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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, About 12 months ago my partner and I bought three ceiling lights from Dunelm and fitted them using the recommended bulbs. Over the past 12 months dark stains have appeared on our ceiling above each bulb. A sample light was sent back to Dunelm who investigated the issue with the supplier and eventually accepted liability, offering to pay to have our ceilings repainted. This is all great and we're happy with the service. We obtained quotes and sent a middle-of-the-road quote to Dunelm for approval, however they refuse to send me the money, instead insisting the money is paid directly to the decorator we contract to do the work. I have a few issues with this. It's not the decorator who has suffered a loss, we have, so why is not us who are compensated for an agreed sum? Second, I have never paid upfront for any work in the past, which appears to be what Dunelm expect me to do in effect. I guess my question is, is there any basis on which to insist it is me who is compensated, leaving me free to contract whomever I wish?
  2. I have artex ceiling throughout my house which I wanted to get smooth When the plasterer came around he said that he would simple apply bonding, then skim the ceiling to a smooth finish. I suggested that he reboard the ceiling and then skim, however he was adamant that just skimming would be fine 'as he does this all the time'. Well less than 24hrs after skimming my room, the entire ceiling collapsed (with my mother in the room) I immediately called the plasterer and he tried to sherk responsibility.. then begrudgingly stated that he will come around later to inspect the ceiling I found this guy on a website like check-a-trade and I paid him via cash (never again) I would like to cover all my bases, so I would like advice on what I should do in this situation He said that I can clean up the plaster, but I have left it on the floor as proof and am I right in saying that he should be responsible for the clean up?
  3. So, I've noticed my black glass table has been covered in white flakes or whatever, Anyway, I'm hardly in the flat at the moment because I'm in the process of moving in. Anyway I've came to the conclusion that the up stairs flat must be jumping that hard on the floor it's caused damage to my ceiling... I've got some pictures for anyone who might be able to offer advice, I have a good mind to go to the council office on Monday. Clearly just using the place as a party flat or something. Thanks
  4. Visited a retail store today used toilet facilties. See pictures. When you got to go you got to go. Spend 90 minutes in store getting accident form recorded as 'water and foreign body has fallen from hole in ceiling hit him on head'. Action taken toilet closed. Environmental officer was phoned and has closed the toilet until tiles repaired stores retail risk and complience team have been in touch. No first aider was offered. While complaining manager threatened to phone police for harrasment until I phoned head office. Accident happened at midday, environment officer has confirmed fault with tiles was reported three hours later. When he arrive the sanitary bin had been removed and also the company were unable to provide water test logs. Stores defence we checked the toilets an hour before the tiles must have been stolen by customer. Where do I stand???
  5. Hi I own a flat that I rent out. It's the top floor in a tenement building and I pay factors to maintain the communal areas. I also having building insurance through the factors but leave the tenants to obtain their own contents insurance. Over the last few years I have been informed by the tenants that there was water coming through the ceiling. This has happened several times. The factors have fixed the roof (usually telling me there has been a dislodged tile). There has been damage to the ceiling and the most recent occasion has left the kitchen ceiling in a bit of a mess. The factors say that this is not covered by my buildings insurance as this only covers storm damage. I have asked for a list of how many repairs have been done to the roof recently and they sent me a list of 8 repairs which have been done since August 09. My question is: Should I repair the ceiling (I have new tenants moving in next month), or can I ask the factors to take more action? Given the frequency of the roof problems I could be paying for repairs continually over the next few years while the factors take no responsibility. I have asked the factors if they believe the roof is fit for purpose and they have said 'well it's over 30 years old'. They have offered to ask the other flat owners if they would be willing to share the repair bill for my ceiling (not holding out much hope for that one) or share the cost of re-roofing the whole property (which will be very expensive). Is there any other course of action I should be considering? Thanks for your help.
  6. I own a flat which is tenanted. My tenant contacted me four days ago to say there was water dripping through the lounge ceiling. He had contacted the management agents three times during that day and they only contacted maintenance people at the end of the day. I contacted the landlord of the flat saying that would really appreciate his intervention especially as the obvious remedy was to turn off the water at source! Basically the apathy of the landlord, incompetence of managing agents, unavailability of maintenance has led to this problem continuing depsite daily phone calls, emails to try and get this sorted. the problem getting progressively worse. Finally tis morning a plumber turned up at my flat looked at the ceiling and said - "Looks like the bath!” and there were we thinking it must be the TV! Anyway - currently there is water staining on the ceiling and te potential for theceiling to collapse - does anyone have opinion on who is culpable for repair/decoration? I shoudl say that last year another leak led to another portion of our ceiling collapsing leaving me with (uninsurable) relocation costs for my then tenants who I could not see stay there while repairs took place and insurance excess etc etc. all in all that cost me a fortune I dont see why I should have to take all the pain/workload for something that is wholly originated by the flat upstairs. the landlord upstairs obviously couldnt care less. The flat upstiars is currently untenanted btw. Thanks in advance GIB
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