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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I hope I'm posting this in the correct place! I have almost finished settling all my debts with f&f settlements with thanks to all the advice I found on here but i have 2 issues remaining; - I offered Link financial a f&f for an old barclaycard. The amount outstanding is £1440 & I offered £734 They have declined this offer and said the least they are willing to accept is £1295! I have since requested a CCA which they have just written back to me to say they can't locate, therefore the debt is unenforceable. Should I offer a small amount to settle this debt as it hasn't currently defaulted on my credit report even though I have been in a DMP for 5 years (which I have now closed) -My second Issue is a Tesco loan which has been sold on to Intrum. I offered £5,404 on a £10,665 loan which was declined. They have since provided a CCA therefore the debt seems enforceable. This account defaulted February 2012 therefore is now not on my credit report. I am now in the process of offering £7,000 but really can't afford anymore than that. What are my best options for the above please, any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello I requested a CCA with £1...( they received it in December 2013) to a debt company they purchased the credit card debt from the previous company. After much waiting they finally posted it in April of this year. More than 12 working days after my request....more like several months! Somebody told me waiting this long is wrong? Furthermore as I have seen they have failed to provide a decent copy of the sign agreement. The copy has been minimised on the A4 paper and I can't read the words or who signed it. I am interested to know how much PPI i paid on this. Furthermore they provided bank statements on a plain piece of paper with no headings as to who the credit card company is. Any advice would be great thanks
  3. Hi all, I have been having an ongoing saga capquest and I was hoping one of you knowledgeable people could advise on the best course of action going forward. I sent a the standard CCA request letter from the templates here on GAG over 3 weeks ago and have not received the information requested, They have though sent a letter asking for an extra 28 days with which to comply with my request, this request is of course worded in very reasonable language. Should I send the CCA default follow up letter with out further delay or simple wait to see what they dredge up eventually, I would be quite content to drag it out as this debt will be stat barred in about another 3 months! Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks le_bonn
  4. Good morning everyone. I have just received a large envelope from 1st. It contained a large bundle of photocopied statements which, apart from having no OC markings on it appear ok. However, there is no corresponding credit aggreement (signed, recon or not), no terms and conditions and no details with regards to interest rates. There are, inevitably, PPI charges and corresponding interest charges (charges I have not yet reclaimed). Do I send a letter asking for the T & C's and aggreement? Is this a sudfficient reply from the DCA? I do not wish to evade the debt, my main aim is to be armed with enough knowledge so as to have my very small payment accepted and that the DCA does not progress the litigation issue (bankruptcy etc). I would be extemely grateful for any help and guidance. Thanks in advance
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