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  1. Hi, I was coming back home today on the tube and I got stopped as I tapped out. The light flashed on the barrier and in front of me was an inspector who asked me to show the oyster and photo card. I was actually using somebody else's nominee pass and didn't have the photo card with me. I told the inspector that straight away. He took me to the side and pulled out his black notebook and started writing. He told me I wasn't getting prosecuted and he only wanted to ask a few questions. This is when I began to panic a bit. I told him that the nominee card was hardly being used and I picked it up this morning to use it. I also had the intention of transferring the card on to my name because I would make a lot more use out of it than by brother but I know the process takes a while so I just took the card today to use it. He asked me for my details and then called somebody up to verify that it wasn't fake. He asked why I was using it and I said to save money and that I knew I wasn't supposed to be using the card. admitting that I'm guilty. I signed the notebook. He told me that I should wait for a letter from TFL which will tell me how to proceed. I had no idea that I could be charged with a criminal offence!! I'm just sitting and wondering what on earth I should do.. Also - just to add, today was the first time I had used the card in a few weeks. Prior to today, I had used the card about 3 or 4 times for the same journey route as today. The inspector asked me which station I was coming from and noted it down. I need to settle outside of court because my job requires DBS clearance and there is absolutely no way I can afford to get a criminal record. Does offering more money than they want in court increase chances of getting OOC? Thanks in advance. I really really regret using it for the sake of saving like £10
  2. Hiya all I’m Applepie123 I’m only 16 and I went into Superdrug and wanted to just take an eye brow pencil as I had lost the one I had ACTUALLY bought so I thought I’d just take it out the box and leave the box with the barcode. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that a man was watching and if I’m being honest I didn’t care because he looked as though he was part of the general public. So I carried on and walked out the shop. As I was waiting for a friend I decided to stand by the side of the shop (which wasn’t smart) and there the man came and showed me some badge and said “can u follow me to the back of the shop miss” i didn’t want to cry so I become a bit giggly and he thought as though I wasn’t taking it seriously . He was quite rude, which in a way he kinda had right to. He asked me to hand it over and showed me the box I had left by the side. It was him and a Superdrug worker. He then asked me what my name was and my address and if I had ID to verify it. I didn’t. Then he stated that he’d have to call the police then to verify it or speak with my mother. I definitely wasn’t going to let him speak with my mother so I showed him my card which verified my name, I gave him my date of birth, my mothers name but the wrong number for my mothers telephone. He told me I’m banned from that Superdrug and many other shops in town for the next 12 months and shouldn’t be surprised if I’m caught in one and kicked out. He thrn said that I’ll receive a letter to my house stating the cost of my fine he said it could be £80, £100, which I wasn’t happy about, as he left the price unclear. Then he said u can pay it all at once or in instalments. He then took a picture of me, wrote what I was wearing, my height and made me sign a document, but also gave me some sheets to take. He escorted me out the shop , and at that point I felt so humiliated and embarrassed . I do regret doing it considering it was only £2.40 and I will never do it again. But it I was wondering if you could help me with the following 1)who will the letter come addressed to and how long does it usually take to come ?(as I don’t want my mom to see it) 2)does it state every little detail about the crime or does it just generalise it? E.g “your daughter has been caught stealing” 3)how do they calculate the fine and if anyone knows roughly how much I may have to pay? And is it worth me paying it or just ignoring it, because I feel if I just pay for it they will leave me alone and I’ll be done with it and won’t have to worry.
