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Found 18 results

  1. I received a ccj through the post which looked like it had originally been sent to my old address then amended and sent to my current address. I checked my credit report and turns out I have 3 at old addresses. I missed the 30 day deadline to pay them due to going to the wrong addresses but don’t have the money to pay them anyway. They are 1. Lowell’s £241 for a H&M account 2. Lowell’s £549 for a credit card 3. BW legal £414 pay day loan -i took out for partner but he never paid they we’re all due to be statute barred this year accord to my credit report. ive lived at my current address 18 months and on the electoral roll since day one. Two ccjs went to my last registered address which I left in 2016 and one went to the address before that which I left in 2012. 2016 I moved into a woman’s refuge due to domestic abuse inc financial abuse where my partner would give me “pocket money” and clearly hid letters about debts as he’d told me he’d paid them! He even lied to hmrc about his income causing an over payment that I now have to pay back! I haven’t worked since 2013 as had to stay home with the kids while he worked and since being on my own childcare proved to expensive to go back to work. I called step change and they’ve said to offer a token £1 payment using form N245 as my income is -£250 a month so I don’t have the money to pay the ccjs. i was thinking a DRO might be better as I have other debts on my credit file too including another pay day loan coming up for statute barred so they’re likely to apply for another ccj. i really don’t want bailiffs turning up
  2. Hi guys I'm new here & after advice, hope this is in the right place. My husband has quite a lot of debts, he was on a DMP with stepchange until the end of 2015 when he lost his job & put it on hold we moved house a month later & although I think he informed stepchange he didn't inform the creditors He's had a few letters here at the new address & has just recently got a ccj, sent admittance form, offer of £50 was rejected court decided the amount £78 per month, which he will pay, last night I checked his credit file with noddle & was shocked to see 2 active ccjs, one from October 2016 the other September last year, our old address is on them & we had no idea about them as the letters were obviously sent there, the creditors oddly on the page where it says the debts are defaulted states our new address though, one debt is £7500 Barclaycard originally & the other i think is originally Halifax for an overdraft of £4400. I'm worried sick & don't know what to do, it's bailiffs that are worrying me the most . Can anyone advise what we do next please Thanks in advance
  3. Hi I've just had a sar back from my Morgage company and in the body is a experian credit report dated 2006. In that I have come across 6 ccjs dated from 2001 until 2005 all for amounts from £100 up to £1000 and then one for just under £6000. I have not been contacted by these company's requesting money. There is nothing on the registry trust showing these. What should I do? Or is there any point looking into these further as to set aside would cost a lot of money for each one especially as the balance on 3 are under £250. They have a line through them could the remortgage have paid them off?
  4. Hi there I live in England and need to take the Bank of Scotland to Court for a Money Claim of around £35K; I put in my claim to the CCMCC and the forms have been returned stating that I need to accompany the Claim Form with Form N510. The form can be ticked in about 8 different places, but you can only tick 1 ! I've tried understanding which one to tick, but some are REALLY similar. Could someone please tell me which one? Many thanks
  5. Not sure where to start with this...but am in the process of getting my affairs in order. I am awaiting various SAR replies, CCA replies, some PPI claims and at some point some charges claims. I am trying to do things in a sensible order now rather than going off half-cocked! Had some very useful advice from DX that made me look at things in a different way but moving on from that i'm trying to consider some of the next moves I may need make, and i'm trying to get my head around what the law says. Firstly I should point out currently my debts are being managed through the CCCs and I have one CCJ i will be paying for a VERY long time. This CCJ also carries a Charging order on my property - but i'm staying put so no worries there! Most of my defaults are three or so years old and I am paying nominal amounts on them. I suspect of the three non-ccj debts that have been sold on two of them will not be able to provide a valid CCA. One of these debts for some reason doesn't have a default against it but shows as an arrangement to pay on my credit file every month. Is this allowed/legal/acceptable as they bought it with this arrangement in place? I've seen estoppel mentioned but I don't know if it applies to me? If i understand things correctly this DCA can register a default on my account if i were to stop paying - and this will be the case until such time as i have paid this debt in full or come to a full and final figure? With regards to the other debts if i just pay for the next three years and then stop on the basis for example that the debt is unenforceable i cannot be punished on a CRA by any means ie second defaults can't be registered, i cannot be taken to court, etc as i will have already had the default registered on the account. Hope this is making sense. Would welcome any input - especially on the legal side of things. Hx
