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Found 19 results

  1. I received a ccj through the post which looked like it had originally been sent to my old address then amended and sent to my current address. I checked my credit report and turns out I have 3 at old addresses. I missed the 30 day deadline to pay them due to going to the wrong addresses but don’t have the money to pay them anyway. They are 1. Lowell’s £241 for a H&M account 2. Lowell’s £549 for a credit card 3. BW legal £414 pay day loan -i took out for partner but he never paid they we’re all due to be statute barred this year accord to my credit report. ive
  2. Dear members, I received 3 x CCJs last year to do with Private parking firms but every time came across them well on time with help of my credit score agency and decided to pay up in full within 1 month of judgement date. Just checked for any judgements for peace of mind by paying up for a report via https://www.rtlproduction.com/search.aspx and report says "Nothing Registered" Question is - I've been offered a job which needs an external company to carry on pre employment checks and one of the questions on the form is "Have you ever had civil proceedings taken agains
  3. Hi guys I'm new here & after advice, hope this is in the right place. My husband has quite a lot of debts, he was on a DMP with stepchange until the end of 2015 when he lost his job & put it on hold we moved house a month later & although I think he informed stepchange he didn't inform the creditors He's had a few letters here at the new address & has just recently got a ccj, sent admittance form, offer of £50 was rejected court decided the amount £78 per month, which he will pay, last night I checked his credit file with noddle & was sh
  4. Hi I've just had a sar back from my Morgage company and in the body is a experian credit report dated 2006. In that I have come across 6 ccjs dated from 2001 until 2005 all for amounts from £100 up to £1000 and then one for just under £6000. I have not been contacted by these company's requesting money. There is nothing on the registry trust showing these. What should I do? Or is there any point looking into these further as to set aside would cost a lot of money for each one especially as the balance on 3 are under £250. They have a line through them could the remor
  5. Hi there I live in England and need to take the Bank of Scotland to Court for a Money Claim of around £35K; I put in my claim to the CCMCC and the forms have been returned stating that I need to accompany the Claim Form with Form N510. The form can be ticked in about 8 different places, but you can only tick 1 ! I've tried understanding which one to tick, but some are REALLY similar. Could someone please tell me which one? Many thanks
  6. Not sure where to start with this...but am in the process of getting my affairs in order. I am awaiting various SAR replies, CCA replies, some PPI claims and at some point some charges claims. I am trying to do things in a sensible order now rather than going off half-cocked! Had some very useful advice from DX that made me look at things in a different way but moving on from that i'm trying to consider some of the next moves I may need make, and i'm trying to get my head around what the law says. Firstly I should point out currently my debts are being managed throu
  7. Just as I thought we were getting on top of things notice of an Interim Charging Order arrived followed shortly by a notice from the Land Registry. It appears Mrs Spoon has been struggling (on her own) with nearly £18,000 of store and credit card debt and is now quite unwell. It is only because we have a joint mortgage that I became aware of the tip of the iceberg - now the rest has become clear. There are two CCJs (by default) against her and Restons have secured the interim charging order. I understand that this can only be a restriction as long as I don't agree. We
  8. Hi, I was looking for some advice on what to do with my Egg card. The agreement can be found by clicking the link below. Due to my lack of income my current status with this card is that Ive been on a payment plan for 6 months with them. This ended 2 months ago and since then Ive paid token payments totalling £26. They are hounding me now wanting payment, which I just havent got so what do I do? I know there's a case going through regarding Egg and this 'approved limit' statement but is there anything I can send them in the meantime? All advice woul
  9. I was made bankrupt in 2008 & am cleaning up my credit file - there are a number of CCJs which do not show as satisfied despite the subject of the CCJ being satisfied on my credit agreements file - can I get the court to mark them as satisfied by my bankruptcy?
  10. Hi, I left the UK in 2007 to live abroad. Whilst away our house was repossessed (Tenants not paying rent - I couldn't afford mortgage) and a CCJ was issued. Two further CCJs were issued, one for non-payment of a credit card and the third from "MAYORS & CITY," which I do not know what it is for. I only know about the CCJs from viewing my credit report - I do not have any paperwork or court documents. After 6 1/2 years I am now planning to return to the UK. The CCJs are dated between Mid '09 to Mid '10. There are credit agreements in default on my file dated between 2008 and
  11. Hello first post and was hoping for some advice. I left the UK a few years ago and left some CC debts and unsecured loans, I continued to pay my debts until I could not afford to pay them any longer, at which point I stopped paying. The usual letters and threats came but these were just ignored. However a few companies have successfully filled CCJ’s as I still have a property in my name albeit in negative equity, I have until now just ignored these and was intending once they were out of time, to just have the whole lot set aside, as I was not a UK resident when the court issued the
  12. I got a letter today from a Student Loans company demanding a little under £5,000. (This isn't the normal Student Loans Company but a company that buys Student Loans.) I have 3 pre 1998 Student Loans (old-style loans). After I left Uni I deferred for a year or two but then I got ill (mental health issues) and even though I wasn't earning anything/enough to pay back the loans I stopped deferring them. I got letters for a while which I ignored and after a while I even stopped opening letters that looked like bills/debt letters etc. After a while the letters stopped coming and
  13. If you plan to declare yourself in some months, and have 4 credit cards you have been paying the minimum payment for every month. But your expenditure has increases, and you have no disposible income int he bank account, which was paying the 4 credit card minimum payments, so for the next 2-3 months you wont be able to pay off your credit card minimum payments. (due to lack of funds) and in month 2-3 you will consider declaring yourself bankrupt so you are leading up to an ongoing problem of debt, that you cannot repay, you have no money from your expenditure to pay t
  14. First of all I'd like to say sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place. I'm a little simple and really need some help. I have today received a CCJ (one sheet letter from Northhampt county court) Apparently I was supposed to have recieved a form to send back to them Which I don't at all remember getting apparantly is a blue? Form? I don't remember receiving any blue mail... So the court has ordered that I pay my creditor £650 "forthwith" Which from what I can gather means..like now. Or well that I have 30 days to pay the lump sum. I really want to pay this debt but I
  15. Hi All, I had a CCJ against me from while a go. Can someone please advise when it comes off my credit file and public record? Is it from the date or the settlement date? Thank you very much. This is from Credit Expert
  16. could anyone help with 30 year old ccj,ive bin told i was issued one in 1983,i learnt of it today,i cannot remember this old debt & im not sure what to do,i must admit im a bit scared.
  17. Noddle are showing satisfied CCJs as a separate entry from the original CCJ making it look as if there are lots of CCJs - is this legitimate ?
  18. Hi folks, I have my final CO hearing on 10th Sept so need to post off my defence by tomorrow latest. I know I've left it late. But really need you guys help to understand a key point for my defence. The basic facts: - £15K CCJ for Director's Guarantee, major high street bank. - Defendents are myself, my wife + another director we're not in contact with Here is a timeline of events since the judgement. 1st March 2012: Judgement forthwith in favour of claimant in claimants local county court. 23rd March 2012: My wife and I each file an n245 applying to vary the order,
  19. I have recently started paying off my debts and noticed on my credit report that i have had two ccjs. After paying around 90% of the debt off i would like to know how to get the ccjs marked as satisfied on my credit report. The first two debts i paid were the ones marked as ccjs and the DCA marked my report with satidfied on both accounts but the ccjs remain unchanged. Any info on how to get this sorted would be great, hope i have explained myself correctly
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