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Found 8 results

  1. New proposals to help vulnerable people benefit from cheaper energy READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-proposals-to-help-vulnerable-people-benefit-from-cheaper-energy
  2. As I work closely with Apple, I often come across interesting tidbits... Once o which saved me a LOAD of money... For a semi iPhone contract you'll be looking easily at between £40-£70 a month depending on your needs of voice and data etc... on top of that, your phone is only covered for 6 months by Apple and should be covered by your provider for up to a year. After that, if it dies, you're on. your own. Apple have something called the iPhone Upgrade program. That link will take you directly to it. here's now the money saving works broken down: - £33.45 is what the iPhone upgrade program costs per month.. - You're covered with 24/7 AppleCare+ so even if you send your phone to hell and back, they'll replace it as per AppleCare+ - Every year, you get the latest iPhone - At the end of the year, you give your old iPhone back to get. the new one at no extra cost (e.g. one off charges) So the £34 +£10 for a Data, Text and Voice plan (sim only, which I just saw on switch) you get more bang for your buck as to put it. So on top of saving the £10-20+a month, you'll also be covered by free insurance (no excesses either), free support for your phone (and all local call centres with Apple). The only hitch might be if you have bad credit.. Apple do check up on your financial conduct... Well it's not them, it's actually backed by AIG (some insurance firm)... Anyway, I hope this tip helps out! Ade
  3. I have just signed forms to purchased a used car from a dealership and have paid a small deposit. Returning home I have found the exact same car (can see the registration plate) for cheaper on the dealer’s website and advertised even cheaper on Auto Trader. At the dealership I went through price negotiations with the dealer and he said that he has reduced the original price by a few hundred, but even the final price we settled on is higher than the online sites. The dealer told me there was no way he could go any lower Do I have a case to complain and do they need to honour the online price?
  4. I've recently worked out that showering at the gym is saving me a fortune Gym costs £29.95, and it costs £1 to heat a filled boiler. Difference is, the gym has a sauna, pool and come weekend.. a pretty decent social life! so if you regularly use a gym, and are single, opt for showing there and leave the boiler off until you actually really really need it
  5. We run a Combi Boiler and the Electric is Via a Key Card Meter with Scottish Power on the fixed plan for Gas and Southern Electric for Electric. Our bill is fixed until 2015 for Gas & the Electric Tariff is about to Increase from Southern Electric . Here is the crunch. We received an update from Scottish Power telling us that the Gas & Electric combined with them could be fixed until 2015 if they remove our Key Meter and transfer the Electric to them along with our current plan on Gas! Would we be better off with the fixed plan and Unit Tariff frozen until 2015 or keep our existing structure. We are low power consumers and our current fixed bill for Gas is acceptable from Scottish Power. They will work out a Tariff for the power for us and give us a newly Estimated Fixed Cost. "Alexander Graham Bell What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and EDIT: human beings are extorted."
  6. I am currently living with my partner at her parents for one week and then at my parents for a week. I have just passed my driving test - Woo! - and have been looking at insurance quotes, just out of interest I searched up about her address and I found it was quite a bit cheaper but about £500 I know obviously I've got to put down my main address but since I will be living at there a week at a time, would there be any problem with me putting down her parents' address instead of my own? I know obviously it's a bit of a grey area and I know if you don't live there the majority of the time you can't but since it's equal? Would the insurance companies use that as a way of getting out of any claims I make blah blah blah? Regards, Jeffaruni.
  7. Hi, Here's my good story that can be useful to those of you who moved to the UK from a foreign country. I discovered that even if you are an expat moving to the UK, the time you held a foreign driving license can be counted towards reducing your car insurance premium. Basically, if your foreign driving license is in a category that allows you to swap it to a UK license without undergoing a driving test, the time you held that license will count towards reducing your premium. You can find out if your license can be swapped here: https://www.gov.uk/exchange-a-foreign-driving-licence. It's probably a good idea to call up your potential car insurance company and ask if they will indeed honour the time you held the foreign license -- I suppose not all of them have that policy. But mine does. Here are some more tips on getting a cheaper car insurance if you're an expat living in the UK: http://uk.expalibur.com/questions/9/how-do-i-get-cheap-car-insurance-in-the-uk
  8. hog-man80


    My wife received a letter today from our doctors surgery, to inform her that the statin tablets she has to take forever, are to be changed for a cheaper alternative, but which will be just as effective. Is this more austerity measures? Paul
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