  3. Hi everyone, I've been reading a few threads on here about trying to minimise/avoid court proceedings for my case... I didn't know the severity of what I've done until it was too late unfortunately. Some background on the case, I was caught a few days ago using a nominee's pass at Z1/2 border station. When the revenue inspector approached and asked to see my ticket, I naturally panicked and presented another oyster card with little value (mistake) on it as I recently used majority of the value over the weekend and didn't top up. He then asked to see the photocard which at that point I showed him He asked 'who does it belong to?", it was my partner's and asked "does she know you're using it?' which I replied 'No, I took it without her permission". He then asked a few more questions like what is my occupation and it lasted for about 30 minutes which at that point he didn't say I would be fined but a person from TFL will contact you. He read me the rights that I don't have to be here but anything I say or don't say may be used later in court. At that point I was panicking so I asked him if there was another way to settle this with him on the spot. The truth is that I have used it quite frequently but I have also used my standard blue oyster card on the odd day but not as the nominee pass. I have previously purchased annual travelcards on my card but since it expired I took the card to use instead. I have been issued a standard penalty fine before for not having a valid oyster card but that was settled immediately but I haven't had any court proceedings or records before, so like majority of people here I am a bit nervous about the situation. I really just want advice and ask, do you think I should openly admit that I have used it on more than one occasion and be totally transparent and apologise? Obviously I don't want to lie to them and say it wasn't my only time using it as it's clear they'll get the historical data if they really wanted to. I'm currently drafting the first paragraph to apologise but want to know if being transparent will only dig the hole deeper. Many thanks
  4. Hi to all! I have read some very helpful advices from the similar story thread like mine. I am wondering if anyone could ever help me as well with my situation This Saturday, when I was about to go to London to visit my 90 year old friend ( more like my second Father). I was so stress because I have not sleep that much for the whole week and stress out because my son who is 8 months old has been having temperature the whole week. all set...my husband told me to take his ticket. At first I said no but because I was rushing I just took the travel ticket in the end. Off I go to the station rushing to catch the train. When I got into the train the first thing I did was writing the things I have to do for the coming week. Booking my son's GP appointment, view my son's nursery, contact my manager about my maternity leave. And everything else. Then the inspector asked for my ticket. I was so stupid to gave her my husband's ticket thinking it was mine. So the inspector asked for my Ticket ID and obviously it won't match. When she asked me about my ticket and me thinking not to put my husbands into trouble, I said that I have my own weekly travel card and that card was beside my Husband's travel card and mistakenly took his instead of mine. But none of them was true, I just made it up because I do not know what to do and people are looking at me like a criminal. I have been in this country for 10 years and never been in this situation. When the inspector asked me about my reasons, I said I was on a rushed and I do not intend to take my husband's ticket. Which is true apart from the sentence when I said I have my own travel ticket. My husband went to the ticket office on Potters bar (GreatNorthern Railway) to ask if he could ever get his card back. But they didn't give it back instead he paid for another £300 for his travel card. They also asked for the reason about his ticket and all he said is that " My wife took my travel card by mistake and by the time she was on a train the ticket inspector took the travel card". It is indeed a mistake to take his travel card in the first place. I have called the customer service today asking what shall I do. But they cannot give me a straight answer. I am applying for my license and I do not want any records just because of my stupidity. I am so stress right now and I have no idea when the letter is coming so that i will know what to do next. I have read some thread here with a great result and I am hoping mine would be the same. I do not know if they will I prove to them that it is not my intention to use my husbands travel card. It was just a bad week for me and very stressful sleepless nights because of my son. But how would they understand my situation and what shall I do to prove them I am very sorry and it won't happen again. Should I email them before I received the letter from them or just wait? Please help me, I am not from this country but I have been living here for 10 years. I have never thought of being in this situation. Thank you in advance for those of you who would take time to read my story.
  5. Hiya - How did you find out who the prosecutions manager was and his details to be able to contact him? Many Thanks
  6. My mother-in-law and I went to do some shopping to b&q on 21/12/2018. Since my mother-in-law was very old she was unable to carry either trolley or buggy. I was using Buggy to carry my shopping. During shopping I left the jacket in the buggy on top of the stuff since it is hot in the store. After couple of hours, my 2 month old baby started crying and I was in a rush to leave the store since I need to feed her. So I bought the items on top of the buggy which were £80.00, however I completely forgot about the stuff under the buggy. As soon as we passed the checkout security and the staff came running and stopped us. Until they pointed out we haven’t realized that there is still some stuff left with us which were not paid. I said sorry and I was in a rush to go home to feed my baby. Then they replied they were watching us from the CCTV and speculated that I deliberately was covering the stuff with my jacket and they said I was trying to cover up the theft using my baby. The total cost of the items which are not paid are £103.00. It was nightmare as my baby was crying and I need to wait until the police arrived. Once the police arrived, after long discussions they made me sign community resolution considering it as the lowest level offence. I signed at the end because I am on VISA and got scared when they said if I don’t sign they will arrest me. Now the CRS are back of me sending letters to pay £230.00 or else they will send me court notice and then I will be end paying for the magistrate fees as well. They gave me up to 25/01/2019 to pay the cost for the damages. The store kept the items with them which are in good condition and not at all opened. I was worried what’s gonna happen to me if I don't pay the CRS. Are they gonna send me a court notice which will affect my VISA. Any help will be really appreciated. I have also attached the pdf of the letter sent by CRS Many Thanks in Advance. CRS.pdf
