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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Cash Genie CCJ

    Hello I am in a very similar situation as previously detailed by others. I have followed instructions to go online and defend the claim in full, which I have just done today. How ever I am just going through some literature that I received and a guy from Carter Forbes kindly highlighted in red some concerning particulars: OTHER FINANCIAL INFORMATION Total Charge of Credit: 30 pence for every 100 pence borrowed, per part or full month that a balance remains outstanding. Interest is charged at the rate of 30% per month or part thereof [fixed], and applied to the balance outstanding each month on the date of this Agreement. KEY INFORMATION If you breach this Agreement, our charges are as follows: 1. If you do not re-pay the loan on time you will have to pay the following charges: 1/4 • An administration charge of £15.00; • £12.00 per letter or e-mail correspondence with you requiring payment; • the APR will continue to be charged from the first day that your loan is outstanding until the loan is repaid. 2. If you move or change your contact details without telling us: • our reasonable costs and expenses incurred in tracing you and verifying your new address which will be charged at £45.00 per search but is not limited to a single search if we cannot locate you or verify your new address. 3. You must also pay us all reasonable costs and expenses incurred in taking steps to enforce this agreement against you. If we discover that your loan application is or was fraudulent we may require that the total amount repayable is re-paid immediately. Does this change anything stated above about only owing the original loan amount plus one months interest please? Slightly worried now Thank you very kindly in advance
  2. My circumstances have changed and i can not afford to pay these and continue rolling them over. I really need quite a lot of help and advice please, any will be greatly appreciated. I owe lending stream £415, but seem to be paying them back about £600 a month. I owe quick quid about £400, but pay back £250-£300 a month in interest and fees. I owe cash genie £100, and pay back £30 a month, every month. My main worries are them contacting my work, even if i have already contacted them first. Is there a standard notice that i can send them that means they cannot contact my work place? I have cancelled my card, reported lost, and ordered a new one. Can they still access my account through this new one, do i need to close the account and try to open another with another bank? How, and when do i contact them. Are there any letter/emails that i can use and send them. How much do i offer them, as my hours have been cut and my outgoings have increased massively. And how much information do i have to give them re my ins and outs? I have already paid back more than i borrowed, and i am willing to pay back the capital that i still owe, but i simply cant afford to pay back £1000 a month. I can afford say £50 a month for each starting this month. Is that good enought do you think. Also who and where do i contact these people. Thanking you all in advance.
  3. Hi, I am new here...but really love this site...thanks! Now my problem...I have taken a loan with cash genie amongst many other payday loans...now I can't pay it back but want to pay back in installments. So after reading advice on this forum I realised that cancelling the cycle of payday loans and paying off in installments is the best thing. Anyway I contacted Cash Genie is writng via email to explain and offer £50 a month on a £200 loan to repay it etc. This was ignored and they sent numerous other letters etc and now have sent me a court form taking me to court. Had they accepted my offer I would have paid of the debt by now. Was my offer reasonable? Where do I stand? Am I going to go to court and get in a worse situation? Shall I pay what they are asking for now which is £600 pounds? Any advice please? Or shall I fight my case as I have tried to resolve and they have tried to keep me in debt? I also have long email conversations with Peter Turvey? Who is he?
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