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  1. My mother of 82 took out a Policy with yourrepair in July this year She had swapped from a previous cover as it was getting a bit to expensive for her. She saw yourrepair online and read the reviews and all seemed good so She chose top cover as it was still cheaper than previous care cover. Now she has happily been paying for a good few month with no problems. The boiler has now incurred a problem. It keeps cutting out leaving her without heating and hot water intermittently. She made a claim online as there doesn’t seem to be a telephone number. She was told an engineer would respond within 3 days or less. After 5 days no body had contacted her and the boiler was still cutting out. Now being 82 and having a problem with your boiler can cause unnecessary stress. In her head something serious is wrong if it’s cutting out. i took over and made a complaint she finally gets an engineer out After 13 days. He diagnosed the problem as the sensors and said they need changing. He said he would speak to yourrepair and get back. Next day heText messaged my self saying that the repair had been refused by Yourrepair. i made another complaint about the refusal of the repair and get a phone call almost straight away from a lady saying that the problem is sludge in the system and it’s not covered in their policy. But I can have a 2nd opinion and if he says there’s sludge there will be a £90 call out charge. I have had issues with the boiler previously and the company has been straight out and fixed the problem or had to order parts in and then fixed it. There has never been any mention of sludge. I told them im not prepared to pay £90 so i had the boiler looked at by an independentBoiler repair man and he didn’t find sludge. I have complained again to Yourepair and have since been offered another visit which would be chargeable if they found sludge I have refused for obvious reasons as they have already lied about sludge. I told them i want the policy canceling but they are refusing to cancel my policy and expect my mother to pay the rest of the 12 months even though that cannot offer the service which she is paying for. In the mean time i thought it was strange that all the reviews on their site were positive i checked with Trust Pilot they have a warning about Your Repair and their reviews saying they believe that their reviews are being manipulated Overall this company seem very iffy to say the least I just want rid of them but theres no way we are going to pay them the rest of the policy, mom has called the bank and they said its a 12 month contract DD and cant be cancelled Not sure which way to go with this so any help would be appreciated
  2. Hello i require help advice with a housing related issue i was domestically abused by the tenancy holder kn the property we cohabited for over 10 years (21/22 in total) i requested to take over the tenancy after the safeguardimg team got involved for which I have a crime ref number i contacted the housing assc to explain i am agoraphobic unable to leave due to ill health and was beimg domestically abused by rhe tenamcy holder (my father) who had to leave due to safeguarding issue thos was 8th sep 17 i have since made several requests to pay rent and be granted a tenancy here to set up rent payment etc. I had no choice in abuse and was unable to leave due to ill health some related to abuse of 30 years and ahoraphobia 10+ years ive been unab.e to escape i sought help when my GP discovered signs of abuse during home visit first responders told me a sjpport worker and councillimg and assesments for my known violent father were not in budget and tjat i should cope wirh abuse a little longer until my dad died this lack of help lead to safeguardimg then housing issues. I waish to stay as any dom abuse victim (non tenant) in same situation are granted tenamcy in these situations i payed my rent up to termination amd made every effort to continue to do so while i sought help for dom abuse its effects and my existing mental and physical health issues and get help to locate and identify a suitable property to move to in a structured safe way rather than in a crisis and incurrrimg court costs etc adding tonmy mental health issues and suicidal feelings. I can provide any info needed to assist, crime ref evidence of lack of help prrof of payment and requests for tenancy dated etc. I hope u can help as im very desperate court hearing in weeks.