  7. Hi there. I'm absolutely gutted I got this through for such a stupid mistake. I have just received a Single Justice Procedure notice and panicking greatly. It says I have 21 days to plead guilty or not guilty. That you on [DATE OF OFFENCE] did enter a compulsory ticket area without having with you a valid ticket. Contrary to Byelaw 17(1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws made under paragraph 26 of Schedule 11 to the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the Transport Act 1962. On [DATE OF OFFENCE] I attempted to travel from home station to work. At 7:55am he produced a TfL 60+ London Free travel Pass, that did not belong to him. He was not entitled to use the pass and it was invalid for travel. He stated it belonged to his father and admitted it was not the first occasion he had used it. They want £225 + £4.90. The summary statement has plenty of inaccuracies including my and and address that he said he confirmed ITAL but couldn't have as I gave him my driving license. That I walked away from the station when I re-entered with my bank card. Also, that he confirmed everything with me but didn't as the statement provided did not match the conversation or my details. Obviously I'm incredibly sorry and was a very stupid mistake. When I go out with my parents, I hold their oyster card so they don't have to rummage through their wallet or bag. On this occasion, I didn't give it back to him and mistakenly was then using for what I thought was a couple of weeks. As this was back in July, I called up several times to try and sort it and even my dad called up to get his oyster card back and they said nothing was logged against the card. I'll be gutted if i get a conviction as I'm in the process of looking for a property, will be visiting friends in America next year, was very stressed at the time due to work and a kidney condition getting worse and after the event receiving mental support for anxiety. I'm worried this will affect all of the above and negatively affect my mental health after just making progress. Any help on the best way to approach settling out of court would be appreciated. I'm happy to pay costs as I was incorrectly using it for what I think was a couple of weeks but a criminal conviction will hurt me in many ways. Thanks for reading.
  8. Today I was caught accidentally stealing from primark. I tried on a coat which not uncommon for primark didn’t have the price tag attached, didn’t realise at the time that where I tried it on didn’t have a mirror and so I walked to the changing room where I tried on a couple of other things which I didn’t end up wanting. Coat not concealed, over my own bag or arm as not to drop it went to pay for other things. Replied to a message on my phone and forgot I had it over my arm, genuinely just exhausted from work and the gym and had a scatter brain moment, I was approached on my way out and got taken to the security office where I actually offered to pay for the coat as I had intended to in the first place and explained the situation said it was too late, I’d receive a fine if I did not want police involved. Security have my name and address. What kind of fine can I expect? I offered to pay for the coat which they refused and they didn’t lose any of the stores goods? Can they fine me at all?
  9. Hi can some people give me advice please I’m really scared today I went into primark and tag changed a pair of boots and my daughter out 2 things in the pram now as I walked out security stopped me and took me to a room where the manager came in he didn’t show me I’d, no cameras in the room, no recordings were taken, no copies of the incident report, no police was involved they took my provisional license and photocopied it and said that I would receive a fine I’m a single mum of 2 and worried I won’t be able to afford the fine what can I do???
  10. This happened on June 19th, I was caught abusing a loophole in the self checkout where I scanned cheaper items to put in heavier, more expensive items down. I had being doing this for a while quite often, but didn't take anything of high value, just food on my lunch breaks. When I was caught, they said they were on to me for the past couple months. I had visited the Tesco only 2 to 3 times a week and at odd times during lunch (could be from 12pm to 2pm) and not everytime I did this, sometimes paying for a bag of crisps, etc. The thing is, the security guard didn't even pull me into their office, he took me to the side and gotten my personal details and didn't even bother calling the police because what I took that day was such a low value. Told me I would receive a letter telling me what action they will take in 2 weeks or so. Just got down my details from my drivers license, paid for what I had taken on that occasion, didn't take a photo of me and said I'm banned from the store. Did not mention civil recovery action. He said it's likely the head office will review the CCTV footage of previous times I went in and will probably take it to the police. I immediately wrote a letter to the store manager and head office, showing deep remorse and apologised, in which the customer service manager replied with a letter thanking me, but not saying what actions the head office will take due to data privacy laws. Not heard anything from the store itself. I was expecting this to trigger a DWF letter to pressure fines on me, but it has almost been 3 months and haven't heard anything else, other than that one letter so it's making me so anxious and worried. If it's taking so long, is it likely the are building a case and the police are getting involved? Or were they pressuring me into not going in again and have just left it at that? Or should I expect a late DWF letter and nothing else? Does it take multiple months to see one of these letters? People have said they're letting me sweat it: it's too much time to sit through hours of CCTV to see what I had took of relatively low value and it would not be cost effective to involve the police, but still a possibility, or it could have even been forgotten about. I have been told it might be sitting in a pile with others, but a lot of people on this forum seem to have received DWF / RLP letters relatively quick. Someone else had even told me there won't be any complicated background police investigation and my punishment would be very minor if I was to receive one, but I am still unsure and very very worried about it still, I stress about it often. I had also been told waiting this long could have potentially harmed any chances of a case, since it would have been proceeded with sooner after the incident? Would they still hold onto CCTV from April to June?
