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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. I am currently on similar predicament, https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?479254-Arrow-Shoos-SPC-Old-NewDay-Aqua-Credit-Card-Debt-***Claim-Dismissed-no-DN***/page5 after reviewing all the posts and efforts to divert this debt I am in the thinking that there is only 1 outcome and that is to repay the debt in some form. Is it possible to phone the original debt collector and arrange some kind of repayment plan, or should I simply fill in the C2 on response form for time to pay and send to the sheriff. Thanks for all the information provided between the posters, but I don’t think there is any avoidance in paying these small credit card debts with this new Simple Procedure Notice of claim. I don’t like giving up, so please don’t think that of me. Regards
  2. Hi Folks, This site has been an absolute wealth of information for the situation I currently find myself in with Capital One Bank (UK) after many hours researching and reading through the hundreds of threads, I think I'm now ready to start my own post in preparation for what's ahead. I'm at the beginning of what is no doubt going to be a very lengthy, drawn out and frustrating process. First of all, here's the low down, I have been a Capital One customer for over thirteen years, initially, I applied online and was given instant confirmation, back then I had been living in the Republic of Ireland for a number of years and previous to that I had run up a few different debts with loans and credit cards in the UK and was genuinely looking for a fresh start credit wise, I laugh at how naive I was back then in my twenties how eager I was to sign up to whatever credit product they were offering & honestly believing that I would be able to pay it all back, I was wrong and learned that lesson the hard way! The Banks are most certainly not our friends! a credit card that opened with a limit of £200 now has a credit limit of £3350 but I'm jumping the gun here slightly because this is where it may become a little confusing. . It's also the point where I'm asking myself how am I going to organise the following.. I have been in contact with Capital One & recently received THIRTEEN YEARS worth of paper statements after expressing profusely that I wished to have the statements delivered on a disc as I'm currently out the Country, not to return until early March I was keen to get started on doing my sums I've taken the advice of many on here and I'm starting to get organised early lol Originally, I had requested these statements because I wanted to calculate exactly how much interest I have paid Capital One over the years & seeing as the repayment percentage was a whopping 34.9% after 13 YEARS so if you're keeping up with what I'm telling you here you can begin to see that an obscene amount of money has been made off me for well over a decade and it has to stop. Now! Over the year's I have contacted Capital One about the high-interest rates and the fact that I'm a long time customer and surely there much be some reduction I was entitled too? but I was always fobbed off with some schmooze talk or other, in the letter I will write to Capital One in regards to this complaint it will include in more details those conversations but for the benefit of this post I will omit those details. Here's the thing, do I approach Capital One with a completed analysis shall we say of how the account has been managed in general including the facts; the credit limit keeps increasing but the interest payments do not, that even though I declined PPI it was still added to my account, paid back admittedly but according to recent reports Capital One amongst others have admitted to underpaying PPI claims, that unfair over the limit charges have been added to my account plus more facts including the past year in which I have been upping the amount I pay each month but yet my balance never reduces to something that is manageable. An account opened to help restore my credit file has yet after 13 years moved above low fair??? How is that fair trading?? Surely this means that Capital Ones marketing is pure lies and with a little digging and more investing a kick arse letter and also being as I am absolute proof that their product does not work or benefit me the consumer but the Bank! oh the Bank! I can't wait to get hold of those statements to finally have some idea of just how much we are talking. As if I'm not mistaken the maximum amount through the small claims court is £10,000 & I'm wondering what I'm to do should the figures I come out with be much higher than is allowed? Do I break it down for Capital One into 3 major complaints along with figures to empathise the legitimacy for the claim or do I contact them separately for each complaint? This kind of seems pointless as my complaint is generally about mismanagement and all 3 complaints are covered by that. Although my instinct is telling me to hit them with it all at once be fair and give them maybe 6-8 weeks to come back with a sufficient reply and hopefully an offer before I start proceeding in taking them to court, should I mention in the initial complaint letter that I am ready to take them to court? I do plan to be ready for whatever Captial One throws at me when the time comes and will take them to court if need be. I'm thinking of maybe getting the press involved the likes of thisismoney, BBC watchdog, The Guardian etc should I also mention this to Capital One if the press decide they have a story they like, for better or worse, could this affect what happens in court? It absolutely stuns me to think of how much the likes of Capital One have stolen from us over the years, makes me sick really and I'm like a dog with a bone now after reading so many success stories I know it's going to be a struggle and with the help and support of this community Capital One will be forced into acknowledging their blatant day-light robbing practices. I have taken into consideration that in the past I have contacted Capital One in regards to PPI repayments /unfair Bank Charges and both complaints were paid but on reflection after reading through these forums I may actually be entitled to claim back more than I initially intended. Again in terms of fairness as I'm lead to believe the court shows favour to fair compromises I am going to ask for a 50% refund of all interest paid after my account limit reach £1250 as this would bring my account into line with figures offered by banks for use of their credit facilities but who services I cannot avail of because my credit score is below average, even though I pay more than my minimum repayment each month and rarely if ever have I missed a payment, I think I'm being fair but again I can't be sure, it remains to be seen how fair I will be feeling once I start organising the figures and it starts to sink in just how unfairly I have been treated! Thanks for reading .. To the long road..
  3. Hi all, I think I'm in quite a bit of hot water with this attack from PRA Group I've following the advice from other contributors in here & been through all the necessary communication with this DCA's solicitors & although very late in the day they have provided all that the court ordered them to evidence proof of debt, correct legal assignment etc. I was wondering if anybody would be willing to cast an eye over the evidence provided & comment on whether it is all in order or if there is perhaps any legal grounds to which I can defend myself in this claim based on any paperwork/contractual errors. The PDF links to the evidence provided by the claimant are attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  4. Hi all I am just trying to get my SAR... with no hope I have had knock backs and excuses from other banks but persevered and finally got my SAR's but with Satan’s bank this is proving more difficult, I am just getting standard knock back after knock back, passed form dept. to dept. I feel like giving up with this one.....?? I have also asked for the underwrites and just been ignored. This is chasing a car loan from Foods of Windsford 1996 GE were the finance house, I know it had PPI I remember the salesman telling me I wouldn't get the car if i didn't take the PPI I was in my early 20's and he took advantage, any ideas anyone???
  5. Hello again good people, I received a letter yesterday from Aktiv Capital regarding a "New Deal" asking my to pay off a certain percentage of a debt in final settlement or set up a payment plan with them to pay it off. The total debt is apparently just over £300. Now, the letter doesn't state what the debt is for or who the original creditor was. In fact, it says nothing. Just along the lines of "pay us this now." This is about the 6th letter I have received from them in about 3 months, but none threaten further action etc. I checked my experian credit report about a week ago, and there is nothing from Aktiv Capital on there, just two defaults with Lowell, one of which is settled. I'm assuming that it could be Statute Barred, but not sure how to go about it, as I have no details of the debt? Could anybody put forward some advice please? Many Thanks.
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