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Found 5 results

  1. MikM


    ​Hi. I ordered a sj4000 cam from CEX online. The sj4000 i ordered from the site description had a black face and stated wifi, i paid £28.00 with postage it was £29.50. The one i received had a silver face and no wifi also no sd card. I sent them an email and this is the reply. "I can surely understand your point of view as the picture uploaded for the item on our website does specify that the same is WiFi enabled. I, however, would like to let you know that the pictures uploaded on the website are for illustration purpose only and that we do not guarantee items as per the pictures uploaded on the website but as per the item's title and its description" I am confused is this right please advise. Thank you
  2. hi there ladies and gents , i recently purchased a 2nd hand 4 gig graphics card from cex in swansea for £150 , for my wifes birthday , she brought it home and then took her computer and her new graphics card to a local computer shop to have it installed correctly with in a couple of days , her power supply unit in her computer blew up , we took it back the computer shop and they did a test on it , found out it was the graphics card i bought from cex in swansea , the owner of the computer shop then suggested leaving the card with him so he can do a overnight test on it , to see if it did the same to his computers in his shop , we left it there for 2 days in that time , it had blown 2 of his power supply units to , he explained it was the graphics card at fault , we took it back to the shop in swansea , who then explained they would have to test it themselves , after 30 mins , the cex staff came back and told us everything was fine with it , and we were refused a refund , i explained that it was within 28 days and i was entitled to a refund under the "short time to reject" option ( consumer rights told me about that one) they blatantly refused a refund and told me if i wish to sell it back to them , they would offer me £60 , no matter how many times i explained that it was faulty he refused to accept that , i am now in the process of getting a letter written up by the computer repair shop with proof that it is faulty , is there a template available i can send to them demanding a refund , i have also put in for a chargeback on my card via my bank in regards to this as well , i just want to have all my bases covered when i go at them again , i was also informed by consumer rights that i could claim consequential losses in regards to having to replace the psu unit in my wifes computer as well because of this . any help would be appreciated badboy09
  3. Hi cag, 8th July 2016, I bought an iPhone 6 from CEX, after a few days it developed a fault, I took it back and on the 14th July they swapped it for another iPhone, ok, fine. However, the battery ran out of the new phone, and wouldn't charge up, I took that one back, after making me wait for 3 hours they replaced the battery. after a couple of weeks this new battery has been running out 3-4 times daily, it doesn't hold a charge overnight, and apparently thats not a valid reason for being late to work (no alarm) so, I took it back again, this time, a girl behind the counter but away from the public, who never engages with the public, "the supervisor", obviously hands out her dirty work to be implemented by the counter staff, sent a message, "the phone has a scratch on the corner of the glass face, we wouldn't have sold it like that, and so that invalidates the warranty, if you want a new battery you'll have to pay for it" ok, it does, I brushed against the wall on my in to my house, I remember it, and bought a heft case the next day. hm, I decided not to enter into a public argument with people who are obviously very used to that, the counter is not a service counter but appears to be the front line for battle with customers, I noticed several other unhappy folk there already arguing. How on earth does a little scratch affect the battery ? duh ! could anyone advise me of the best path forwards? I paid for it by credit card. thanks
  4. I received a voucher for CEX for Christmas and used it to purchase some games from CEX online. One of the games was a PC game, The Sims 4. When I tried to install it, an error message appeared saying the serial key had already been used, so I couldn't install the game. The game was £35 and I am unable to use it at all. I have emailed customer services and have had no reply, it's been almost a week now. I've googled this subject and I've seen that people have not had much luck getting refunds in this scenario. Surely they can't sell you a game that you can't use? If I knew anything like this would happen I would not have bought it. Does anyone know what the next step would be? I am not sure if I can take it to one of their high street stores as I bought it online.
  5. I'm having a problem with Cex online. I bought something from their website for over £100, and wanted to pay by Cex voucher. Their policy for this is - you make payment using Paypal or a card, then you have to post your voucher to them, and they will issue a refund to the card used for original payment to the value of the voucher/s. As soon as I'd received the item I sent off the voucher. A few days later I came to use the item, but it was faulty. I emailed Cex, and they replied saying to send the item back which I did. A few days later I received a Paypal refund for the full amount. Shortly after that, I emailed them to ask what was happening with the Cex voucher I sent to them, and they replied saying it had indeed been used as payment for the item ordered. So, I have now bought the item and paid by Cex voucher. They now owe me a refund for the faulty item in the form of a voucher. I've emailed them a few times trying to explain and ask when I'll receive my voucher refund, but they keep emailing back saying I've already had a refund back to my original payment method (Paypal). They don't seem to understand how their own system works. I think I will need to send them a letter to try to get the money back, and have drafted this... any thoughts?
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