  11. Hi everyone, Last week I stole from a TKMaxx branch. This is the third time I am caught stealing from a shop, and third time I am told about Retail Loss Prevention (It has never been from the same shop/company.) The first time I received a letter and I paid the money that I was told "I had to pay". The second time I actually never received a letter, therefore I never paid anything. However, as this is my third time, I wonder what the consequences can be? Based on posts I've seen on here I shouldn't take RLP too seriously but as this is the third time I'm caught shoplifting I am a bit worried as to what RLP can do and if they can take any legal action. I wonder if they have a database with my information and previous offences? Thank you
  12. Hi, last week I went to Waitrose, bought some shopping and did not scan a packet of sushi, when I exit one guy in civil clothes came after me and took me back, I admitted that I did not pay and I felt so embarrassed... they took my details, name, address and date of birth and banned me from Waitrose or John Lewis for life.... and they said I should expect a fine in the post anytime. I'm really scared as in the letter says I should seek legal advice asap. Also the fact that I can't enter John Lewis ever again make me so upset. I did before took a banana or a croissant without paying but never other stuff. Definitely not ever gonna do this thing again!!!
  13. Hi, I made a very stupid choice and shoplifted some stuff from Primark, I was in a rush to meet my friends and decided to just leave, the total price was approx £55. (Worst mistake ever) I'm on a work visa in UK and going to my country to apply for an extension for my visa. During my detention in Primark, the security guy asked me for my ID and I showed him my passport/BRP cause that's the only form of valid ID I have in UK. Therefore, he got to know that I'm not a national and threatened me that he will report this incident to the Home Office and RLP who will claim the fine from me. The security guy was extremely rude and told me that he doesn't want people like me in this country and he will do everything to get me out of here and never enter again. I cried and begged him to not do this and that this will never happen again but he simply dismissed me. I'm very very scared now. I don't have any past criminal record. This was my only stupid mistake. I'm ready to pay any sort of fine but I don't want this to be on my criminal record. Do you think the Home Office will dismiss my visa application cause of this or will this be on my criminal record?
  14. Earlier today I was trying on clothes in Primark when for some reason I decided I would try and steal one of the six items I was going to buy . I was wearing Primark trousers anyway, I thought I could get away with just swapping my old Primark trousers with a new pair I wanted while in the changing rooms. The trousers I wanted only cost 5 pounds, and I am not skint, so I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea. as I was leaving the changing rooms and they came to check the number of clothes on hangers was the same number I came in with, they somehow realised that the trousers were my old pair. They brought me into a room at the side and went through everything else, and before they could say anything else I pretended to be shocked and say I must have forgot to change into my old trousers. They brought me to the changing rooms and told me to change back into the old trousers and give them the ones I had on. I stupidly took the labels off of them, so this must have verified I was trying to steal them rather than it being an honest mistake. I had never done this in my life, and didn't enter the changing rooms with this in mind- so I must have done a bad job at it. EDIT: I am 19 years old I admitted to trying to steal them instantly since in the past I've always been told that honesty is the best policy when it comes to getting into trouble. I also apologised and said that it was very stupid of me, and I will never do it again. The staff were having none of it, and ignored my pleas for remorse (rightly so). Then the lady told me to follow her as she brought everything I took into the changing room to the cashier so I could pay for it all. I wasn't even wanting to buy it all but out of embarrassment I bought it all, despite the fact half of it was in the wrong size or duplicates of each other in different sizes. I paid for it on my debit card, said sorry again and left. They also said I was banned from going into their changing rooms again. I am asking is whether they can track me down based on the fact I paid for the items on my card. Other than that they did not take my name, age, DOB, ID, photo etc (to my knowledge/ maybe they can see me coming out the changing rooms on security?). Furthermore, how long will this ban last? If they can not identify me how can they implement the restriction? or was this just to scare me? Obviously I made a bad decision which I have since learnt from. Shoplifting is embarrassing in itself when you can afford what you are trying to steal, but the fact that it was in Primark of all places is even more pathetic of me. So, what do you think? Thanks for any input or comments, I have not seen a thread like this yet.
