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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, I have been refused life and income insurance by legal and General after they rejected me based on my medical report. I had cancer 17 years ago, not an aggressive tumor and my consultant is positive it will never come back. It was a very rare tumor and only a specialist consultant would know the details. Basically they have took one look at my report and refused me. Can I appeal? Can I request to see their report (not my medical records but why they refused me) Can anyone recommend an insurance company? Thankyou!!
  2. Suppressed Cancer Cure-Court Case.19th November Southwark Crown Court near London Bridge 19th November. I keep coming across information here and there about this case and i began to wonder. When something bothers you or begins to best to put it down somewhere. I am just passing the details on for others to have their say. A few details,videos and much more on the link. [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD=class: Content MainText]9.30am on Monday 19th Nov 2018, to support DAVID NOAKES, as he faces the full wrath of BIG PHARMA's protection racket ... ENFORCED by the MHRA on behalf
  3. A family friend is undergoing after cancer care treatment received chemotherapy etc. Has been in the support group for it. He received a ESA50 form recently to complete and got his GP to provide him supporting evidence about his cancer after care and inability to walk. The medical report was very detailed. I am now astonished that they have sent out an appointment for a face to face assessment? How on gods earth will a face to face interview prove someone has got cancer and also issues walking from a so called Assessment Adviser who has no medical expertise in such cases?
  4. Llanelli vinyl vendor jailed for selling illegal cancer drugs across the EU READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/llanelli-vinyl-vendor-jailed-for-selling-illegal-cancer-drugs-across-the-eu
  5. http://news.sky.com/story/cancer-often-being-diagnosed-in-ae-despite-patients-seeing-gps-10849984 Does not surprise me. Given that it can take 3 weeks to get a GP appointment and then they only have about 8 minutes to diagnose or refer for tests, it is most likely to be a Hospital A&E that finds patients have cancer. The last time i had a blood sample taken, between booking the appointment and getting the test result back, it was over a month. Two weeks before GP appointment, rebooked to see a Nurse to take sample a week later and then two weeks to get the result back. The
  6. Hi All, Just today it has been confirmed to me that my beloved male dog has a large cancer within the muscle wall near his hind left leg. We found the lump last week and immediately took him to be checked - the lump is huge and very hard. Prior to this he had been his normal bright self, not off his food, not losing weight so nothing to suggest he was poorly. We have been told he can have surgery to remove it however they would have to also take a substantial amount away from around the tumour and then it would be major reconstructive surgery to close the wound. There is about
  7. This has affected two family members recently. The Macmillan website has come up with recipes donated by various people involved with treating cancer. They know that cancer patients don't always feel like eating and that chemo affects your taste buds and the recipes are designed to be nutritious, tasty and tempting. I hope the link is useful. HB http://be.macmillan.org.uk/downloads/CancerInformation/LivingWithAndAfterCancer/MAC11668RecipesDD20120813.pdf
  8. I was tempted to use 'discriminate against' in the thread title but thought that may have been a bit too strong. Ok, so my mum is currently on a trip to Dubai with my dad (He's already over there for work) and so we went to take out a travel insurance policy. She's done this trip (alone and with me) several times in the past few years so we've got a good bit of experience with buying Travel Insurance online, usually from the Post Office, and just printing out documentation at home within minutes. All nice and simple. So this year we sat down (She's not at all IT-savvy, so it's down t
  9. I am a store manager working on the east coast of the UK, who works for a large company I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and have struggled with things like fatigue since making the decision to battle on and keep doing a job I enjoy I understand that I am covered by The Equality Act I am paid a basic salary and also receive OTE for hitting store targets My employer has been increasing my targets by as much as 60-70% vs year on year performance, I feel I am breaking under the pressure of trying to remain at work and also manage my team I have mentioned volume 3 of
  10. Hi I wonder if some one can help advise me on what I should do about this. Six months ago my OH went to our GP as he was suffering from stomach pains, weight loss and passing blood. The GP told him to have a blood test and do a stool sample and that he wanted to referrer him to the specialist as soon as possible. He gave him some medication to help settle the stomach. My OH had the blood test and stool sample and took the medication. His stomach seemed to calm down and we heard nothing back so presumed the tests came back fine. 4 months later we receive a letter from the hosp
  11. Sophie Jones, 19, lost her battle with cancer on Saturday morning - her family say it should never have happened The parents have set up a petition in order that other young girls are not let down as Sophie was - you can sign HERE
  12. A health watchdog is warning that thousands of people have been sent hoax emails suggesting they have cancer. The messages appear to come from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). It says the contents are likely to be distressing and has reported the hoax to the police. It is not clear exactly how many people are affected, but based on the high number of calls to the organisation it is thought to number thousands. NICE is advising people who have received the email - the subject line of which is important blood analy
  13. MODS: Please move if necessary. After my sister contracting this recently and having a mastectomy and reconstruction, then several friends contracting this awful disease, I have found a simple read for MEN AND WOMEN regarding this issue to try to raise awareness. Please take two minutes to read something which could save your life: http://simply-wrong.com/breast-cancer-is-simply-wrong/ Thank you!
  14. I am not sure whether this is best place in here or special needs and disability. I also don't want to clog up the what made you swear today? thread in the Bear Garden. For those of you who have seen that thread within the last few days, you'd know that my Granddad has been given 2 years to live and has cancer in his spine and liver. He had mouth and throat cancer 3 years ago and was given the all clear 9 months later. Any support, advice, etc. would be appreciated please. I will also be using this thread to post what's going on with his treatment, etc.
  15. Hi everyone, Not sure if anyone can help or not. This morning I had tests on a lump I had found and I was told that it was 95% certain that the lump was cancer and I would need treatment for breast cancer. This afternoon I had an appointment with my adviser for a post work programme interview, it wasn't a signing day but they still insist on checking my jobsearch throughly. Because of what had happened in the morning I completely forgot to take it and they threatened me with a sanction. And made appointments for me to be at the job centre every day for the next fortnight at varyin
  16. Protection provider Bright Grey has improved its critical illness cancer definition for its personal and business protection plans. The additional cover is for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, where a clear diagnosis has been made but it has not progressed to Binet stage A. Previously, Bright Grey would only cover chronic lymphocytic leukaemia if it had progressed to stage A. It has also extended its definition of skin cancer to cover basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma where they have invaded and spread to lymph nodes or metastasised to distant organs. This takes its skin can
  17. After many years of having 2 x credit cards with MBNA I started a second business that failed leaving me in huge debt. A couple of years later I sold my other business wanting to get out as the recession was hitting. I continued to pay the credit cards for as long as possible but what with my Husband being made redundant I soon ran out of money. With three children to care for I came to an arrangement to pay MBNA each month £1 towards each credit card. In August this year I was diagnosed with cancer and I have to admit I didn't pay the £1 to MBNA (mind was else
  18. Surfer01

    Cancer Act 1939

    Most citizens of Great Britain are totally unaware of the 1939 Cancer Act which effectively prevents them from finding out about different treatments for cancer. See here Is the above correct and are we prevented from finding out more? I had never heard of the Act until this morning when it was mentioned to me.
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