  3. I have watched this programme and depending on when they filmed each series certainly the one prior to the latest, maybe even this series will have been filmed after a change in law http://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/2015/11/17/new-nightmares-for-landlords-using-high-court-sheriffs-to-evict-tenants/ Nicholas v Secretary of State for Defence, High Court, Chancery Division, August 24, 2015 Which they now have to give advanced notice about HCEO's being instructed to carry out evictions CH5 conveniently appears to have omitted this fact Also the methods some of DCBL staff (del & son) used to gain a questionable" peaceful entry" yes door was open but man standing next to it blocking entry further into property yet del's son still enters blocks door from being closed (surely this is illegal)? series 4 episode 11 i hope But this is the sort of thing if I'm correct that misleads people and causes confusion it's time that tv companies /broadcasters et el, were legally bound to report facts based on laws not fudging stuff for entertainment value, many of those featured are very vulnerable as are some who maybe watching these so called documentaries
  4. My Dad is in a care home and I just cant afford the top up fee's any more. The situation is this, my mum looked after my dad after he had a stroke, but in November of 2015 Mum became too ill and had to go into hospital, I was not able to meet for my dads needs so their social worker found a local care home and thats where he went - willingly because he knew it was right, sadly my Mum died on December 27th 2015. My mum told me to pay any bills etc using their money, I had to agree to pay a weekly £40 top up fee to the care home and this was being paid by Dad from his own savings [not technically allowed, but it was the only way], he had his DLA stopped, and then the bills from the council kept coming for his care home fees, added to by the top up fee's. In a year, his savings have been nearly wiped out, the main fee is paid direct to the care home now which is his entire weekly income, minus £24.50 [his allowance], dont forget I have been paying the £40 top ups from his own savings, because.. I am ill myself, I work 16 hours a week and cannot manage to do more than that as I struggle to do the 16 hours, I dont have any savings, and I do not get any benefits, life is a struggle. Soon, his savings will run out, I will be able to use the £24.50 of dads weekly money to go towards the top up fee, he requires very little for day to day things as everything is provided by the care home, I want to know if there is any help I can get for the top up fee, and what the consequences might be when the money runs out. At the time of dad going into a care home, he struck very lucky by getting into one locally, [stockport] but there was no choice of which care home, other care homes have no top up fee, but quite simply there are no places anywhere else and to move him would probably see him off as he is settled, happy, and well cared for. I just dont know what to do or who to speak to.
  5. Hi all and thanks for the help in advance. I returned back to the UK 3 or 4 months ago after travelling. I was on a working holiday in Australia for 1 and a half years, then travelling Asia (not working at all) for another year. After returning my Dad fell ill and is disabled. Therefore he began claiming PiP etc. He needs help and I have been caring for him. I made a new claim for carers allowance over 8 weeks ago. (still waiting for an answer) I have just attempted to make a claim for universal credit and after answering a question about being in the country for the last 2 years the website informed me I am not eligible for universal credit. I assume this was because I have been travelling. I then researched into carer's allowance and it says you can't claim carer's allowance if you have not been in the country the at least 2 of the last 3 years. Does this mean I have no rights to any benefits in the UK? I am a UK citizen and have lived here all my life and intend to stay. I have literally no money and my Dad needs round the clock care. What do I do? We are both living of his benefits which is only fit for 1 person. Can I claim jobseekers if my Dads condition improves? Thanks
  6. Hello all I get ESA CB Support group and recently posted my ESA50 reassesment. I am worried that if I am asked to attend or even if I manage to get a F2F at my home and due to my Bowel issues I am unable to attend or even if its at my house and I am stuck in the bathroom and I am unable to answer the door and he or she leaves. Now what happens then? I know they will send me a letter and asks me for good reason I did not attend, but then what if the same thing happens again if they make a new appointment? and again? Will they eventually end my ESA claim? and then would I have to appeal to have my ESA reinstated? and if I win my appeal to have my ESA reinstated would I immediately be requested to attend another ESA assessment? OK well if that doesnt happen what if I was being assessed and was unable to continue after even a few seconds, would the assessor class that as non attendance? or how would that work? and how would I appeal if this happened and I was removed from ESA? what would be the process? Thanks all in advance"
