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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, a couple of questions, I got a pay day loan with Moneyshop in 2016, they have never marked me with a default just missed payments. The debt as far as I’m aware is with BWLegal. I’m just wondering what BW Legal actually are, are they just a debt collection agency and the debt has been sold onto them or are they just chasing the debt for them. I’ve got an irresosible lending claim with the ombudsman at the moment against Moneyshop, I’m just more wondering about BW Legal and why they haven’t actually defaulted me. Thanks
  2. Hi As the title, I had received a letter from BWLegal dated 3rd July 2018, regarding a ticket from nearly 6 years ago; 22August 2012. Upon recieving the ticket in 2012, in my first instance I sent the following email to 'Premier Parking Solutions' On returning to my car this afternoon I found a fixed penalty notice on my drivers side window. This was a terrible shock to me, knowing I had purchased a ticket from the Pay and display ticket machine. once inside my car I realised the ticket I had purchased was on the center console of the car, I can assume that upon cl
  3. After sending BW Legal a letter telling them i don't intend to supply the name of the driver. I also requested proof that our leasing company had provided the name of the driver. We asked them the usual: 1 Is this land part of the Airport as defined in the byelaws? Yes or No. 2 What type of car park is it? 3 What contravention gives a cause of action? 4 Who contravened your rules? 5 Who you are pursuing? 6 How is the £160 made up? We've also stated that would be our final response and that we would be happy to defend a court claim. To which we've received no responses
  4. Hello All In 2012 I took out a payday loan with PaydayUK for the sum of £400. At the time of taking the loan out I was on a low income and I wasn’t able to pay my rent I took out the loan to cover rent costs - stupid idea I know but at the time I had no other way of getting the money I didn’t pay this loan back as I couldn’t afford too. I vaguely remember contacting them to advise them of this but they were really unhelpful and I just ended up not paying and I heard nothing for 5 years. In December 2016 I received a letter from PRAC/BW Legal saying they ha
  5. First of all, thanks for the great forum and I am sorry that my first post is a request, it would have been nicer to have helped someone else first. In 2011, I received a parking notice from a privately owned car park. This was at st andrews retail park Hull (HU3 4EB). I initially disputed the notice by phone for the usual reasons that there is no contract and the car park is free for two hours, but also based on the sign and situation. I was only parked for about 10 mins as I popped into Wilko to get a fuse for the car. However, I had parked in a Taxi bay
  6. Hello everyone. This is my first thread. Today (17/08/16) I have received a letter from a company called BW Legal, they are very popular name on this forum it seems! In mid 2012 there was a fire at my home and my home insurance paid for my to live at a premier in for about 2 months while the house was repaired / renovated. The hotel carpark was run by excel parking and was a pay and display. It was about £9 ish per 24 hour Period and had to be paid in coins only. One day i over slept a bit and I was about 30 mins outside of my 24 hour period. Fair enough.
  7. Hi, I was issued a Final Notice from bwlegal 18th July for an alleged contravention on 28/03/2016 I sent a hand written letter in April which I have annoyingly misplaced the copy of along with the original PCN letter from VCS. I have had another letter from VCS stating it was too late to appeal and then a letter to notify it had been passed to their legal team, bwlegal. This was with the first letter from bwlegal that they have been instructed by their client of a balance due etc. Then the Final Notice letter. I have read a few threads on the forum from people w
  8. This relates to an alleged parking offence of parking without purchasing a valid pay and display ticket. Back in January a relative parked in the said car park and purchased a pay and display ticket but didn't enter the full registration number on the ticket via their machine - we still have said ticket/receipt for the alleged offence. DRP wrote to them demanding payment of an unpaid parking charge £160.00. In it it mentions the Supreme Court landmark court decision on unpaid parking charges - blah,blah,blah - ignored Then followed by DRP Notice of intended court action for unpai
  9. hi all just received exact same letters as theboycarra in march. mine was from an incident in 2012. any update on your experience.any advice please
  10. Hello all, I Received a letter from BWlegal dated the 18th of April 2016, on behalf of their clients Lowell Portfolio 1, that they will be commencing legal action and issuing a claim at the county court in respect to a debt. If payment or response is not received before the 5th of May they will issue the claim without further notice. I've done the necessary research before troubling yourselves and just want to confirm that I'm on the right track So a little background on my debt. This debt was originally with JD Williams under one of their mail order catalogues. The am
  11. Hi This is my first post so thank you in advance for any advice Briefly, last week I received a Statuary Demand from BWlegal and I have a genuine dispute with the creditor (errors on the credit agreement) and I also believe the debt is now stature barred. The loan was taken out in 2006 and the dispute I had with the creditor was upheld by the Financial Ombudsman. I want to apply for set aside and understand I have to fill in forms 6.4 and 6.5 but I have no legal knowledge and cannot afford a solicitor, could anyone help me with the wording for the Witness Statement? The demand was ha
  12. Thanks in anticipation of any one's help. I normally pay parking fines on the rare occasions I get them. However, I am in receipt of the BW Legal 'Letter of Claim' in respect of the Peel centre Stockport parking charges by Excell. I've totally ignored them so far and will continue to do so until a summons arrives, - the reason being, the payment machine was broken, I also tried to help an elderly woman pay without success so I just got back in my car and left, total time from start to finish about 3 minutes. Consider my surprise when I get the fine from Excell