  6. Just as I thought we were getting on top of things notice of an Interim Charging Order arrived followed shortly by a notice from the Land Registry. It appears Mrs Spoon has been struggling (on her own) with nearly £18,000 of store and credit card debt and is now quite unwell. It is only because we have a joint mortgage that I became aware of the tip of the iceberg - now the rest has become clear. There are two CCJs (by default) against her and Restons have secured the interim charging order. I understand that this can only be a restriction as long as I don't agree. We don't intend to sell the house so what does that mean to us and to to Restons (John Lewis)? I'm wading through the paperwork, and need to contact all the account holders to make arrangements to pay. My questions are: 1) Is there any benefit to trying stop the charging order/restriction at the court hearing in January? Is there any benefit to making an offer to start payments? I'm not anticipating any seasonal charity from Restons, just a reason for them to stop. 2) Now I've collated the debt I am thinking that we assess what we can afford to pay back monthly, and propose a proportionate repayment by ratio according to the amount owed. Is that the way forward? 3) Obviously I'm going to help financially, but by getting involved am I going to become vicariously liable for these debts? 4) How should the approach be made to the creditors - is there a form of words? Thank you so much for your consideration. Mr Spoon
  7. Hi, I was looking for some advice on what to do with my Egg card. The agreement can be found by clicking the link below. Due to my lack of income my current status with this card is that Ive been on a payment plan for 6 months with them. This ended 2 months ago and since then Ive paid token payments totalling £26. They are hounding me now wanting payment, which I just havent got so what do I do? I know there's a case going through regarding Egg and this 'approved limit' statement but is there anything I can send them in the meantime? All advice would be greatly received. Regards Egg CCA pictures by musicronny - Photobucket
  8. I was made bankrupt in 2008 & am cleaning up my credit file - there are a number of CCJs which do not show as satisfied despite the subject of the CCJ being satisfied on my credit agreements file - can I get the court to mark them as satisfied by my bankruptcy?
  9. Hi, I left the UK in 2007 to live abroad. Whilst away our house was repossessed (Tenants not paying rent - I couldn't afford mortgage) and a CCJ was issued. Two further CCJs were issued, one for non-payment of a credit card and the third from "MAYORS & CITY," which I do not know what it is for. I only know about the CCJs from viewing my credit report - I do not have any paperwork or court documents. After 6 1/2 years I am now planning to return to the UK. The CCJs are dated between Mid '09 to Mid '10. There are credit agreements in default on my file dated between 2008 and 2009. I understand that the default accounts will "Drop off," the report as they hit 6 yrs and the CCJs will be un-enforceable and leave the report once they hit 6 years old. I haven't had any contact with the creditors or the courts whilst I have been abroad. I am not on the UK electoral role. I plan to rent a property, can I put this under a parent's name as "Furnished," so on paper I do not own any of the property contents? I will not pass a credit check in the UK so can not rent a property in my name anyway. I will also drive a car owned by a parent. I do not plan to attempt any credit applications. Is there anything else that I need to consider to ensure that I remain "Under the radar," on my return to the UK for the next couple of years until the debts are all barred by statute?
  10. Hello first post and was hoping for some advice. I left the UK a few years ago and left some CC debts and unsecured loans, I continued to pay my debts until I could not afford to pay them any longer, at which point I stopped paying. The usual letters and threats came but these were just ignored. However a few companies have successfully filled CCJ’s as I still have a property in my name albeit in negative equity, I have until now just ignored these and was intending once they were out of time, to just have the whole lot set aside, as I was not a UK resident when the court issued the CCJ’s. The issue I have and why I'm writing is that after doing a little research it appears that the next course of action will be for the bailiffs to attend my address and seize good, etc. I'm not in the country but I don't want my tenants hassled and wanted advice as to how I was best to proceed if/when the inevitable happens. I obviously don't want to make any contact with these companies as I don't want to “reset the clock” so to speak. My initial thought was to just have the tenant inform the bailiffs that they are not me and then just to point blank refuse any further details unless a court orders them to? I could also try and have the CCJ’s set aside, but I believe that I would then have to supply the creditors and the courts with my current address and don't really want to do that either. I am hoping that someone will have the answer as to the best way to proceed, in these particular circumstances, as I have never dealt with bailiffs before. Thanks in advance sunseaker
  11. I got a letter today from a Student Loans company demanding a little under £5,000. (This isn't the normal Student Loans Company but a company that buys Student Loans.) I have 3 pre 1998 Student Loans (old-style loans). After I left Uni I deferred for a year or two but then I got ill (mental health issues) and even though I wasn't earning anything/enough to pay back the loans I stopped deferring them. I got letters for a while which I ignored and after a while I even stopped opening letters that looked like bills/debt letters etc. After a while the letters stopped coming and I haven't heard anything about student loans for years and years. (Although not totally better I am recovering slowly and do now open my post!) As I haven't ever paid this debt and haven't acknowledged it for 6+ years I was going to use the Limitations Act to say they were Statute Barred. However I was searching a pile of old unopened post today to try and find more details about my student loans as the reference number on the letter is not a student loan number. I did eventually find some student loan paperwork and the 3 loan numbers I have are all different to the referance number on the letter, but the amount seems about right if you added them altogether and added some costs on. while doing this I came across a CCJ for my student loans that was decided in their favour by default as I didn't