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Found 1 result

  1. Since 8-8-2013 I have been in a constant battle with chesterfield borough council over the actions of council employed security guards in the council run shopping centre on this day. My disabled partner and special needs son had gone into poundland and on-going to the checkout to pay for their items they were confronted by a security guard who demanded to search their bags. They refused and went on their way, however they had only gone a few yards from poundland when my son was set upon bythe guard who had come up behind him grabbing him by the arm and then by the neck and dragging him backwards down the shopping centre back into poundland where he was held in the front of the shop while all the time being taunted by the guard stating in a loud voice that he was a shoplifter and a thief, my son had asked the guard to identify himself and he refused. During this time my son had tried to get away to go to his mother and he was attacked again and dragged around by his lapels. This abuse went on for around 20 mins until the police arrived. My son was then subjected to a stop search which proved he had done nothing wrong, he reported to the police that he had been assaulted by the guard and they took no action. The police did instruct my son to not to go and wait outside the shop for another guard to come and speak to him, my son thought this was so the guards could come and explain their actions, however when the guards manager arrived he handed my son a six month ban from the shopping centre, an act which i consider was out of spite and vengeance for being innocent. During this time my partner who had witnessed the attack on her son decided to go into the library which is next to the shopping centre and go downstairs to use the public phone to ring me as she entered the lift she saw a guard go running downstairs, on exiting the lift she was immediately set upon by one of two guards, who forcibly grabbed her and forced her into an alcove (so it would be out of view of the cctv camera pointed down the corridor) and pinned her up against a wall, when my partner was searched by the police she was also found to have done nothing wrong. As a result of the above i placed an appeal for witnesses on a local forum, and one person contacted me stating that his girlfriend who worked in the shopping centre had seen a security guard dragging a long haired young man backwards down the precinct towards poundland however this witness would not come forward i believe out of fear of retribution from this team of abusive guards. At one point a post appeared replying to my appeal which released private information concerning the complaints I had made to the police, council and other bodies about the above attacks the post also included details of complaints i had made to the police two years earlier on an unrelated incident. As a result of the negative post i wrongly assumed that this post was posted by a policeman I contacted the police professional standards and the matter was investigated by the police counter corruption unit, as a result of this investigation it was found that this post had come from a Chesterfield Borough Council computer and the post was made by the very same team of guards who had attacked my son and partner in a blatant attempt to discredit us, rather tellingly the police did not investigate further, I believe this inaction was prompted by the fact that had they done so they would have found that the guards were fed this information by a member of the police as certain information they had posted was only available from police files. As a result of the assaults the police became involved and on taking statements from these guards told us that their statements corroborated my partner and sons account of the attacks, and the two guards who had assaulted my son and partner were charged, However the guards were by this time claiming that they had been told by the poundland manager that my son and partner had stolen something (a fact refuted by the store manager) as a result they had reasonable grounds though at no point have they stated reasonable grounds for what, the CPS bought the case to the magistrates court in December 2013 were not prepared and did not take the cctv footage to the court they were criticised by the magistrates for being unprepared and the case was adjourned until January, three days before the case was due to be heard we received a letter from the CPS stating that they were discontinuing the case as the guards had reasonable grounds, We appealed this decision under the VRR right to appeal however this is just a rubber stamp exercise and since then they have flatly refused to relook at this decision. We have complained to the council under the councils three stage complaints procedure and two years and four months later we are at step two and no further forward,
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