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Found 6 results

  1. I just thought I would let everyone know who might have had problems with Cash Genie in the past. Lots of adverts on TV now for Sunny payday loans. Beware, this is affiliated with Cash Genie. CCA License Number 0594425 is for Think Finance (Uk) Ltd Doing a search of the CCA register, shows a familiar name: Peter John Tuvey Doing a search on Peter Tuvey, shows he has directorships for the following: Ariste Holdings Limited (Previously known as Cash Genie): Book value: £4.7 million Twyford Developments Limited and 6 others. Interestingly enough, apparently Ariste Holdings limited has a parent company called Change Capital, Inc. Change Capital, Inc is registered in Texas, USA.
  2. Hi i was hoping someone could help? Yesterday I went to check my balance and could see that there was money missing from my account. I went into hsbc and on their computer there was pending transactions of £194 from cash genie and 140 from ariste holdings a company I have never heard from. I did owe cash genie money but after contacting them I advised them i would be in touch to repay at a later date due to being off work and self employed. They accepted this. I rang hsbc from within the branch and was told nothing could be done until it shows as cleared. I cancelled my bank card as I was told to and told them to cancel all future payments to theses companies again was advised by a worker of HSBC. What i want to know is ive never gave either of these companies my bank details so how have they got them? Can I do chargeback as this money was my rent so need it back asap and as I cancelled my bank card is chargeback even possible. Any help with this matter would be appreciated as im extremly worried if i dont get this money back that I will be in trouble with my rent and as i have no money coming in for a few weeks due to being off work how will I be able to cope?
  3. Hi I took out a small loan of £75 towards the end of December due at the end of the month. I rolled over that month paying £22.50. Every month since then it has rolled over without me asking and without them telling me. In March I made a complaint via their online complaints page. A month later no reply. I called them and asked why it had rolled over so many times to be told "its in the T&C" and "we only take the full payment if you ask us" OK........ So, waiting for the 8 weeks to be up from my initial complaint, I submitted my file to the CCTA and the Ombudsman. I got an email from the CCTA yesterday asking me to call Paul at Cash Genie as he had been trying to contact me. Phoned them, Paul was on the phone, told I would get a call back. Nothing yet. Checked my bank this morning and Cash Genie took the rollover payment again and the capital payment of £75. Should I just wait for the Ombudsman?
  4. can anyone give advice?i've been struggling with debt and we are going bankrupt. i had put an arrangement in place with cash genie for £20 per month and they took my card details to process these payments. i did this so no further action would be taken until i had a date for court and they were aware of my intentions to pay until i rang with a these details.last month they took an extra payment in error so i rang them on 02/12/11 to complain and they accepted the error and refunded the money. they asked if i could make any other payment, which i said no, so they said i would have to ring in on the 12/12/11 to confirm i still wanted the arrangement and avoid them pursuing for the full amount. I rang them on the 12th to say i had a date set for january but no reference yet so would continue to pay £20 until then and i thought all was fine until today. On checking my account i have had three unautorised amounts taken using my card details from my bank for £645.30, £59.70 and £12.00. On speaking to the bank they said that normal card payments would decline (due to me not having the amount in my account) however if they were continuous authority arranged payments, the bank has to honour them-regardless of the amount, and cash genie would be responsible for any refund. On speaking to Ricky at cash genie today he said there was no record that a plan (or continuous autority arrangement) was in place or record of my call on the 12th, therefore the full amount was persude and the payments couldnt be refunded until they listened to the calls to prove otherwise. i was asked if i had rang in on the 12th to confirm i wanted to arrangement to continue, as it had to be rolled over each month until i had details of my bankruptcy, which i explained i had, as i was in no place to make full payment and would have to pay the reduced amounts in the mean time. I was told i would recieve a call back in the hour, which never happened, so i then rang carter forbes.i spoke to a lady at carter forbes to ask if they had record of the call on the 12th as i was unsure if i had rang them or cash genie about continuing the arrangement and she said they were still looking into the calls and assumed they would ring back but they had no record of me speaking to them either. she confirmed the arrangement was set up from them but cash genie process the payments from my card and theres nothing they can do. As i could hear a male laughing in the background that sound exactly like Ricky i asked her if they were the same department in which she said they were part of the same group but cash genie deal with payments seperately. i said i would then call cash genie instead. i then spoke to Luke at cash genie to chase up the calls. he said that as they has no record of the call the amount wouldnt be refunded and as i was going bankrupt they would refund it anyway now. I find this disgusting as i have always stated that i was going bankrupt (and have emails to prove this) and that i was only paying the £20 per month to prevent action in the mean time and try to help clear some debt as advised by the CAB Luke also said that the amounts were taken as i had failed an arrangement to pay £20 on 24/11/11 (of which they tried continuously process my card but it declined until they were successful a day later. Its weird as if what the bank says is true, the payments today would have decline also as i didnt have that money in the account. so an arrangement and continous authority must have been in place or the bank wouldnt have honoured it? How is that failing to pay? they werent even suppost to take money until the 28th of each month? i explained on the phone that it was funny how this contradicted me being in an arrangement for the £20 and not, but he said that didnt matter now i wouldnt be refunded anyway. he said the last call they had record of was me saying i wasnt paying anymore money over the phone and i would call in on the 12th to confirm, which i did and which appears to be the missing call? at no point was i ever told they would just take money off my card for any amount they pleased and on any date they choose. they say they senbt me a text and email which i never recieved. nor was anything sent by post?I have asked for transcripts of the calls under the freedom of information act of which i have been told i would be charged for so i refused. They know i have 3 dependant children and this has not only left me with no money but they appear to be lying about my last call which they say is the reason they took the money! I've emailed a letter of complaint to carter forbes and cash genie and i've told them i plan to take this to the financial obudsman and office of fair trading if i dont hear from them in response or if the matter hasnt been resolved. I've seen loads of similar posts about cash genie taking money so can anyone help?.any advise would be appreciated
  5. Guest

