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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, my first post so pls bear with me. My daughter is the owner of a salon and for more than 5 years she has rented the premises on a VERBAL (stupid I know) agreement. She worked for the Landlord for couple of years prior to this, and they always had a great working relationship, until now. She wants to sell the salon, had a buyer lined up, agreed on price...all that needed doing was landlord needed to sign a lease agreement with new tenant. Since she is currently abroad, she appointed me as her manager to handle her affairs in her absense so I set up meeting with buyer and LL. At first he agreed and was very happy to have a prospective long term tenant, but after this meeting everything went pearshaped and greed got the better of him. For past 5 years, my daughter paid him in cash at his insistence, for he does not want the rent to show in his bank account, like clockwork...never any disputes or trouble. For past 5 months in her absense, I have been paying him on her behalf same way...cash! All was well untill we raised the issue of selling business...so in effect she is basically selling her client base and goodwill. She has real good name and good business. Now he has turned around and said I shortpaid him for 3 weeks...lies...and that my daughter owes him £1000 for loan he made to her and refuse to sign lease agreement with new tenant. To add to this mess...turns out he has been subletting to her in any case and is not the actual owner of the premises, but he insist he has the right to sublet. He and this prospective buyer is now bonding together and threatening my daughter, saying she has no contract and no proof that buss belong to her, as well as being behind on rent. I called him and he basically called me a thief saying I never paid him and we are 3 weeks in arrears. I told him there and then, that unless he give me a written receipt or a bank account number, I will not pay him a penny in cash, for I have no proof and he is now being dishonest.We are 3 people keeping book of payments, and we all agree our rent is up to date. He is lying and trying to cheat her out of her business. The buyer actually send her a message saying she is moving into the salon on Aug 3rd and there is absolutely nothing my daughter can do about it. So she is losing the purchase amount too due to his dishonesty. The £1000 was a personal agreement that had nothing to do with business...he gave her a £1000 and in turn used her car and her instalments would go off against the £1000. He now says he never used the car for tax expired ( he had car for 5 months and never made an effort to get new disc or ask her to) so she can not subtract the instalments from that amount and owe him full amount. I am pulling my hair out for I do not know what to do. They say they are taking shop over in Aug. I do not know what to do, our rights regarding verbal lease agreement, how to get her car back from this man. The only paperwork she has in her name is her business bank account, council tax and water/electr bills, bank credit card machine, and she has an employee who has worked for her for more than 2 years. She can not afford to pay a solicitor for is going through a really rough time and really needed this sale to go through, but he has now probably ruined any possibility of sale going ahead. Car is on HP on her name too. This is all happening in SCOTLAND...prob different from England. I read a lot of posts and it seem that there are a lot of people with great knowledge regarding Landlord/tenant matters on this site. I do hope someone can help with some advise. Thanks:-(
  2. Had a very bad experience with Kwik fit, took my car for front brakes check and Exhaust was told they are worn out so agreed to get it changed, so when asked the person in charge about the time of wait i was told about 2 hours, so decided to wait there two hours passed they dint even start working on the car asked them and said 30 mins still nothing after 45 minutes, asked him again then finally took the car after 3 and half hours of wait, but the person working on it was working on two cars same time, which took him near enough to 2 hours to fix my car. The bigger disappointment was that even after all this wait the car was not fixed properly and it s making cricky noise when i drive pass the hump, took car back to him and again his usual 5 mins- 10 mins, excuse started and there was no one in garage, he stood on his phone talking to some of his Friend so asked him how long does he think he will take to have look at my car then he hung up after 20 mins of wait, and just said there are no issue so i can take the car. Made a complaint on their website and its near enough to 7 days but no response, absolutely disgusted with the type of service received and no response, even after paying £500 this is type of service we get. would never recommend anyone to go Kwik Fit.
  3. 2 daughters one at school aged 15 the other aged 16 she is 17 in feburary, csa being paid for both daughters, no problems all being paid. however the mother is claiming working 16 hours but is working 36, (proven, investigation in progress). 16 year old working full time no college, mother says shes at college, mother claiming everything, for both kids never declared daughter working full time shes still claiming family allowance csa, ect. csa notified, csa sent her letters, shes ignoring them, what happens next ?? p.s. in the meanwhile full csa for both daughters is still being paid
  4. I thought this amusing although it happened in another country. [ATTACH]39443[/ATTACH]
  5. Hello All First time poster, glad such a forum exists, willl be one of my dialy reads from here on!!! AWESOME My issue is as below, if I can get a view on what my options are? I bought a laptop from PCWORLD in Staines in Aug 2011, my criteria was backlit keyboard, dedicated graphics with HDMI and the fastest processor possible which was the i7, so I found the HP Envy 14, 2002EA very appealing. The sales guy asked me " So why the fastest processer, what you going to be doing on it?" so i expalined its for work and I dont like a slow laptop, " ah right, so business use?" to which I replied "Yes" so instead of the Club insurance I got the Premier Insurance at £14.00 a month, the reason? well if your laptop goes away for repair you will get a loan! That was the selling point of the "Premier" Laptop worked nicely, until May 2012 when it gave off a horrible burning smell, went in for repair to be picked up Saturday, "we dont have any loan but can put you on the waiting list.." Is what I got when I mentioned. Needless to say I did not receive a loan and the laptop was away for 8 working days rather than the 5 promised. Laptop came back repaired worked for 20 mins and burnt out again, so again no loan to give to you sorry sir, will put you on the waiting list, by the end of the week I had not heard back so I went and bought a new laptop as I needed one. Eventually they wrote off the HP Envy, gave me the voucher code popped into the store and they had matched the specification and offered me another HP, which turned out to be an i5, priced at 499.99. You can imagine my reaction to that!! I questioned this as mine was an i7, anyhow alot of time later and many phone calls it transpired that the INTERNAL PCWORLD website had the incorrect specs so they corrected their mistake and offered me the cheapest i7 priced at 799.99. It was a Toshiba it looked nice so I took it, however the speakers popped on this machine so I have just returned it today. After thinking it over and using the not so good toshiba I started to feel extremely angry so glad I was able to return that however now I have 799.99 on a gift card I am out of pocket by 1100-799.99= 299.00 and also the 10 insurance payments of 14/month =£140 Now since HP provide a years manufacture warranty, why should the customer have to loose out on a 1/4 of the laptops value? I feel very very angry now considering I have 7 warranty/insurance agreements with them. again I will be looking to possibly cancel all of them if i do not get anywhere, so far the Staines manager has offered to ring up head office and see if they can up the voucher, my local Slough store were not even willing to do this. Again no promises. If the store can not get anywhere, where do I go next? Thanks for reading and apologies for any grammar, spelling its late and I am not happy
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