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Found 25 results

  1. Hi there, I have a quick question regarding buying insurance online. I took a policy out a few days prior to my existing cover ending with oncecall insurance. I was a bit panicky at the time and took the cover out, paid deposit of about £25 and that was that. I then decided to do what I should have done and read some reviews on the company. Oh dear I couldn't have picked a worse company if I tried. So I emailed them to cancel the polcy, and from there this is how things went over the last few days... Took the policy out, wasnt impressed with the documents (electr
  2. I have been insured by Endsleigh car insurance for many years. Never had any problems - but reality is that you only really get to know your insurer in times of trouble. In October 2015, a false allegation was made against me by a third party. The third party claims that I have crushed into their vehicle and darted off without stopping. The third party claims that they have CCTV of me - and there is even a rumour that this CCTV was handed to the third party by the police themselves. Very curious, because on the day of the alleged incident I was overseas on a business trip. One would
  3. Apologies for length of this post! I got pulled over by the Police last night at approx 9pm and asked if I had insurance for the vehicle. I truthfully replied that I did so and stated which company it was with. The officer said that the vehicle check flashed up as uninsured, but he accepted that this was not always completely up-to-date. As it was out of hours he was unable to do a proper phone check. He then gave me a producer to show my insurance documents at a Police Station. He then phoned me today to say that the policy has been cancelled and I needed to sort it out imm
  4. Hi all I wanted some advice please. I bought Car Insurance with John Lewis in Dec '12 and arranged to pay by Direct Debit. In January the DD failed, I recieved a letter saying the bank had told them it had been cancelled so I called paid over the phone and reset the DD. In Feb the DD failed, I called, and it was suggested that the issue was possibly due to the fact that I have another DD to john lewis on the same date and that was the confusion, I was told to wait, see what happened with the march payment and go from there. In march the DD failed, as the DD date was a
  5. Hello everyone, I don't have too much experience with car insurance companies, so not too sure what to do. Maybe someone could give me an advise. OK, so last year my car was insured with Direct Line and once I was involved in car accident which was not my fault. At the beginning I decided to make a claim because the other driver simply didn't stop and carried on driving, so informed about the accident to my insurance company. Apparently the damage to my car was not too bad at all, so phoned to Direct Line and told them that I would like to cancel the claim. I also asked them how this
  6. Hi all Here is a bit of background as to the problem I am facing. Someone recently reversed into my car which was parked in a pay and display car park in a town centre. Luckily (?) for me, he left a note on my windscreen and has admitted full responsibility. He's given me all of his details and even reported said incident to the police. I've made my claim and am currently waiting for my insurance company (Admiral insurance) to contact me re getting my car picked up and repaired / loan car issued etc. I have 14 years NCD which is protected and when I was speaking to the gu
  7. Hi there, i was involved in a minor car accident in april 2012, i went into a the side of a vehicle on a mini roundabout at very low speed, causing minor damage to both mine and the other person's car. I swapped details at the time and contacted my insurance as soon as i got home. Initially liability was contested. I hit the vehicle as it approached from the right on the roundabout, however he didn't indicate so my insurance company offered to settle the third party's claim 50/50. (At least this is what they told me) However in september 2012 (5 months later) i received anot
  8. OH had an car accident just over a week ago, we believe it wasn't his fault (car from side road turned into him). We've made a claim on our car insurance. Yesterday, our insurers said that they'd spoken to the other party's insurers who had admitted fault. Our claim would therefore proceed as 'no-fault', we would not need to pay our excess on the repair, and it would not affect our NCD. Today, I've got home to find a letter from a solicitor with a copy claim from from the third party. On the form he says his car needs repair but he's not going through his insurer; and that he's claim
  9. After very carefully shopping around to find the cheapest deal to insure my car, I bought a policy with Quotemehappy.com on 30th September. On Monday 1st October I purchase my new car, however I still needed to sell my old car. I am disabled and due to illness this took longer than anticipated. I explained this to Quotemehappy.com and arranged for an extension to send in my proof of No Claims' Discount, which was granted until 22nd October. On 19th October, I sold my old car and phoned Admiral (my previous insurers) to cancel my policy and request that my confirmation be sent out. As t
  10. Hi, I've bought my car insurance policy yesterday 07/10 ,Yes insurance £293. I've noticed i forgot to mention that my car had 3 windscreen replacments over the last 5 years. After i've notice this ,I've run a dummy quote including my 3 windscreen claims at Yes website, they have quote me at £600!!! The policy will kick in next wednesday 10/10. I haven't called Yes explaing my error with the quote Should i: A-Call yes ,assume my mistake and ask them to re-quote me.... and pay the £600.... B-Cancell my policy with Yes... today is the first day of the 14 day coolling off period (can i do this?