  7. I am so angry that FoS have listened to what Natiowide have said about timescales and i cannot claim !! There must be a way to do so, as i NEVER need any form of PPI. the reply from FOS was : i feel the below i totally unfair as u did not know i had ppi on the card until i found an old statement last year. also nationwide did not tell me of any time-scales-limits , i feel they have used dirty tricks. there must be a way for me to make a claim as i am disgusted they have basically said "tough" Dear Mr xxxxxxx Thank you for your email dated 10 February 2016. I have attempted to contact you on numerous occasions to discuss the complaint with you, however I have been unsuccessful. I apologise that you feel this way, however under the dispute resolution rules set out by the Financial Conduct Authority, businesses are entitled to not consent to us looking at a complaint on six and three and as a service we have to consider this before we can proceed to look at the merits. In your case Nationwide has not consented into us looking into your complaint, therefore we have to look at whether it’s been more than six years since the PPI policy was sold and more than three years since the you became aware (or ought reasonably to have become aware) that you had cause to complain. We are an impartial service and have consider evidence provided by both you and the business in order to reach a fair outcome. Our general approach is that statements clearing setting out PPI ought reasonably to have made the consumer aware that PPI was added to their account. In your case, your monthly statements would have shown that you were paying for insurance. Whilst I understand you may not have checked every single statement, it would have been clear from the statement that you were paying some sort of insurance which would have been enough to give you cause to question what it was you were paying and complain. I appreciate that you have told us that you were not aware that there was a timescale to make a complaint and Nationwide never informed you of this, however they are not required to do so. I have to consider that it is reasonable to assume that you should reasonably have known you had cause to complain more than three years before you did – so unfortunately your complaint falls outside the three-year time scale as well and I remain of the view that the complaint could have been referred to us within time. If there’s anything else that you think we need to consider that relates specifically to reasons why your complaint was made outside of these timescales, please let us know within 21 days. We’ll then look at things again taking into account what you send us - but unless you have any new information it is unlikely that our view will change. Should you request for an ombudsman to make a decision on your complaint, the ombudsman will not be considering your complaint, but rather whether we can look into the complaint any further. I am sorry that we were not able to help you more on this occasion. Yours sincerely Mena Salih Financial Ombudsman Service 0203 069 6556
  8. Can someone please offer me some advice on ths matter please, i have some registered defaults on my credit file from credit card companies for the last 3 years, i am in a dmp with payplan with who i make a token payment to all companies as i am unemployed. I have written to all card companies asking for my cca, some have replied that they cannot find any paperwork and that the account is unenforcable, and others have said they cannot find the cca and will suspend payment to the account until the cca is found. 1, what is the position on this, do i carry on paying them or just stop until they find the paperwork,if they ever do? 2, if they dont get back to me until after the 6 year time period for the defaults has elapsed, and the defaults are removed , what then? 3,if i was to be given a cash sum to make an offer of a f+f payment to all is there any benefits to pay them off now,before the 6 years, if accepted, or just keep paying the token payments until the 6 years has passed and defaults are removed anyway, am i still liable to keep paying after the defaults are removed, until the total debt is repaid, as at this rate it would take me 25+ years to clear with the token payments, i make to them. THANK YOU FOR ANY ADVICE ON THIS MATTER
  9. I have been a customer of Vodafone for many many years now, last year I decided to move my Vodafone contract number from contract when it came to the end of the contract to Vodafone PAYG, a simple task I thought, oh no, people could phone me and txt me but I couldn't reply, all I could do was use the data allowance, many times I contacted Vodafone and each time I was assured it would be fixed within 24 hours, it never was, so I decided to stop going around in circles and take out a new monthly contract as I had better luck with that. So here I am now with a PAYG that receives but cannot send and a new contract SIM with of course new number which I don't want, so I complete the online form to port the PAYG over to the new contract SIM, again I think this will be simple, many people each day do this, no it fails, the number leaves PAYG and enters some sort of black hole, never reaching the contract, a days go by and still no action, I am still on the new unwanted number, during this time it is my birthday, nobody can call me to wish me happy birthday , I contact customer services via the 'chat' I give up after ages being passed from one call centre person to the next, I get dizzy. A further 2 weeks go by, and still I don't have my old number back, I complete the online form again, this time I get an email saying the old number is no longer active Again I contact Vodafone via 'chat', again I passed around 4 times, before they give up this time and tell me to dial 191 as they have more access to the system than they do, so I do this, 36 minutes I am on the phone, I get passed around a bit, I lost count how many people I spoke to but it was a lot, I am told the 'back office' team messed up with the port and it will have to go back to them to sort out, it coule take 48 hours. I dont hold out much hope. Anybody else had nightmare times porting numbers over with Vodafone
