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Found 3 results

  1. I separated and moved out of the matrimonial house 4.5 years ago. I am currently paying for everything and thought - rather than a narrative, I'd list the points below for some sort of clarity. We have 2 children ages 9 and 11. Have a joint mortgage (350k) on that house which I am paying for and looks like it's going to rack and ruin..... I have an income of £3.5/monthe net of which she is getting £2.5k - it's an agreement I sort of slipped into when I moved out of the house - and got ill... I have been off sick from work for coming up to 3 years with stress (the above income is from a work insurance policy) and am just "coming round" as to what is happening. (I had a triple heart bypas a couple of years ago too). She hasn't worked for around 2 years and seems quite happy with the arrangement - though still running out of money at the end of the month. What I'd like to know is firstly what I am legally obliged to pay? Is it just my half of the mortgage and 2 children or - what I am paying for; the mortgage, children, wife, etc. How do I get her to decrease my costs by moving her out so she might do something about getting a job; some basic allowances for housing etc. I can't aford to go back to work - I doubt if I am going to be earning anything near what I was now- and this sort of thing is driving me back to where I was in terms of being ill................It's really killing me. I guess I need to employ an accountant to make sure these payments are cost effective; and legal to do something about the logistical changes. I'm really at my wits end - stuck in a mire - don't know what to do and am sinking fast.... Any advice on any of the above points would be much appreciated.....I also need to get her out quickly as the hous is now a "project in need of modernisation" and I'm worried that selling it now won't clear off the mortgage. I've even started watching "arty" films and feel that I have no control whatever over my existance - Oh and I'm 47 - if that helps. Tahnkyou for reading and any help you can provide - Andy
  2. I'm looking for information regarding repayment of benefits. My mother has been the primary carer of my nephew for the past 6 years, as he was placed with her through social services due to mental illness. This meant she was entitled to certain benefits; (child benefit, child tax credit, foster carers allowance and working family tax credits) or so she was told at the time. She has been receiving these payments no problem what so ever and recently was granted special guardianship. This meant that the case had recently been reviewed, and as a result, has now been informed that she was not entitled to most of these payments and will have to pay them back. She has always declared everything on her tax forms and has never been informed that she was not entitled to these, and when she questioned the various agencies involved as to why they didn't pick up on this before, has been told that "they never checked until now". I was wondering if there was any law or previous case to say that as she never defrauded them or misrepresented any information, that she should not be required to pay the money back. The money was claimed in good faith and went a long way in covering the cost of bringing up my nephew. On a rough calculation, it looks like it will be around £20,000 mark if she is made to repay the money! If anyone knows of a similar case or has any other information it would be REALLY appreciated, thanks.
  3. HI, wonder if anyone can help. I my partner and I claim working tax credits and child tax credits for her son. I have two daughters wholive with their mum most of the time but stay with us most weekends, during the week at times and some holidays. My ex wife doesn't claim any tax credits as their income is too high. As I claim tax credits, could I claim child tax credits for my children? thanks in advance.
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