  15. Got caught stealing today (£20 worth). Horribly ashamed of myself. Got taken in to a little room by 2 store detectives and there was another already in there. As soon as I was stopped, one of them noticed my works ID round my neck and removed my pass which had my details on it. The paperwork was completed quite quickly and as seems to be the norm on here, no police were called, I received a letter banning me from all B&Qs and told that my details would be passed on to the civil recovery people who would send me a fine (which I shall ignore, yes?). However, one of the guards started saying that he knew my face (I haven't been stopped by security/ whatever before). The other guy starts saying that I was also going to be banned from every shop in the local city centre (the B&Q is a mile or so out of the town in a retail park) and that my photo was going to be passed on to every shop in the city. He then said I should tell my employer because it's better than they find out from me than when they see my picture on this city-wide banning order. They then proceeded to take my photo with 2 separate cameras (one was on a phone which looked official, the other on a tablet which again seemed to be part of their office rather than any of their personal property). A large part of me thinks this stinks of BS and they were trying to frighten me - there were lots of inconsistencies in what they were telling me and when I asked for details of this banning order, he just told me to google a 4 letter acronym (which I've since forgotten) - but I do feel a bit uneasy and wondered what the people on here thought. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi Firstly I am extremely upset/embarrassed by my son's behaviour - but I am trying to be practical in this post..... My 15yo son was caught shoplifting in our Sainsbury's Local this morning He was stopped by a shop assistant as he had put packs on condoms (!) in his pocket. He was stopped by the sandwich section near the door. My son admitted to nothing, nor made any excuses. Just handed the packs back. The store assistant took his name, address and mobile number, and said he was calling the police (he made a call, there and then at the till, and then bragged to the person on the other end of the phone about how good he was as this). All this happened in the store, he wasn't taken anywhere, no other member of staff was involved and there was no paperwork shared or anything, just a scrap of paper with my son's details taken. He was also told he was banned for life. So my questions are Why was there no paperwork? Surely there s some sort of official documentation? I would have expected that he would have been sat down, explained the seriousness of the accusation, told what happens next etc? Why was he accused when he hadn't left the store, he could have been buying a sandwich and put the condoms in his pocket as he was embarrassed about carrying them in the store? Did the shop assistant really call the police? Surely my son would have been detained first? Others on the forum who have been banned have been given a piece of paper -my son was given nothing Will the shop tell the school - just so I can be prepared for this when they go back after Easter. Also, they let my son go before my husband was called, and he was obviously very upset by what happened he didn't come home for another hour and we were very worried about him.....it feels irresponsible for a shop to allow a minor to leave without a parent coming to get them..... Any advice gratefully received - do we need to get legal representation? Would it nake a difference? Thanks for any help and advice
  17. The other day I stupidly shoplifted again. I had done it before for very small items and did it for fun. But this time (for the first time) I was caught. I got pulled aside and they asked to search my bag which I didn’t argue and I just opened my bag and showed them the items. They didn’t actually search the bag and I just handed them the things (there was still stuff in there which they didn’t find out about) they took me to a room at the back of the store where I wrote my name and address and I was allowed to pay for the items (came to under £20) and leave. They never officially said that I was banned but am not sure whether I will receive a letter or whatever (btw I'm under 16 and I don’t want my parents finding out) and also if they do send a letter, how long will the letter take to arrive? Just to let you know we were out in 10 minutes from when the guards pulled us aside and us setting foot out the store.
