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Found 5 results

  1. At 11am this morning I had a phone call from someone saying they were calling from Employement and Support Allowance and that it was nothing to worry about but that they are trialling phone benefit reviews rather than sending out forms. She then proceded to ask me questions about others living in the home, if anyone new had move in, if I had savings of more than £5000 , if I had done any paid work or undertaken any course of study, I said no to all which is true. I have had no change in circumstance that I would need to tell them about. They didn't ask any questions at all about my health which is also unchanged. After I had answered all those questions they told me that all was fine that I wouldn't get a change of circumstance form but that any other letters or forms I got from them I should do what they say and that was that. I don't know what to think, I had my last ESA review in March 2013 and then seemed to be one of the lucky ones who had reassessment deferred for two years from January 2014 so I was expecting reassessment early next year. Anyone know about this new trial of phone reviews? Does this mean that I will get a new ESA50 now or was it just them checking that my circmstances were all as they had on file?
  2. Well the dreaded day has finally arrived, for some reason I don't feel as bad as I thought I would (that will no doubt change in due course) maybe its due to the wait and expecting of it, and I know its gone to a different level now having read RMW's experience, but now its started its almost better than waiting for it. I fully expect to have a messical and fail, goes without saying, and wont be the shock it was before in 2009. So the letter arrived this morning, telling me I will get a phone call to talk about how the change from IB will affect me, and after this call I will receive questionnaire to fill in and they will decide from that if I am entitled to ESA or not, or if I need an assessment, (looks like atossers messical on the menu, with sour tasting failure being the dish of the day). Letter says if I don't hear from them within 2 weeks of the letter to ring them, its dated 20th July, so already almost a week in, so 2 weeks would be the 3rd August which is a Saturday and they only open Mon-Fri (according to the letter) so I guess I will ring on the Mon 5th?? if not heard. Bit of a pain as the family are taking me away on Saturday for a week, and I really don't want that phone call during that break, but scared to miss it, if I haven't already as I mis-placed the charger and its been off all this week until I found the charger (in with the laundry, don't ask lol).....Am guessing this is the time when I need to log calls I make and not forget to request a recorded assessment if I have to go to one.
  3. First post - so please bear with me. I am self-employed - have been for years and was always the one to claim for WTC and CTC with partner who initially was self-employed too. He has been employed for approx 6/7 yrs now, however, I never changed the details with Tax credit people although I did make sure the declared money was near enough same as his actual wage. Its very possible there will be an overpayment however, I'm hoping it isnt massive and I accept my mistake and will take a reduced amount , not a problem. However, at this moment I havent yet informed them as after a meeting yesterday with Citizens (which made me much worse) and an appointment today with a solicitor ( he helped a little) I am still unsure how to go about this. The solicitor said honesty is best with them, but after having a look on the net I am terrified of what will happen - havent eaten or slept properly since Saturday and this is now Wednesday. I always knew about it - but genuinely thought as money was almost on a par it wasnt a problem. Main reasoning behind was I (stupidly) thought that if went through partners wage he would have been taxed on it and slightly worse off , therefore, left it going through our normal account with me as first named. I have convinced myself I will lose everything - kids, partner, and go to jail over this. The very thought of the word fraud terrifies me and I am a complete mess. Looking for some genuine advice,help or reassurance in any way that someone can give me, that contacting them will not result in what I think it will. I was all for not renewing when forms come back out however, solicitor thinks they may question this. It would be a big hit to lose each month - but the terror I am going through would at least stop. Incidentally, this was brough to light as oldest is in college and the SAAS (bursary people) contacted us saying needed additional information regarding self employment for us both - mine isnt the problem. Yes, I always knew about the emplyed/ self-employed issue, however, I honestly didnt think of it as fraud and I am upside down now. I truly dont think the overpayment would be massive, although for 6 years it will be a couple of thousand possibly - its probably around £20/30 difference per week maybe. Does anyone know whats seen as worse - the timescale involved or the amounts of money involved?? Can anyone help in anyway please???
  4. Hi guys, I hope someone can put my mind at rest, as I am worried sick about the following: I had been claiming JSA up until December 2012, upon which I finally managed to get a job. I stopped claiming, signed the booklet and sent it back to the job centre. Received all the bumph from them and presumed the matter was closed. Today my mom received a letter from the council stating that the DWP had informed them that I had ceased claiming JSA. The Council then have queried whether or not I still reside at my moms address or not. In June 2012, I moved in with my partner who works full time. After a bereavement, I stayed with her to support her which eventually led to me moving in. At this point my mother informed the County Council and I ceased paying the dependants allowance for HB. To date I use my moms address as my registered address for all correspondence, bank cards, bills everything. At present no correspondence has been received from the DWP relating to my change of address. After doing some searching I have discovered that moving in with my partner may be a ‘change of circumstances’. As a result the DWP should have been informed and therefore, I may have been receiving JSA, when in fact as a result of my partner working full time, I should not have received anything at all. I have worked out that I would have been overpaid £1960.00 up to the point I stopped claiming. Call it naivety, stupidity whatever you will; I believed that I was entitled to continue receiving JSA providing I was adhering to the job seekers agreement. I am now petrified that I may have committed benefit fraud and the potential implications of this. I have decided to explain the situation to the DWP tomorrow; explaining that I may have been receiving JSA when I was not entitled to. If this is the case, I want to enquire with them as to, whether I can repay the entire sum through monthly instalments. I was wondering if anyone can offer any practical advice? What will the DWP do upon declaring this and will they accept repayment without criminal sanction? Thank -you
  5. I received a ticket for parking on a single yellow line one Saturday. I was parked outside a shop for less than 5 minutes and was in no way impeding anyone. I had gone into the shop to collect an item of furniture that I was buying and that was the easiest place to park as they could just carry it out of the shop and put it in the car for me. It is not something I could lift on my own. I was always under the impression that you could park in places such as this and get given a 5 minutes' grace' period. I was in the window and could see my car and moved away for less than 2 minutes to pay at the till. I came back to check and saw the warden clearly 'waiting'. When i rushed out he said that it was 'too late'. I said to him he could not have been there as i was looking at the car and had only briefly moved away and he denied this. The ticket was sent in the post which suggested to me he had not written it out fully . It took 2 months from the date to arrive. The ticket says the LA is prepared to consider 'extenuating circumstance' I feel my situation warrant this. Does anyone know if this is likely to be considered and also can anyone clarify the rules around the 5minute 'grace' period.
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