respond to the claim. This CCJ is dated 2001. I did not know I had this CCJ until today. The amount on the CCJ is about £500 less than what they are now asking for. They have not enforced this CCJ. I have never had bailiffs come round. I have only lived here and at my parents house since leaving Uni, so it's not like they couldn't find me. Now I'm not sure what to do. I can't use the statute barred route because of the CCJ. (Kind of wish I'd never found the CCJ letter - the CCJ does not appear on my credit report, so if I hadn't found the letter I wouldn't have known about it). However from reading forums online/calling helplines I have discovered that CCJ's that are over 6 years old cannot be enforced unless they go back to court again. The general consensus seems to be that courts rarely let them renew the CCJ as they should have enforced it sooner. Some forums advise asking for a copy of the original CCJ, then if they cannot provide this, they say you can the go down the Statute Barred/Limitations act route as when you do this the creditor has to prove that there's been a CCJ & been payment/acknowledgement, and as they can't do that the debt then cannot be enforced. If this is true please could someone talk me through how to do it? Doesn't asking for an original CCJ document prove that you know there was a CCJ destroying the whole statute barred argument? Or can I just request all documentation - would the CCJ be included in this? Other places advise that I should just write saying I do not acknowledge the debt and accept no liability for it and therefore won't be paying it, then wait and see what happens. Other advice was just wait till the bailiffs come, don't let them in (advisor said they have no right to come in), and then apply to court to vary the CCJ to an amount that I can afford. (They said I shouldn't do this yet, as I might end up paying money I don't have to. This is because when they apply to renew the CCJ they might be turned down). How can I tell if they have been back to court to get the CCJ renewed? Are they allowed to chase me now if they haven't already got the CCJ renewed? Would I be told if they were planning to go to court to renew the CCJ, in which case could I defend myself from it? Sorry it's such a long post, but I think that explains everything. Hope it all makes sense. I'm really confused and very stressed about this. Please can someone help me with this and advise what I should do and if possible point me in the direction of sample letters? Thank you very much
  12. If you plan to declare yourself in some months, and have 4 credit cards you have been paying the minimum payment for every month. But your expenditure has increases, and you have no disposible income int he bank account, which was paying the 4 credit card minimum payments, so for the next 2-3 months you wont be able to pay off your credit card minimum payments. (due to lack of funds) and in month 2-3 you will consider declaring yourself bankrupt so you are leading up to an ongoing problem of debt, that you cannot repay, you have no money from your expenditure to pay these credit cards, you have no disposable income left, as it is all spent on your daily/weekly expenses so as a result of this you have no money in your bank account wot pay the 4 direct debits, then them credit cards will not be paid. (There is also a loan aswell, which is with a bank), and all credit card are popular high street banks. Basically you will Not be paying your minimum payments to your credit cards, due to lack of funds, for 2-3 months, so what would happen? What would happen then, within them 3 months? - as a worse case scenario ? a) from the credit card companies point of view? b) from the bank/bank accounts point of view, where the direct debits are coming out from? (eg, additional charges, letters etc) c) From your credit files point of view (which is already negative and damaged ) d) The OR meeting, what would he ask? or just he would see that you are getting more and more into debt, and can't pay your cards, (as expenditure proof will be given) - what would be the worse case scenario with their meeting? if any ? e) Would CCJ's occour? f) How many months worth - would they consider using CCJs against the debt? Why considering BR in 3 months? they are looking at Debt management companies, and have had some unexpected personal family problems. but were just wondering the worse case scenario for NOT paying your debts for a 3-4 month period, what would be the worse that would happen to you, your credit file, your debtors, your meeting with the OR when that happens) --------------------------- Here it is in another simpler form: If considering bankruptcy in a few months, and currently you are in credit card debt, and loan debt (paying the minimum payment every month) but 2-3 months coming up towards the time you will consider declaring yourself bankrupt you 'dont' pay any minimum payments to them 4 credit cards, and loads as you don't have the funds for them payments (due to your expenditure increassing) then within them 2-3 months (now until 2-3 months in the future) ...what is the worse case scenario that will happen? as you will be Missing your minimum payments to your credit cards + loan for months(as you have insufficient funds in your bank account) so your minimum payments of the 4 credit cards will NOT be paid... so asking within them 2-3 months would could happen to you/your credit/ your credit file etc? (eg letters could be sent to you ) --------------------------- What would happen then, within them 3 months? - as a worse case scenario ? a) from the credit card companies point of view? b) from the bank/bank accounts point of view, where the direct debits are coming out from? (eg, additional charges, letters etc) c) From your credit files point of view (which is already negative and damaged ) d) The OR meeting, what would he ask? or just he would see that you are getting more and more into debt, and can't pay your cards, (as expenditure proof will be given) - what would be the worse case scenario with their meeting? if any ? e) Would CCJ's occour? f) How many months worth - would they consider using CCJs against the debt?