  18. Hi My son was pulled over for speeding. The police said that he was doing 55mph in a 30mph limit so would be referred to court. My son is adamant that he was not doing 55mph inside. The police statement says they were standing approximately 300m inside the 30mph zone. We have measured where they said they were standing and it is only 242 metres inside the zone. They have sent a photo of the reading on the hand held device - besides the mph it also says 248.2 m which we assume is how far the reader was from the car when zapped? which would mean my son was outside of the 30mph when zapped. Should he plead not guilty? He is within 2 years of taking his test so if he is given 6 points we think he automatically loses his licence? Thanks in advance
  19. I wont list all the details but i used my husband season ticket today and got caught. I stated he was aware of me having his ticket but i only told him this as i was on the train in the morning and got caught on the return journey home. Wish i was not so honest telling the truth but there i am, i shoulg have never took his ticket. I dont think it would look good having made a false journey once already plus it is a season ticket, plus the owner was aware of this. As you advised, i will await for the letter from swt but sigh,, , dont really wanting to end a year in this way but read all the posts related to fare persecutions on this site which help.. .just waiting for the letter
  20. Hello, I was caught shoplifting at a Tesco store and the manager ran after me, took the stuff back and said I'm banned from the store and he will send the video and my picture to the police. Im now worried that I will get charged by the police... He did not take me inside for anything. He did not ask me for a name or address, but on previous occasions I was there with my company uniform, so I'm wondering , If they could contact my employer and get my details or the police on their behalf...
  21. Hi there, I must admit that I was a frequent lifter. Usual method is self-checkout at many groceries stores. I have not been caught before but came very close today at M&S. I am a student who's currently working at a mall during winter break to make some cash. After work, I decided to head to M&S to grab groceries and pocketed a piece of steak and paid for other items. When I exited the store, I felt someone was following me and quickly turned a corner and ran to hide - it was an M&S LP who followed me. I managed to lose him. Although I didn't get caught, I am very certain that they will look over CCTV and try to ID me. I paid for some of my foods with my debit card as well which could be traceable. Not to mention I work in the same mall that the store is in. If any of you could give me some information about the likelihood of getting caught then please let me know. I will now go to work via a different door and wear different clothes to avoid suspicion. Gonna get a haircut as soon as possible. Any advice on what to do would be appreciated. I have decided it is not worth it to save money by lifting. A 7 pounds steak could have costed me my degree and a prosperous future. If you are young and are reading this: please stop before the odds are against you. Regardless of the reason why you steal, the LP will not want to hear it. I wish you the best of luck quitting this toxic habit.
  22. Hi guys, I am worried and I am looking for help. Me and my cousin were caught stealing in primark for an amount about 50 pounds together. They didn’t call police. They just told us we will receive a letter with an amount to pay. They defined it Fine. If we will not pay it they will send our document to the police land will arrest us for 48 hours. And we will add to criminal records. I am asking for help to understand what to do when we will get the letters. Also they told us that we will get the same letter and the amount t that will show on it it will be splitted in me and him ( for example 300 pounds, we need to pay 150 pounds each. ) Is that true? Or it si 300 each? And also ? Should we pay? I am really worried because lots of my friend told me to pay, but I read lost of posts here where no one has paid and nothing happened. Waiting your answer thank you!
  23. Hi guys Earlier his morning I got caught using a relatives bus pass on West Midlands Network Buses. Completely my fault, I held my hands up and apologized. I was in a rush to get to the job center as I had an appointment to tell them I was going to be starting my new job next week. As I got off at the stop, the inspectors were checking the tickets and as I didn't have a photo card, they pulled me over, ran a few checks and I admitted it wasn't my pass. I am completely broke and couldn't afford a ticket, literally. They asked me to pay £40 there and then, but I had nothing on me. The inspector said they would send a letter through the post and I would have to pay the £40 fine. However, looking at online forums, there are some people saying they've been summoned to court for the same offense. This worries me a lot as I have a suspended sentence for a motoring offense earlier this year. Does this mean that if I get summoned to court, and they convict me of using someone else's bus pass, I could be sent to prison?