  10. Sadly we lost our dad on 21st sept 2015, naturally all of the direct debits and standing orders got cancelled, now looking through dads bank statements, we noticed that he had been paying £15 per week into a savings account by standing order, lloyds bank say they are unable to tell were the payment was going to as the standing order had been cancelled. now we know there is an account but have no idea were and lloyds say they cant tell us any help or advice on this would be great . thanks Lets
  11. I proved that BG had overbilled for six years and I believe the documentation establishes proof that they accpeted this. When finally pushed in a corner, they refunded one year of overbilling ayaing that they were not required to go back more than one year. Can this be correct? Eam
  12. On Tuesday this week on C5 is a new special that the title states looks to be worthwhile watching. This will be worth watching as it appears the crew from Cant pay we'll take it away will feature in this as well. This is a small series so stick on in your diary to watch... Tuesday @ 21:00
  13. Hi Guys, I could do with a bit of advice after an illness and arranging payment with various companies my credit report took a kicking as expected however I have now caught up with all but 2 HSBC and Cabot I still have an arrangement to pay. I must add that these 2 where defaulted on some time ago, whilst shall we say discussing payment arrangements. The issue I have is that even though I am paying that theses 2 accounts and have been for over 14 months they are still showing as defaults and are killing my credit score I have contacted Cabot (they where not any help) any ideas how I can improve my credit score
  14. Hello again, Yet again something absolutely stupid has happened to me. My car has been stolen, but it couldn't be that simple. I have a red Alfa Romeo, SORN and uninsured, I took the engine out of it an transplanted it in my car, and took a few other bits and bats so it was just a rolling shell full of junk (became our skip as we knew we were getting rid). We towed it to the local scrap yard this morning (on an A frame which wasn't really legal). When we got to the gates, we realised we had forgot the V5. So unhooked the car, drove home and got it. When we got back to the scrap yard they were closed and the car was gone. It has no engine so it cant have been drove and the sod was heavy, on space saver wheels and with partially seized brakes so couldnt have been pushed. You can see the full scrap yard and it isnt in there, what do I do? It was towed illegally by my friend so I dont want him to get in trouble if they see him on CCTV. We also technically abandoned it to get the V5 so dont want the 2.5k fine for abandoning a vehicle. But I also dont want it to crop up a few months down the line when its found burned out, or dumped somewhere. So I cant really report it stolen can I? Also what do I do, just keep sorning it every year??
  15. ex2103

    cant go on

    There is no justice in this world. My ex was lending money off me for nappies when I met her. I brought her 2 babies up as my own as well as my two that we had. I loved all four of my kids. We split and she went to csa. I approached her and said why go to csa i dont mind paying you for all 4 children, she said ok pay for all 4 (2 were not mine, biologically), for clothes, food, and half towards any school trips. I agreed and never missed a payment, that was 2007. I recently (2015) received a letter from csa saying that I have to pay £1000 per month for the forseeable future. Where am I supposed to get this money from? When we split after 10 years of me bringing her children up and me paying for them, I asked when can I see them, to which she said, theyre nothing to do with you. She keeps my house, my children, my material posessions, ( which i dont care about), she has now got a boyfriend with 3 business's 12 houses, 18 cars!!! I am not used to dealing with stress, I am a very loving, protective and allow me to say reasonable father, but I am constantly getting shafted by this system and I am reasonable but I'm not an idiot...I cant deal with this stress, why can't these women (and men) just be reasonable and do whats best for the child. I am re-married, i Have my 15 year old living with me now and also a 2 year old with my new wife and now the csa are threatening to take my house because i cannot meet their extortionate prices. I cant go on, i cant eat, i cant sleep, this should not be allowed :'(
  16. Parked in a residents only space, the other side of the road was P+D lots of spaces. Bought ticket £3 thinking all was good. got PCN, wrote to council before notice was served pointing out it was obviously a mistake and I didn't intend to flout parking regulations knowingly as there we plenty of places to park and I wouldn't of bought the £3 ticket. They have replied saying no go I have to pay. On the ticket itself where the offence is printed with codes etc it crosses the generic type on the ticket so it cant be read, does this make it invalid in any way? They made it clear what the offence was in the reply email I got when I begged! Thanks all
  17. I just wished Lowell Financial Customer Relations a Happy New Year in my first email to them in 2015.... Sadly no money for them this month. After their Virus email they sent around, that money has gone on replacing the hard drive of the sandboxed machine I opened it on haha
  18. Hi everyone, I have a LLoyds bank Premier account. I get charged £25 for the account, £6 for an overdraft useage fee and interest on the money that is overdrawn. We pay around £51 per month, the balance doesnt change and hasnt changed since 02/10/2009! we are just treading water, we have a constant balance of £-2090 and cant see a way of paying it off as we cant afford to pay anymore. We have asked to change to a different account before to help us reduce the balance but were told that until we get it down to £500 they cant do anything for us. Can anybody help?