  11. Hi, I am a new user here and presently out of the UK working in hungary. My car insurance is due for renewal on 12th August and my wife searched for cheaper car insurance and found it. Taking it out to commence on the conclusion of the previous insurance. In the meantime she received a letter from the insurance company informing us of the renewal premium and that unless cancelled they would automatically renew the insurance. Consequently my wife rang the insurance company and informed them that I was out of the country and that we had found alternative insurance and wished to
  12. 2 months ago I bought a 6 month old audi estate for £31,000. I have fully comp insurance, full no claims discount and GAP Insurance. Last week I was stationary in traffic on a motorway and a lorry hurtled into me at 60mph. Thank god for German engineering otherwise I would not be here today. Although I now have ongoing neck and back pain which is being investigated. However the problem now is my insurers. The car was completely stoved in at the back and back doors would not shut and chassis bent. The insurers want to repair the car. Their approved bodyshop is so far up to £15,000
  13. I purchased a car in Dec09 which was HPI clear and looked in Mint condition.Soon after I noticed major problems with the car, had it inspected and found it to be a death trap!I took the trader to court and won, but the garage then closed and the owners went into hiding, they are now subject to a £500,000 fraud investigation and have left me being owed over £90,000 and has put my life at risk both financially and physically.It transpired that 10 months earlier the car had been in a severe head on collision and the insurance company was Direct Line.It took Direct Line 18 months to apply the writ
  14. Long story cut short, had a minor accident (a bump), 3rd party's fault (no evidence of this but there is evidence that he has lied in his statement, I rang the police, the minor damage on my car coincides with his story of the position of his car to mine etc etc etc so many lies!). They claimed against my insurance and SOMEHOW won.....£7,000!!!!!!!!!!! I am outraged. I am 20 (19 at the time), I have never done a thing wrong, I have worked since I was 9, studied hard at school, college and now university, I volunteer in the community. I had a subaru at the time and ws the proudest of it! I
  15. I'm hoping someone can answer a quick question. My car insurance company are charging me for a full new year's insurance when my car was vandalised (now written off) during last year's policy. The incident happened on 24th December and they were unavailable to contact despite calling every day, until 28th December (typically the actual date the policy renewed) - I sent them the email to an address they left on their answer-phone message on 27th December which I copied myself into, as they were still closed on this date. They then updated my policy ONE DAY before they wrote to say it would
  16. Hi, I had an minor accident some time back which turned out to be my fault even though the other driver was very fast. i agreed and paid for his repairs as he wanted, and at that time he seems happy with it. To close the case my insurance company had sent numerous letters for him to sign but he hasn't responded to any. now my insurance renewal is due and because he has not yet signed i have to pay additional premium for my renewal. Please can somebody advice is there is way i can sue him/ or legally ask him to pay any additional money i pay because of his negligence? many thanks
  17. Hello all, I could use an opinion on a recent incident, we are not sure how to proceed. My fiance drove me to a doctor's appointment on a Saturday morning, we parked in the surgery car park (just a minor check up at the GP). On exiting the car park we made a left turn and collided with another vehicle which was coming down the street. This was a narrow street, the kind with terraced houses and cars parked down the entire length on both sides of the road, with effectively one lane in the middle for both directions of traffic to share. She was approaching from our left. There were no witnes
  18. Hello Would anyone kindly give me some advice regarding the below? My wife had an accident in May 2010. On a narrow country road (no way two lanes) she turned a blind corner at 5 mph and collided with the third parties car, she did not have time to avoid the crash and strongly denies being at fault. The damage to our car (we did not claim as it is superficial but would cost £500) was underneath the drivers side headlight (golf 2006 model) and minimal. There are no in dependant witnesses. We reported this to our company aviva as a 50/50, we believed he and my wife were not a faul
  19. Took out a car insurance policy last week with Performance Direct of Romford, Essex. Although it does not start until tomorrow (Friday 25th March) when I tried to cancel it, they informed me that I will have to pay a policy set up charge of £45. It does state this in their small print but I was not made aware over the phone when I took the policy out. I thought you have at least a 7 or 14 day cooling off period for over the phone sales. Can they legally still charge or is this just contractual bull.
