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Found 4 results

  1. I have been on pension credit for three years now,but in November 2017 was called in for an interview under caution. Dwp have stopped my P.C because in 2015 my children recieved from my Mothers will a good amount of money which we invested in Premium Bonds. Dwp are saying that because my children are only 15 and 11 years old and I am the Authorised Adult on the Accounts,that the money is mine. I have proved by way of my Mothers will were the money came from,but dispite a Mandatory Reconsideration the DWP will not change their decision. I have asked several time for the decision to be sent to me on Paper so I can take it to a Tribunal,but they will not send any paperwork of any kind. How do I get the paparwork I need and complain about the way DWP are dragging their feet on this.
  2. I am on pension credit and recently my two children have inherited enough money between them that if counted towards family savings will take us considerably over £16000. Do childrens savings affect my Pension credit.
  3. Hi guys and fellow girls x x x I joined as my boyfriend told me about the site and it's meant to be very good. My current situation is that a few years ago i broke up with my kids dad because he use to hit me and cheated on me. The guy i'm with now, my current bf is amazing and treats the kids like his own and my kids love him. They still their real dad, but he's (1) never given me child maintaince despite working and I can't do anything with CSA because he is fiddling it and i know it. I did report him for this but heard nothing..(2) he's currently been disputing with me about allowing our children to be put into the school I want. He's gone so much out of his way about this that for no valid reason he's saying he doesn't want them there. (3)he told me him and his partner 2 months ago were moving to lancashire so the arrangement would be that he would pick them up even though we live a hour and a half away... (4) He's been collecting the kids..but before moving would expect me to pick them up because 'everyone is' drunk at his house inc himself. Which left the liability on me. Whenever i question why he has to drink on the only days he has the kids it turns into an argument. So much so I just said he won't see the kids, so he took me to a solicitor. I also got a solicitor who wrote back, but was helping me get legal aid too. As i had problems getting legal aid I didn't get it in time for the cut off..but his solicitor told me in mediation there was o more issues anyway..I thought the matter was thus sorted. But I asked my solicitor for legal aid anyway, he told me at the time as mediation and the matter is sorted theres no grounds for legal aid so I couldn't claim...the issue now arises that as he's moved to manchester he's still claiming he doesnt want the children in the school I want (despite telling me to my face it's fine) and more importantly..he's now asking me to meet him halfway..and yesterday told me his car had broke down so i needed to do the 1 hour 30 min drive. The week before he had already asked if I would go up there and I told him i couldnt afford it as i'm supporting all 3 of the kids financially. I suggested he get a train or bus, the train was £60 for 3 of them. Strangely he fixed his car the next day when I refused to go. But now i am fed up of him and i wanted to know..is there any grounds for me to get legal aid or a solicitor?? ^^^POSTED THIS ON BEHALF OF MY GF
  4. Hi All I need some help if anyone out there can assist me. My Children had savings accounts with my mum as trustee, when she died my sister was the executor of her will and assigned her boyfriend to the account as trustee. They then emptied the bank accounts. I have been to CAB and I need to send a LBA before I can issue a claim in court but I am struggling to find a suitable template. Can anyone help??
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