  19. Can anyone please advise. I have defaulted on a 'grant of time to pay' and have now received a notice of enforcement from (dated 02/09/2014) a firm of HCEO's I defaulted because I had to pay a family loan for money I had borrowed for legal help during the trial, but the court don't recognize family loans as priority debt. This is now paid and I can start to pay the order. We have a baby due in a matter of weeks and now the bailiffs are threatening The debt is for £2880, to stop them acting I have arranged to pay £800 tomorrow and they then gave me 6 weeks to pay the balance - honestly I cant afford either I have tried speaking to the baliffs they are not interested in setting up any other payment plan. I have tried the court and they are not interested saying now its with the baliffs there is nothing they can do. What I'm concerned about is my partner is 7.5 months pregnant, she owns everything in the house most of it on finance, if I cant afford it and don't own anything what can they do? please help
  20. hi i recived a letter from mortimer clarke solicitors say i owe them £750 i cant make a payment online, cant pay over the phone and as i dont half a cheque book would i be able to send a postal order to pay?
  21. Due to my wife being forced out of her job because of bullying & me having to quit my job due to a stress related breakdown I am down to my last month being able to pay loan back. I've got a debt with HSBC for £10000approx. I have the HSBC advance account, is this insured against loss of job?
  22. Hi all, I will try to keep this as brief but informative as possible, after suffering a nervous breakdown some 16 years ago (work related) I moved back to my home town along with my husband, the intention was to help my recovery. I was granted benefits for both myself and husband...I was on incapacity and claimed for him. After many years of various treatments and medications my mental health is wobbly at best. I am still in and out of counselling, I need my husband for support on a daily basis (as any one with mental health problems will understand) amongst all of the medication and fog that engulfed my life I somehow had a baby some 8 years ago, we are a nice little trio who get by...still on full benefits. Before my son was born I was on DLA for a few years but came off because I couldn't cope with the assessments. we have never applied for carers allowance. to be honest I don't know how my husband has stayed with me. I was called to my local office for a medical almost 12 months ago and they agreed that I was not fit to work and needed my husbands continuing support. Since then I have been contacted twice by my local job centre for help getting off benefits and back to work. I have done both interviews over the phone. Part of my condition means that I catastrophosize (yes it is a word...although probably not spelled right)This means that the slightest problem I experience is multiplied 1000 fold in my head, it inevitably takes over my life, making it difficult for me to cope with every day tasks. My next appointment is due in September I am already finding it difficult to think about anything else, my husband is willing to work, however I really don't think I could cope, sometimes |I cant leave the house let alone go to school to collect my son. I don't know what my options are but I am finding it increasingly difficult to cope. can anyone help many thanks
  23. a family member is very ill in hospital and is sedated and unable to respond, but there partner needs to gain access to bank account as they need money for general things, they are married and they have been in with a hospital letter headed document to say about this family member being ill, but bank have now stopped everything on account and there partner has nothing to help them with money. Ive been in with them with marriage certificate and hospital document but still they refuse, I'm at a loss as to what to do any help please
  24. No money? No excuses! Following people on the sharp end of bad debt – and those whose job it is to get the money back. http://www.channel5.com/shows/cant-pay-well-take-it-away Channel 5 - April 8th - 9.00 pm
  25. So I had an email from Experian earlier tonight (I have their Credit Expert thingie), and I have just found out that I have a CCJ against me from the start of December, which must have been issued to my old address... So, let me explain. I have a total of around £27k of debts, £25k from old credit cards (Egg/Barclaycard and Co-operative Bank), 1K taxman and 1K lloyds "overdraft" (Who i continue to bank with as a current account only). The cards are all from around 3-4 years ago. All in my name, all caused by My Ex. - However I do realise i am liable for these debts. Anyhow, When I moved out, all were advised by telephone of my new address/info, and i indeed have demands from previous collection companies (for the two cards anyhow) to this address. However it seems like the court documents sent to my old address, and I was completely unaware of this until now. Now i find i have a CCJ and i dont know what i can do. I live on my own, and whilst i get a decent salary, the CSA also deduct lots of money at source for my children (Around 35% of my salary), so I have very little money to live on. I have possessions in the house that i REALLY don't want to loose (having been divorced once, with another pending, I have had to rebuild from scratch twice with the help from money lent to me by my great parents). I live in fear of the bailiffs coming around and taking what I have. It also seems that as part of the CCJ, the amount owing on this one card (previously £13k) has now jumped to £18k.... Seems to have happened just before the court case i wasnt aware of..... I dont know what to do, or where to go to get this sorted out - All i know is that i'll hapilly pay what i can, however because of the size of the debt i doubt it will be enough. I stuck my head in the sand as all I was getting was harassing post and phone calls DAILY to both my home and work numbers I cant sleep since finding all this out, hence my posting at 2:15am I'm so scared Please could someone advise me what i can do Thanks Paul
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