arrangement has been set up for £80 per month with the interest rate reduced to 0%. The agreement will remain for the remainder of the balance or until your financial circumstances change" A standing order was et up for this and my health at this point was worrying me and so I thought all of the debts were being paid. Looking back on my file I can see that the first few payment went rhough but then stopped! I am going to have to check my bank account tomorrow to see what happened but I know I would never of stopped them. So the first few payments went through then they seem to have stopped around April 11. Then in Nov 11 the debt was passed to Cabot who I contacted and again was convinced to pay £250 way too much but I agreed. I have been paying this until Jan this year when we realised that we were paying out over £1000 in agreements each month but when we done our expenditure etc there is just no money left after essentials...no wonder we are thousands overdrawn at the bank. I know this is all going to make me look so stupid but I have been burying my head in the sand thinking they were all being sorted. I wrote to cabot in Jan with a new statement and I've also asked them for a copy of the CCA. I had a reply saying that they do not have it but have asked the orginal lender for acopy and it could take up to 40 days. They also said that the Deed of Assignment is confidential between them and original lender but that a Notice of Assignment was sent o me on 18 Oct 2011 ... I don't have this and I file EVERYTHING! So not sure about this one and what to do.....please can anyone advise Thx
  5. Well I have joined this wonderful site and downloaded the SAR so I can ask Citibank for my PPI back that they owe me. I have filled in all the relevant information and sent it off via next day special delivery, £5.90 it cost plus the £10 cheque that I included so they will receive it tomorrow before 1pm. Lets hope I get a reply soon.... I had the finance loan with them back in 2004 to buy a Citroen car through the Citroen garage and I was told that I had to have the PPI through Citibank otherwise they would not let me have the finance...Yea right....If only I knew then what I know now. I started paying them back the loan in June 2004 and then got a loan in December 2005 from Nationwide building society to pay back Citibank back as the personal loan I got from Nationwide had a lower rate of interest. So I paid the loan plus the PPI and also the interest. I was wondering if I am entitled to the interest back as well as the PPI? Can anyone shed any light on this. Many thanks for reading and will keep you updated...
  6. can anyone help, citibank have upheld my claim for a refund, refund was due to me within 15 working days, now going into 25 working days, I have tried ringing a number on their letter, but when you ring it you get a message saying you need to write to them. Ive also emailed them but no reply. Im getting very frustrated with these clowns, does anyone have a phone number where i can speak to them direct or can share any other useful information with me. Cheers
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