  24. Hello, My sister has had a incident with my travel card. When she was exiting the station a travel officer caught her using my card. She admitted to the travel officer that she had used her husbands travel card as she did not know it was mine. She had also informed him that he did not know her taking it. She admitted to using it, and gave all her personal information. He informed her that she would recieve a letter and now we have recieved that letter. The letter states that she was reported 26th of October 2017 failing to produce a valid ticket, pass or photocard for the journey. The facts of the incident are being considered and they are advising that legal proceedings may be taken against her . In order for them to deal with our case correctly they want us to fill out the form on the reverse side. We do not wish for her to be prosecuted and she has never been convicted before regarding anything. I have not sent her appeal yet but I would like some advice before i send it This is what I wrote in her appeal: Dear Sir / Madam I would like to inform you that all these years I have been living in the UK, I have never been part of such an incident as well as I have never been a part of any criminal activity and most certainly never fare dodged. I feel so ashamed and depressed because of my ignorant decision. It was not something I neither planned nor did intentionally; rather it was more in the heat of the moment. It has been a very stressful period for me and my husband since he is working full time and I am on maternity leave alone with toddler and baby during the days. I literally have one free day a week when my husband has a rest day from his job, which lately I have been spending on gathering necessities for my children and relatives regarding our travel in November. Therefore when I was to enter the station I notice that I am not carrying my own pocket book and I had already reached the entrance. There was a long queue behind me stressing me so I panicked and used the card that was in the pocket book which I thought initially was my husbands. After this whole incident I feel even more stressed, distraught sad but mostly ashamed. I have had so much trouble sleeping and I barely have enough energy to take care of my kids. I am so afraid of what will happen to me. I will co-operate with you to the fullest and you have my guarantee that this will never be repeated. I would like to make you aware that there is no excuse for what I did and I am ready to pay the maximum fine for my mistake. I wish one day in the near future to return to work and continue my job search after starting a family, and a conviction would destroy my chances of finding a decent job to support and help provide for my family. I beg and wish for you to have some understanding of my current situation and we can find our way towards a settlement. If anyone can please read this through and advise me what I need to add and if there is someway we can settle this without her getting convicted? If there is someone out there with similar experience and can inform us what our next step should be and what we should be prepared for I would appericate it so much I would appericate it My sister is so stressed out right now. Thank you very much I have updated my appeal and added a few things: Dear Sir / Madam I would like to inform you that all these years I have been living in the UK, I have never been part of such an incident as well as I have never been a part of any criminal activity and most certainly never fare dodged. I feel so ashamed and depressed because of my ignorant decision. It was not something I neither planned nor did intentionally; rather it was more in the heat of the moment. It has been a very stressful period for me and my husband since he is working full time and I am on maternity leave alone with toddler and baby during the days. I literally have one free day a week when my husband has a rest day from his job, which lately I have been spending on gathering necessities for my children and relatives regarding our travel in November. I left my apartment in such a rush and quickly picked up my keys, my purse and what i thought was my pocket book from the kitchen table, since I was already late for my vaccine appointment, when I was to enter the station I notice that I am not carrying my own pocket book and I had already reached the entrance. Since I did not have my own card and I know that i could pay for my ticket due to that I did not have my bank card or any cash with me since they were in my pocket book. I was not thinking clearly and I was already so stressed since i left home so late and knew I had to be home so early. All I could think of was coming home to my children that I had left with my husband so he would babysit them while I am away for my appointment. I knew I had to be home early since he had a night shift the same day. There was a long queue behind me stressing me so I panicked and used the card that was in the pocket book which I thought initially was my husbands. After this whole incident I feel even more stressed, distraught sad but mostly ashamed. I have had so much trouble sleeping and I barely have enough energy to take care of my kids. I am so afraid of what will happen to me. I will co-operate with you to the fullest and you have my guarantee that this will never be repeated. I would like to make you aware that there is no excuse for what I did and I am ready to pay the maximum fine for my mistake. I wish one day in the near future to return to work and continue my job search after starting a family, and a conviction would destroy my chances of finding a decent job to support and help provide for my family. I beg and wish for you to have some understanding of my current situation and we can find our way towards a settlement.
  25. I did something really stupid today...i switched the tags on some new jeans (£15) for my worn jeans in the changing rooms...primark staff noticed straight away and the security guard told me he would not call the police but I would be banned from Primark and he took a picture of me (which is fine) but he also took down my address and name which he wrote in a book. I was so embarrassed and upset at the time I didn't think to ask why he was doing that. I paid for the new jeans with a member of staff standing over me. I'm stressing as to why he took my address as I did pay in the end and no police were involved nor did he mention anything about a fine etc...if anyone had been in the same position...please advise? I know it was really wrong and stupid to steal.I am just going through a really crap time lately and didn't really think. I will never do it again.
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