  20. Hi all, I really need some advice. On the 18th Feb I got a letter from Swinton dated 16th Feb telling me that 'due to outstanding amounts' my car insurance was in the process of being cancelled. I panicked and called my bank immediately to make sure I was up to date with all my monthly payments. I was advised that I was. It was after 530pm so had to call Swinton on 19th Feb. I spoke to Paul who advised me that because my direct debit had been cancelled they were cancelling my car insurance. He also advised me that my payments were indeed up to date. He then told me I would have
  21. Last week, a car crashed off the road, demolished my dwarf wall, went through the garden and crashed into my car which was on the drive. The driver, who was drunk and driving her husbands car, ran off but subsequently gave herself up to police and has been charged. My car, an old Punto is likely to be written off but I have not finished paying for it until July. I know that I can claim for the wall and for established plants but it doesnt seem fair that I will only get about £500 for the car but I still owe £556 on it ! Any suggestions gratefully received - I do have Legal Assi
  22. Hello all, I was hit by another driver a few months ago. At first he admitted liability (both to me in person and to my boyfriend over the phone) and offered to pay for the repairs (new plastic bumper). When we discovered that the front wing was bent and the cost jumped from £50ish to £400+ he changed his tune so I had to put a claim in to my insurance company. They put me in touch with their preferred garage who wanted me to sort the details out with the insurance company before carrying out the work (the damage doesnt affect driving, just cosmetic). I have submitted drawings, pho
  23. I had fully comprehensive insurance on my car when I had a supposed 'no fault' accident in July 2010 in which my it was written off after hitting several things including a BT telegraph pole. I say 'no fault' because the driver who caused it did not stop. My passenger and I were lucky not to be hurt. The telegraph pole was broken near the base but as far as we could tell, the lines were intact. It was just leaning over at about 30 degrees from vertical. The details of accident were reported by phone. I was never given a claim form to complete, though I did mention in all corresponde
  24. 'Hi Fellow CAGers I would like clarification please on whether a 'statement of detail' (the info car insurance companies collect from an on-line application) is a valid contract or not! I got a call from Swinton this month (Oct) saying my car insurance was due. Trouble is I took out my car insurance with the AA in Sept '10 as this is when I thought my insurance had run out. However, Swinton now want £50 cancellation charge from me, even though I had 2 months insurance left with them. I asked Swinton to send me a contract showing my original signature ie a 'binding co
  25. My wife was hit by 3rd party. Car is an old civic, to replace it would be about £900. Her (the 3rd party) insurance co. have sent a cheque out without agreeing with us or bothering to contact us to the hire car co. this has the effect of cancelling the hire car in 7 days. We don't agree with this or accept it no one has had courtesy to tell us they were making a payment - the accident was not our fault as they are only sending out £400. We then have to find the extra money to get another car also. My question is can we insist on car being repaired (it would cost £2500 approx) w
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