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Found 3 results

  1. I bought a car from Car giant four days ago. On the way to home I noticed a knocking kind of noise from the engine. I believed it's a minor problem but I immediately booked an appointment with a SEAT service center for an inspection. They confirmed engine sound was due to lack of service and it will take 5-8 hrs to strip the engine and find the problem. They said most probably new engine may required. They also showed me next service due to date and mileage on the service book had been tampered. Actually I didn't noticed or believed that it had altered at the time of purchase. Next service date altered to 07-06-2016 from 07-06-2015. We can see this clearly, it has been altered by pen. No service been carried out in 2015. Had I seen there was a missed service I wouldn't have bought the car. Now due to this lack of service, engine appear to have damaged. Only one service been done from new (06-2012). I called to Cargiant today to return the car for a full refund. They said they want to inspect the car and fix the fault. Recovery has been booked. I told them I was sold the car with tampered service book hence I need the full refund of the car regardless of type of the engine fault. They said they cannot take the responsibility of the tampered service book because that's how they received it from the previous car owner. I believe this so un-fare to sell a car like this. I'm wondering what are my rights in this case. Can I request for a full refund just based on tampered service log book ? Thanks for your advise in advance
  2. My husband bought an Audi TT on finance from cargiant in April '12. I am the second driver on the insurance policy. Cargiant talked us into buying their warranty and told us that it would cover anything that might happen with the car in the first 12 months. In September, the engine started shaking, we were both in the car, had to drive it to the nearest petrol station and call the AA. The AA guy did a quick diagnostic and said it was a faulty camshaft position sensor. He also said it would be the best thing to take the car to an Audi outlet for repair, so we searched for our closest Audi branch in London, which happened to be a centrally located Sytner. (The warranty sold to us by cargiant of course excluded the camshaft sensor.) We went there together, were promised that they would fix everything very quickly by a slimy salesman called X, who clearly had pound signs dancing in his pupils when he found out our address. I said I would leave my contact details as it is in general easier to reach me as I have a flexible work schedule and hubby is at work a lot. I did specify that I wasn't the reg. keeper of the vehicle. A week or so later, I was told it wasn't the camshaft and that they'd have to run another diagnostic which would cost £750. I said ok. They didn't know what was wrong for a few more weeks, then X called and said the cylinder head on the engine was broken and that it would be easier to just get a new engine and that because it was a mechanical fault which hadn't been brought on by incompetent driving or anything else Audi would cover 100% of the costs. The cargiant warranty people said yet again the warranty didn't cover the engine. A while after that, hubby&I decided to pay Sytner a visit as they still hadn't done anything, and were told by X that he had 'bad news'. The news was that all of a sudden, Audi had decided to cover 30% of the costs and we'd have to pay the rest, ie £5000. We never saw a written document stating the cost for parts, labor etc. My husband then called his finance company, and they in turn called X, then called hb back, saying that they had been told we'd have to pay £2400. X called hb and huffed and puffed defensively and angrily said it wouldn't have been necessary to call the finance company. Again, nothing happened, after waiting 2 months we got our courtesy car just because I screamed in the Sytner office so much they decided it would be better to get us a car pronto. I spoke to the manager and told her about the ridiculous customer service they had, and she agreed to deal with the case, but she dropped it after a while and transferred it back to the slimy incompetent X. None of the people I dealt with at Sytner ever bothered calling regarding the warranty, I don't know what they get paid for. Again, the finance company called and said they'd been told we would have to pay something over a thousand pounds. So there still was a discrepancy over the amount owed. They finally finished working on the car, but X called and said the timing belt needed changing (as if they hadn't been able to see that straightaway when stripping down the engine) and that it would cost another £2050. I am totally furious as there is an obvious [problem] going on! This is so dodgy it's unbelievable! Sytner never showed us a document of any kind, or an invoice clearly breaking down costs, nothing! How can a legit dealership treat their clients like that? What are we supposed to do now? There is no way I'm lining X's slimy disgusting pockets with money!
  3. Dear all Looking for some advice on how to deal with my Gap insurance company who refuses to settle my claim. My car was recently stolen. I purchased a GAP insurance from the dealer Cargiant at the same time I bought the car and the GAP insurance provider was AA Warranty, part of Motorway Direct group of company. My claim has been processed by my motor insurance but the GAP insurance is now refusing to reimburse the difference between what the motor insurance has paid and the invoice price. Their argument is as follows: - AA Warranty will pay the difference between purchase price (car bought in September 2010 for £14000) and market value of vehicle at point of loss (car stolen in June 2011) - Market value is defined as Glass Guide Retail value or insurer settlement price whichever is higher - Insurer settlement is £13000 which I have accepted - According to AA Warranty, Glass retail value at point of loss is £16000 - Therefore, as market value at loss is above invoice price, there would be no settlement I have replied to them contesting their line of argument: - Salesperson from Cargiant was clear when he sold the insurance: GAP will pay difference between insurer settlement and purchase price. Therefore, I must be reimbursed £14000-13000 = £1000 by AA Warranty - Also seems like there are virtually no conditions under which the GAP insurance would have to settle under their terms as Cargiant is selling car at rock bottom price with market value at loss likely to remain higher than purchase price for the whole duration of the insurance contract - case in point: the car I purchased 9 month ago is valued today at £16000, which is still 16% higher than the purchase price - Therefore, I think I have been misold a product unfit for my purpose I have email them and copied Cargiant asking them to settle or I will name both company liable to the FOB Have not heard back from AAWarranty for the past 10 days and unsure what should be my next course of action. I think I need to wait 8 weeks prior to referring the case to the FOB but given they are not even acknowledging my complaint, if there another approach I should use? Thanks for your help Oliver
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