  13. First of all I'd like to say sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place. I'm a little simple and really need some help. I have today received a CCJ (one sheet letter from Northhampt county court) Apparently I was supposed to have recieved a form to send back to them Which I don't at all remember getting apparantly is a blue? Form? I don't remember receiving any blue mail... So the court has ordered that I pay my creditor £650 "forthwith" Which from what I can gather means..like now. Or well that I have 30 days to pay the lump sum. I really want to pay this debt but I don't have that sort of cash. Who would I contact about making an arrangement to pay in installments? There are 3 people stated on my CCJ The County Court (obviously) Homebase card services ( original creditors) Aplins solicitors (these are in the "make payments to" box on CCJ) I just really need some advice you guys, if they try and take all my pennies or send bailiffs round, I'll freak out and not in a fun, disco dancin' way but a severe mental health issues way. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps
  14. Hi All, I had a CCJ against me from while a go. Can someone please advise when it comes off my credit file and public record? Is it from the date or the settlement date? Thank you very much. This is from Credit Expert
  15. could anyone help with 30 year old ccj,ive bin told i was issued one in 1983,i learnt of it today,i cannot remember this old debt & im not sure what to do,i must admit im a bit scared.
  16. Noddle are showing satisfied CCJs as a separate entry from the original CCJ making it look as if there are lots of CCJs - is this legitimate ?
  17. Hi folks, I have my final CO hearing on 10th Sept so need to post off my defence by tomorrow latest. I know I've left it late. But really need you guys help to understand a key point for my defence. The basic facts: - £15K CCJ for Director's Guarantee, major high street bank. - Defendents are myself, my wife + another director we're not in contact with Here is a timeline of events since the judgement. 1st March 2012: Judgement forthwith in favour of claimant in claimants local county court. 23rd March 2012: My wife and I each file an n245 applying to vary the order, offering £1 each (genuinely can't pay more, many creditors, I&E attached) 4th May 2012: Notice of transfer of Proceedings received from claimant's local court. Transferring to our local court "to give consideration to the Defendants' applications to vary the order/judgement". 9th May 2012: General form of Judgement or Order received from our local court, advising a hearing scheduled 11th June 2012. States our application to vary will be heard at the same time as the Charging Order, and the Interim Charging order to continue in the meantime. This is the very first we hear of an ICO. 31st May 2012: Notice of Hearing received for a "Redetermination Hearing" to take place on 16th July 2012. 10thJune 2012: I phone court asking for clarification on hearing dates. They tell me it's a good job I phoned as the 11th June hearing is cancelled. No reason given. 4th July 2012: General form of Judgement or Order received from our local court, advising that "upon reading a letter from the Claimants' solicitor", the 16th July hearing vacated, and a new hearing assigned for 10th September 2012. 9th July 2012: Letter and pack received from Claimants' sols with a copy of the original ICO from our local court dated 18the June, which we never received at the time. Says that the judge considered the Claimants' application on the 11th June, and that final CO hearing was scheduled for 16th July (now vacated, see above). Also enclosed is a copy of the Claimant's application for the CO, which is signed and dated by the claimant on 23rd May. Includes Shcedule of Creditors to be heard, and copy of Land Registry Register dated 21st May 2012. I'm going to write a defence to send off tomorrow morning Recorded. It will just get there in time on Monday to be 7 days before the 10th Sept hearing. I've spent several hours on here familiarising myself with the arguments to use e.g. prejudice to other creditors, we're in negative equity, etc. HOWEVER, here's what I don't understand which I really hope someone here can explain to me. We submitted our application to vary on the 23rd March 2012. We clearly submitted it BEFORE they applied for the CO. However, according to what we received 9th May, the final CO and our application to vary will be heard at the same time. So can I argue that our application should be heard first, the court should vary the CCJ so we can pay by instalments, and the claimant should only be allowed CO if we default on instalments? Also, the Claimant applied for the CO on 23rd May, and the court considered their application on 11th June. So how come the Order we received dated 9th May mentions the CO, if the Claimant hadn't even submitted the application by then? Could there be anything fishy going on there?
  18. I have recently started paying off my debts and noticed on my credit report that i have had two ccjs. After paying around 90% of the debt off i would like to know how to get the ccjs marked as satisfied on my credit report. The first two debts i paid were the ones marked as ccjs and the DCA marked my report with satidfied on both accounts but the ccjs remain unchanged. Any info on how to get this sorted would be great, hope i have explained myself correctly
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