  13. Hello, please could you read through the attached documents and let me know if the CCA is enforceable and also, what should d be my next step with Capital One stalling in providing me with the Information I requested using the Subject Access Request. They have used excuses starting with You haven’t paid the £10. I had and I wrote back to inform that I had proof. Then they wrote back to say: you haven’t signed (which I didn’t I used a printed signature on word) and that the address is different to that on our records. This is amazing because they have been send
  14. HI Wonder if anyone can help been served a stat demand through door today ,when not it is this legal. Also asked my neighbour if I lived here! Now its 14 days to demand an old CC I had not sure if its stat barred Can anyone give me advice on what I need to do please, thank you in advance
  15. This thread is for my daughter. She has received a court claim from BW Legal on behalf of Lowell Portfolio regarding a Vodafone debt. This is not her debt. She has never had a contract phone with any mobile company so I am assuming this is ID fraud. The court claim should be here Thanks in advance. Silverfox1961 [ATTACH=CONFIG]54789[/ATTACH]
  16. Hi I need someone with the expertise for help. I had an account with Littlewoods everything was fine but due to my partner and myself in and out of work I found it difficult to keep up with the repayments. Littlewoods then passed it onto Lowells and being new to all this I agreed to make payments to Lowells but I cannot and did not keep up with their demands. Today I have received a LETTER OF CLAIM from bwlegal demanding I pay £180.00 by 15.1.15, if I don't then they intend to issue a claim against me in the County Court. I have every intention of paying th
  17. Hi I received a claim form from BW legal on the 13.2.14 who where assigned the debt from capital on the 1.10.2009. i filed a defence stating that i disputed this matter and believed that the matter was statue barred when they issued it. The default from capital one came off my cra in january 2013, but i know that i had was in a payment plan with capital one for some months but cannot remember when my last payment to them was. I have not kept old old bank statements or letters in relation to this. BW have now stated that unless they hear from me with an offer to settle the c
  18. Hi my first post here but really need some help. Back in March I received a claim from for a Capital one debt that had passed to BW Legal via Lowell. This is despite setting up a pay plan with Lowell.After recieving the form I spoke to Lowell and finally BW legal and advised them that I was in the process of setting up a debt plan with stepchange. After numerous conversations in email and and via the phone BW Legal agreed to take no further action and accept the DMP.Today I have received another letter from the court stating that the claimant has accepted a repayment plan. Does that mean that
  19. Hi all, It's a while since I've been on, but your advice in the ast has been excellent so thank you. Today I received a claim form from NorthamptonCCBC, Claimant - Lowell/BW Legal. It says that I owe £451.19 but it does not say what its for or who its from so I'm rather confused! I have had debts in the past but obviously if I don't know what it's for how can I be expected to pay it, Don't get me wrong, If I owe it then I'll pay it but I have absolutely no idea what it's for! Please see attached photos of the form and thank you in advance for any help
  20. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some urgent guidance if anyone is able, I had a Statutory Demand delivered at around 7pm tonight by a man in a flannel tracksuit. When I asked who he was he said he had been asked to hand deliver a Statutory Demand on behalf of BW Legal. He said that he was a 'courier' though I pointed out he had no ID or uniform (he was basically a bloke off the street by the look of him). Not knowing what the envelope was i refused to take it. He then said that BWlegal told him if i couldn't/wouldn't take the envelope he should still just leave it on the floor ins
  21. Hi All I have today received a correspondent from BWLegal stating theyare acting on behalf of Lowell Portfolio 1 ltd and that they will file aBankruptcy Petition against me in my local county court. Okay keep this tread to the point four years ago I was indebt by 1300 pounds Vanquis Visa credit card kept on leading me and I kept ongoing into debt to the point I owe them1500 pounds , when I was not able to pay any debt back they kept on applying double interest and service charge follow by admin charge. So theamount is in dispute to this point Vanquis
  22. Hi I am a new member and really need some advice. I have spoken to every debt charity i can find been referred to some and now come to a dead end unless i pay a solicitor £1000 to represent me and I haven't got that sort of money right now. I was in financial difficulty some years ago and got myself into debt . I was being pursued by BWLegal on behalf of Lowell portfolio 1 ltd who had purchased 2 credit card debts from Capital One ( Europe ) PLC. The debt was for £886.92 and £2384.24. They issued me an 18 day Statutory Demand dated 13 April 2012 which gave the details of the debt an
  23. Received this reply from Capital after requesting CCA, non compliance and account in dispute letters to them Quote Please find enclosed a copy of your credit agreement as requested. In accordance with Section78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copy Documents) Regulations 1983, this is your origianl agreement, and if any terms have been varied, then the copy agreement will include the updated terms. In addition, your personal details, the signature box, signature and date of signature have been omitted from th
  24. Hi I am in need of some advice please I have just been handed a statutory demand from a man at my door, from bwlegal for lowells for a capital one card for the amount of £1243. There is several dates on here. says default date 9 feb 2008 but on appropriate court for setting aside demand form says date of assignment 12 feb 2009. Also letter has date of 17th jan 2013 and man knocked and handed to me on 27th jan and says i have 18 days is this from date on letter or date handed. Firstly i cannot remember how long ago since i had a capital one card so well over 6 years, so as i am n
  25. Hi Took 1st credit 16mths to produce 2 sets of T & C for a CCa request no sigs..Today get a letter from connaught say they will pay 60% of the debt and OH pay 40%..me thinks they have no Executed CCa lol..they even said we can only offer this deal for one mth ..take up the oppitunity now lol:)
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