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Found 3 results

  1. Apologies for length of this post! I got pulled over by the Police last night at approx 9pm and asked if I had insurance for the vehicle. I truthfully replied that I did so and stated which company it was with. The officer said that the vehicle check flashed up as uninsured, but he accepted that this was not always completely up-to-date. As it was out of hours he was unable to do a proper phone check. He then gave me a producer to show my insurance documents at a Police Station. He then phoned me today to say that the policy has been cancelled and I needed to sort it out immediately. He said the insurance company issued five letters (I have found five letters from them). He arranged to come to my house on Saturday where I'm expecting to be issued with a ticket/fine. He said he was being lenient as he could impound the vehicle. This has come as a genuine surprise as I thought I had completed my proof of no claims online (admittedly close to their deadline) and have not received a letter to say that the policy has been cancelled. I took my policy out in November with Auto Direct, but due to being generally disorganised, having young babies, work pressures etc etc had not sent in the proof of no claims bonus. I had received a number of reminder letters and eventually went on to the companies website to get further details on what they needed - intending to send it in the next day or make a call to my previous insurer to sort out asap before the final deadline. I then noticed on their website that it was possible to prove no claims on their website by completing a form, which I then did. This was several days before the final warning of cancellation was set (8th Feb 2012). I completed the form and then thought no more of the matter as it seemed that they had everything they needed. I have now found that one of the letters dated 10th Feb states the following: 'We are pleased to confirm that a refund of £106.84 has been passed to your Credit Card account in respect of your insurance policy." The letter goes on but it does not mention anywhere that the policy was cancelled. To be honest this letter has been sat on a shelf unopened until now so I only have myself to blame as I suppose I could have queried why they had refunded. Is there anything I could do now as it seems that I have not received a letter to categorically state cancellation of the policy? I would have thought that I should have a letter saying my insurance is now cancelled and that is why money has been refunded? I completed their online form, but if this did not work, surely they should have come back to me instead of cancelling the policy two or three days later? The company say that they informed me in writing that it was cancelled. I have found five letters (as previously mentioned), but cannot find anything to state a cancellation only the threat of cancellation if I don't send in the proof of no claims. I hope you can help me in this matter as it seems like it is going to be a big fine, points and difficulties in getting another policy. The company have already quoted £762 for a new quote! This assumes I get a INT10 fine on Saturday when the policeman visits.
  2. Hoping for some advice, We have recently had our basement converted into proper living space. Part of the work included underpinning along the front of the house and half of one side due to the foundations not being deep enough. There hasn't been a history of subsidence or stuctural issues previous, just normal settlement. We thought we'd do the right thing and let our insurance provider (M&S) know and they have said they won't cover the house because it has been underpinned and have now cancelled our insurance (21 days notice). I have now spoken to Tesco to get a quote and they asked the question about cancelled insurance. Once again I did what I thought was right and mentioned the issue with M&S. They have said they won't even consider giving us due to the cancelled insurance. Not sure what to do next and hoping for some advice? Thanks, Kyle
  3. Hello... Please can someone direct / help me... My girlfriend took out motor insurance on 1st Oct '10 with a company. We input the correct details online and they even called her and confirmed the policy (with a small price increase) But, they have since been sending demands for documents to the wrong address. They have input her house number & phone number wrong onto their systems, so she never got the requests and subsiquently they have cancelled her policy, again sending the warning letter to the wrong address. It was only the eagel eyed postman that saw this and posted a Recorded delivery card to her... So we're too late... policy cancelled because they had the wrong details, through no fault of ours! (we gave them the right ones!) Even took a wrong mobile number so they could call us (which i doubt they tired) Where do we stand? They are offering £209 back... thats a 50% reduction in the policy and cancellation charge... Their excuse is " she should have called us when she didn't get the docs" but we all know we're busy people and we can forget! So.. they messed up and we're paying! I'm expecting a phone call Monday 13/12 to say what they will do... if not a complaint will be going in... then to the Financial Ombudsman... All suggestions or comments are welcome... do we have a leg to stand on if its their fault they got the adderss wrong!? Thank you
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