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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone, In 2009, I got a job in another country and moved away from the UK. I informed my bank of my relocation, but allowed them continue to send my post to my old address because I visited the address whenever I returned to London from time to time. In 2012, I requested that the bank begin sending all correspondence to a new UK address where my wife's family resided and where I would have more regular access to post. In late September this year, a resident at my former apartment (who happens to be a friend of mine) informed me that I had numerous letters there.
  2. I'm having a rather lengthy game of Letter Tennis with Cabot financial (Europe) Ltd at the moment.. The Debt is mine. Having run into difficulties, and being a little stupid.... Anyways.. Please dont judge me.. I have been unemployed since March due to redundancy.. They have provided a signed CCA.. I'm stretching this out as long as possible for financial reasons. Now the question is, there is no record of a Default being issued. Nor can they provide proof the a Default was issued, yet they have placed on on my credit file.. Is this "legal".. Do I have grounds to contest the d
  3. I have discovered a Debt Collection Agency, called Cabot, has recently put a default on my Credit Report. Do I write leaving the ball in their court or take the matter further with Credit Reference Agency? I have NO letter informing me of them taking over the debt or knowledge of the debt until I applied for a Credit Union loan? Past 2 credit checks came back clear, in a check for HP item and Rent application so Cabot have only recently 'stuck' this on my record. I have stayed at my address for over 6 years and have no knowledge of payments being made in that time or where
  4. Having successfully sent the mother company Cabot packing, they have now brought out the pop-guns against me in the form of a letter from FIRE Ltd. So I did a couple of the usual checks on them. First Companies House: 'Kings Hill (No 2) Ltd' company number 03959268 became 'Financial Investigations and Recoveries (Europe) Ltd' company number 03958421 on the 14 March 2005. Of course the registered address of Kings Hill (No 2) Ltd as we all know is .... 1 KINGS HILL AVENUE KINGS HILL WEST MALLING KENT
  5. Hi all, a debt from just under 6 years ago popped up on my credit report which I am currently cleansing, apparently regarding a credit card that I don’t even remember having! I have requested a CCA with evidence of a signature but they have come up with something 30 days later claiming it has an E-Signature on it which to me proves nothing. The debt is only for about £578 I’m considering making them a 10% offer just to get them off my back as I’m a bit bewildered with what to do in these circumstance and it’s not really covered a lot in the forums. Is
  6. Dear All, I need your advise, I was taken to Court 4 years ago by Cabot Financials and I won, the case was dismissed. Now Cabot is back writing threatening letters demanding payments and even passing on the accounts (the same ones they were defeated on) to external collection agency. What I want to know is can I drag Cabot back to County Court and claim compensation for harrassment and possibly contempt of court? is there a provision in law for this type of action? Thank You
  7. Greetings CAGers I currently have three defaults on my credit score. In an attempt to improve the score, I wrote requesting an SAR to two companies responsible for publishing the defaults last week and got one response back from Cabot who had handled a Barclaycard balance, now settled in full. I attached the letter here for the benefit of CAGers similarly affected and for those who have the knowledge and experience to suggest a response to the letter http://s255.photobucket.com/albums/hh128/leonardo4455/Cabot%20Default%20Removal%202012/?action=view&current=CabotDefault2012.jp
  8. Hi everyone, Would really appreciate some advice on what to do next... Husband and I applied for a mortgage back in May this year and it was declined, so I checked my credit file and noticed a default had been placed by Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd. Balance was around £1100. Started Nov 2004 Defaulted on April 2007 I was not living at the address at the time they appled the default, so I did not receive anything from Cabot warning me about it. First I knew was when I checked my credit file. Haven't a clue what this debt is. Having no idea what it was for I contacted Expe
  9. Hi all, I'm writing this on behalf of my partner who is sitting here looking very worried and stressed... I was hoping someone could give me some advice whether good or bad! We received a letter today from Cabot Financials asking us to contact them. My wife phoned them back, they checked her details and then asked if she remembered having a current account with Barclays. She acknowledged that she had one quite a few years ago, when they told her that they had bought the debt of that current account. They've said that the account was opened in 1999, and went into default in
  10. Hi, I took a loan with Lloyds in 2003 for £10,000. I started missing payments and eventually the loan was passed to DCA, Cabot Financial. Since 2007, I have been making regular payments to Cabot Financial. I have managed to bring the balance down to just a little over £6,000 now. I called them and made a full and final settlement offer of £3,300 after going back and forth multiple times! I told them I was not making any payments until I received a written confirmation accepting my offer in figures as a full and final settlement of the money owed to the account. I also wante
  11. Hi, Back in Janurary / Feburary i got lots and lots of calls from various numbers. After a quick google of the numbers i found they where from Cabot. Thinking this was just a [problem] or somthing i simply ignored them. Then at the start of march they sent me a letter saying i owed them money for a debt to Barclay Finance. I honestly had not heard of any debt before this letter arrived. After another quick google i found that Barclay Finance took over Clydesdale Finince a while back. Now them i have heard of as they underwrote the credit for a bed i bought at dr
  12. I wonder if anyone can offer me some advice. I applied to start training with the instructor college back in summer 2007, as my credit wasn’t great my Mum agreed to sign as a guarantor for the interest free finance with Barclays to pay for the course. We later realised this wasn’t actually a guarantor contract, but that she had signed completely for the loan. I attended my 2 first lessons at the college before choosing to leave as I felt they had given us very misleading information in the welcoming tour and the course did not suit my needs. I was told it would be easy to fit around my p
  13. Hi I currently have debts with Cabot (from Egg) and MBNA (virgin CC) being paid back through a DMP with CCCS. In the last 2/3yrs I have paid back £5000 and have the following left: MBNA £2815.09 Cabot £793.55 I have only just learnt about FFS's and although I have next to nothing to offer, I read they sometimes accept as little as 20% so could possibly look to clear the Cabot debt with around £160. Do I have to offer MBNA anything? Is this worth doing? Is there anything I should know apart from the usual keep copies of letters, ensuring they mark the debt as cleared etc? Is
  14. Hello all, I've just joined this site in the hope to find some help from people in the know. I was contacted by Cabot Financial back in October and they are stating they have bought an old debt of mine from CITI and that I owe them £127.54. I recall have an account with CITI that did go into arrears back in 2002 but I did pay back £600 to them in December 2004 and from I can remember that was the end of the matter. Anyway, I asked Cabot to send proof of this alleged debt and I would take it from there. Surprise, surprise no proof has turned up either by post ot by email which I
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