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Found 3 results

  1. Sadly my father has recently passed away. He used to deal with all my parents banking, and my mother was unaware until now that there was a DD being paid monthly from their joint account for a variable amount of around GBP40, to Capquest Investments. My father had kept no paperwork in relation to this, but a quick search reveals this is a debt collection agency. We have no idea what debt this may relate to - we thought any outstanding credit card bills had been settled years ago. We are now of course extremely concerned about how much this amount is and if my mother will be liable for it. She has some capital from a house sale, but she has to invest this to provide a pension for the rest of her life (she is only 61). She really can't afford it to be any less. It seems there are a lot of posts on here about Cap Quest. Can anyone offer any advice please?
  2. Hi, Hope this is the right way of doing this. I have read the notes .... but. Some time ago I got behind with payments to Barclays PF. Instead of contracted payment I agreed to pay them a reduced payment which I did. Then late 2009 I got a letter offering me a "Discounted" settlement. The discounted rate was stated as @ the equivalent of two months of the agreed reduced payment (or @ 1% of the outstanding balance). Later when they realised that I was no longer making my "agreed payment" they bombarded me with phone calls. I just used to tell them that I had settled it (the loan) as per their Letter dated XXXXXX. They always played "dumb" to the contents of the letter and claimed they didn't keep copies of "Computer Generated" letters to customers. After a while of repeating myself I no longer took the calls. Some months passed and they would occaisionally send me letters telling me how much I owed them and one day I answered a call by accident but just repeated my usual phrases. The girl on the phone said that I couldn't possibly think that I had settled the account for such a small figure to which I replied "I have settled it in accordance with your letter of XXXXXX and then hung up on her as the conversation was going around in circles. Sometime last year they sent me what I think was a "Notice of Default" (sorry I can't find this at the moment. I won't have thrown it away but its not where it should be filed) that I ignored. In the first post after Christmas day I got a letter from BPF telling me they had assigned debt to CQ and a letter from CQ telling me I had 14 days to make arrangements to pay them. They followed this up the next day with a phone call (from South African callcenter??) with a very agressive lady threatening me with all sorts of things if I didn't pay her over the phone. When eventually I could get a word in I stated the usual "I settled this debt with BPF as per their letter dated XXXXXX". She was unimpressed!!!!! and told me to send a copy of letter to CQ at address on letter within 14 days. I have not done so. I have now recieved a letter which is titled : Letter of Claim under the Practice Direction - Pre Action Conduct I have not yet replied pending guidance Apologies for length of this initial contact. Kindest Regards
  3. Making my own thread on this subject. Received over the weekend and SD signed by Barry Davies. £1300 Aqua credit card from around 3 years ago. Now taking the steps to set aside, it's a little confusing so taking my morning to digest the tons of information here on the forums! Any additional advice will be welcome 8)
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