    Cash Genie CCJ

    Hello I am in a very similar situation as previously detailed by others. I have followed instructions to go online and defend the claim in full, which I have just done today. How ever I am just going through some literature that I received and a guy from Carter Forbes kindly highlighted in red some concerning particulars: OTHER FINANCIAL INFORMATION Total Charge of Credit: 30 pence for every 100 pence borrowed, per part or full month that a balance remains outstanding. Interest is charged at the rate of 30% per month or part thereof [fixed], and applied to the balance outstanding each month on the date of this Agreement. KEY INFORMATION If you breach this Agreement, our charges are as follows: 1. If you do not re-pay the loan on time you will have to pay the following charges: 1/4 • An administration charge of £15.00; • £12.00 per letter or e-mail correspondence with you requiring payment; • the APR will continue to be charged from the first day that your loan is outstanding until the loan is repaid. 2. If you move or change your contact details without telling us: • our reasonable costs and expenses incurred in tracing you and verifying your new address which will be charged at £45.00 per search but is not limited to a single search if we cannot locate you or verify your new address. 3. You must also pay us all reasonable costs and expenses incurred in taking steps to enforce this agreement against you. If we discover that your loan application is or was fraudulent we may require that the total amount repayable is re-paid immediately. Does this change anything stated above about only owing the original loan amount plus one months interest please? Slightly worried now Thank you very kindly in advance
  6. Just a quick one....If one ( Say my friend, hehe) had a CCJ due to cash genie taking them to court and them accepting they indeed owed initial loan and 1 month interest.This was the amount paid to Carter Forbes.But is it possible to get it set aside? I mean I felt the court action was extreme as the person in question had numerous attempts to pay etc and all was ignored, however when the court papers came you can't lie as the amount is still owed so it was accepted.Now we are thinking whether it is worth looking into questioning whether them going to court and ignoring all correspondance was fair?Is this worth looking into?PS: If you work for Cash Genie/Carter Forbes - please dnt reply LOL
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