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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Please could someone clarifiy how the CSA calculates NRP payments on savings and property? It's been several years since I researched this topic, but my understanding in the past was as follows: They can only assess savings over £65,000, so if you had £100000 in savings they would be interested in the last £35K. They then assume you are earning a fabulous 8% income from this investment! Therefore the income figure would be 8% of £35,000 which is £2800, and the payment would be the usual 12% of this amount, as it is with your other income. So the payment would be £336 per year. Is this an accurate interpretation of their rules please? It's a bit confusing because on other forums some people seem to think that if you have savings over £65K then the CSA would assess the whole amount, so that would be the full £100K in the above example. I don't see how this could be true because there would be no incentive not to just spend any savings above £65. Thanks for your feedback
  2. I have a charging order secured against an ex landlords property. This was for an amount around £10,000 with interest allowed to be added at a rate of 8% per annum. The landlord has made no payments to account and the charging order was granted almost 3 years ago. I am in process of writing a letter to the landlord and need to work out how much now will be owed. Do i add interest on annually onto interest already incurred? if that makes sense. Or is the interest just on the original £10,000 debt?
  3. HI After my ESA review I am in support group. I have received SMI payments toward £56,000 As when they started paying my SMI it was before you could get interest on up to £200,000 And so it never applied to me. However as my benefit went through a review for ESA it is treated like a new claim? In my tiny mind I thought that maybe assistance with payments would now be times by 4 But it hasn't been? How do I work out what they are meant to pay? I have looked for an online calculator but cant find one? OSW
  4. Hi there, Can anyone give me an idea how Barclays Bansk SHOULD calculate then apply interest on a home improvement loan with an APR of 26.7%? Should they calculate interest daily which is compounded after having taken off any payments or do they do this calculation monthly. The reason why I ask is it appears that Barclays have lost AT LEAST TWENTY weekly payments from a home improvemements loan where we were supposed to be able to over-pay - and although they have 'found' the lost payments, they have tagged them to the end of the statement and allowed just £27 in overcharged interest. I would like to do a spreadsheet of what SHOULD have happened had they not misplaced the overpayments to make sure that they are not shafting us. But the thing is, on asking them how they calculate the interest, they just won't say !!!!!!! Anyone??? Help, please
  5. Hi there, I have a number of Tribunal Orders coming up over the next few weeks but this one has proved to be the most difficult to work out. Does anyone know how to calculate the schedule of loss for an ET - my case is harrassment due to disability? As always, thanks for your time. Jon
  6. Hi, I have a secured loan with paragon, been paying it for 7 years and so far they have charged me over £36k in interest and I have paid £39K so far. My debt has only reduced by £2,800. I want to do a spreadsheet so i can try and work out how my balance will reduce over the years, I know interest rate may change but I just want an idea of how the payments will start to reduce my balacne becasue at the moment I see no light at the end of the tunnel! This should be a 300 month term and I can't see it'll get paid off in time if over 7 years I've only cleared £2,800 off balance. I thought it might help if I culd put my payments in up until end date of July 2030 and use current interest rate just to see if it does look any better and make things a bit clearer for me. Then it should give me some hope! I called paragon and raised my concerns but they just said as long as I paid my monthly payments on time it would be clear by the end of the 300 months but I can't get my head around it. Any ideas how I can do a spreadsheet please on excel? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, As part of my SAR request, Santander have sent only a statement of charges, not an actual statement(s) with opening and closing balances. How can I calculate the PPI due back?
  8. Just sent off a SAR for info on an account from 2000. Have been told already they can't locate the agreement. However, they were good enough to send a copy of my application which I found had PPI selected. On the application I had requested a transfer of balances to this card of £2,000 at the start. I had noticed with Lloyds they were trying to calculate any PPI payments based on estimates as they said the info of statements etc was no longer available to make an accurate calculation. They quoted the FOS guidelines to calculate on these accounts without information. In preparation to this bank saying they no longer have details of my account statements does anyone know how to calculate a monthly amount with a starting balance of £2000 going up to say £4000 for a period of 2 years?
  9. Just very recently got the dreaded letter from Halifax. I know it's been in the news but it must have got under my radar so the letter came as a mighty shock. Been away a while so I have less than three weeks to sort something. I have written to Halifax explaining pretty much what is recomended by the contributors on these various theads and explaining that in an ideal world I'd like their insurance to carry on so my dog would be covered for its existing problems. Assuming this isn't going to happen them I need to consider the "compensation" route if it comes to it. How do I calculate compensation? My dog Ellie is a rescue Rottie x Lab. Between the ages of about twelve months and thirty months she suffered kennel cough (never recurred), catarract in one eye (operated on twice and not recurred), pancreatitis (treated and never recurred) and mega oesophagus (treated and never recurred). Age about four years she was rushed into the RVC where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and almost died. She is now five and still going strong. She is on long term steroid treatment; not ideal but she is alive. Are all or none of these ailments going to recur and how long is she likely to live? This is why I would prefer the insurance to continue running as opposed to compensation. Compensation would need to cover worst case scenario as her treatment has been expensive so I would need say five years at £6000. Clearly this is over the top (hopefully!). In an ideal world Halifax should lodge this money (and everyone elses) in a compensation fund. If your dog needs treatment for an existing condition then the new insurer should be able to draw on it up to the value you were insured for. £6000 p.a or whatever. As an aside in other threads the 20% "co-insurance" has been mentioned. This clause appeared in my renewal contract last year for dogs of six years and over. Finally I was offered insurance with Petwise in my letter from Halifax. It doesn't cover existing condition cover. It has a limit per condition of £5000 and is about £35 per month (from memory) which is seven pounds more expensive than what I am paying Halifax at the moment. I went to the Petwise website and got a quote and it was about the same as I'm paying now. Halifax have been working hard on this alternative deal - for whose benefit I wonder?
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