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  1. Good morning , could someone please tell me if shares are bought for me, from money in a SIPP, should the trustees of signed the share form. I have removed my personal details, gut were it states the detail's of trustees is blank. Thank you.
  2. We are about to buy a 4x4 Shogun and have put down a deposit. The car has brand new tyres all round on the drive wheels. As an after thought I inquired about the condition of the spare tyre. It has 4mm of tread so legal however the tread is different to the tread of the new tyres. On a 4x4 it is important that the treads on the same axle are identical otherwise you could damage the diff. Can I reject the tyre as not being fit for purpose to use on the 4x4? We like the car as it is immaculate otherwise and is being sold by a reputable dealership and we were thinking of a 50/50 arrangement for a new tyre to be fitted.
  3. Hi, I hope you lot can help as I've lurked here but only decided to sign up, I have GAD so this has honestly been keeping me up for the past 3 days. I bought a Corsa from a guy 20 miles away, I don't know if he was an actual trader or a private guy, he said he buys cars and resells them, I collected the car from his house and paid £2150 via bank transfer. Once getting home I only noticed he gave me the V5 full, rather than just the new keeper details. The problem is the registered keeper details don't show his name & address, it's the guy he bought the car from. Okay, so at this point I assume he just didn't register it in his name to avoid adding another keeper. HOWEVER, the section 9 aka 'yellow slip' is missing, is this a logbook loan or something? I rang him today and he said he's just posting the yellow slip and told me to fill in section 8 and just only sign my bit, and leave the registerekd keeper signature blank and they will process it as normal. I'm really scared as this is my first car, which he knew, and I feel like perhaps I've been [problem]med and about to loose my 2 years savings? My take on it is that he didn't register it to avoid adding another keeper, when I left he posted the section 9 / yellow slip to unregister the previous keeper so that I wouldn't need a signature when it arrives at DVLA? I mean I know nothing about all of this so I'm probably wrong, the interesting part is I thought the yellow one was for traders, and not someone who just buys/sells, I noticed this because I looked his name/company up on the company house and it's dissolved a few years back so surely he can't be a trader? Sorry for the wall of spam but at this point I can't even sleep, I feel like I'm waiting 4-6 weeks to hear back from DVLA saying I can't do this and that I've been [problem]med / a loan company sending a letter saying I owe them xyz.
  4. Sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section but here goes . Me and my partner currently live with my mum in her house . The house is paid in full and my father has passed away . My mum wants me to buy the house for £160,000 so she can give my 2 brothers and other sister £40k which is their inheritance and £40k back to me. I have about 50k in the bank so we said we would buy the house for £120k thats with my inheritance off and i would get a mortgage for 70k which me and my partner could afford easily with my 50k deposit against the mortgage . I rang halifax and they agreed and everything was fine with the mortgage . I went in to see them today and when they heard i was buying my mums house they said that i wouldnt be able too . My mother is 77 and when i buy the house will continue living with me untill she passes away . Me and my partner are happy for this to happen plus we get on the property ladder . The bank said that with my mothers age that this was not possible . We are totally gobsmacked and wondered if any one knew another way around this . Thanks in advance
  5. Hi All, im thinking of buying an Eonon android stereo for my car, loads have this stereo as its most suited for the car. Just wondered if i purchase direct through Eonon and not ebay (think they are based in China but have a uk warehouse) Would it be better to pay by credit card,? as i heard CC can give me a bit more protection, I have a barclaycard. See they offer 1 year warranty but if theres an issue could i get my cc company involved then. Would appreciate some information thanks steve
  6. Garages don't come up for sale very often round here but there's a freehold one for sale just now. It's at the back of a block of flats which are leasehold and the driveway / tarred area to the garages would come under that leasehold. The seller hasn't paid any fees or service charge for the past 6 years. Can anyone give me advice please without me going to the expense of hiring a solicitor? Thank you
  7. Hello, I don't have any questions, but I used this forum a lot to read similar cases to mine and as mine has been resolved today I thought I'd share my story as a source for anyone who has the same problems. I have had a gambling problem for a few years, which often leaves me short of money each month. Unfortunately, this led to me making the terrible decision to buy a zone 1-2 travelcard when I live in zone 6 as the station I go to doesn't have barriers. I often work late so I rarely get the train home (usually a cab paid for by the company I work for) and so I justified it to myself this way. I would say that I did this for around a year and a half until I got found out. I didn't get caught in person, I just got a letter from SWT requesting that I attend an interview. I was very panicked, particularly as it was around 3 weeks waiting and the letter only said it was due to an inconsistency either on or before a certain date. I made sure I bought the correct ticket from the day I received this letter, and attended an interview mid April. I didn't take anyone with me, and I'm glad of that. A man came to collect me from the station entrance and was quite abrupt, making me more nervous, but explained that they would ask me questions and they were looking for an admittance of guilt. I was taken to the interview room where it became apparent that this man was a scribe (they were unable to record the interview for some reason). The man conducting the interview put me at ease quickly, he was kind and calm, offering me a break whenever I wanted. I was surprised to see that they had an entire file on me, including my facebook profile picture and my place of work. This worried me instantly as I work for a finance company and therefore any prosecution could ruin my career. The interview took a very long time, around 2 and a half hours in total as everything was handwritten down. Every time they start a new line of questioning they have to re-caution you and this being written down was quite annoying and just made me more nervous. I answered everything honestly. I will admit I thought about lying and saying it had been less months but I had noticed the transcript from my oyster card had a date from 2015, so everything I had read here about them only being able to go back around 8 months is not correct. I was completely honest and apologised for my actions. Once the interview was over, I was taken to get a copy of the transcript, I can't say I particularly wanted it but I was glad I did. The man who conducted the interview took me aside and said it was not up to him what would happen but the likelihood of me being offered a settlement was very likely due to the following reasons: 1. I am only 23, and prosecution would likely result in future lost revenue for SWT if I lost my job 2. It was a first offence 3. I had come to the interview and been honest I then had to wait a few weeks, I got the letter a month after my initial interview. My total settlement was offered at around £900, with over £700 of this being admin and operational fees. I will say I was surprised as I was expecting to be asked to pay around 3-4 times this amount. The total avoided fee charge was only £150 which again I was surprised at and very generous of SWT. I am paying the bill today and hopefully that will be the end of the matter. I would like to thank CAG for being a place I could use to ease my mind, there was one thread in particular that I can no longer find that seemed to be very similar to mine that really calmed me prior to the interview. And to anyone who finds themselves in this situation, it is not the end of the world but it is a good wake up call to make sure you make some changes in your life. I'm looking forward to putting this behind me.
  8. Hello all, Where to begin.. The misses won a free photo shoot with one free photo. we had the shoot done and the guy came round a week later to show us the pictures on his laptop. He then managed to convince me to buy the DVD which included 5 photos plus 1 free photo for £375. I chose the photos that I wanted and the guy filled out the "order form." Then I signed it. Now, I told him that there is no way I can pay that much out in one go so we agreed verbally a repayment plan, nothing in writing. A couple of days before the first payment was due after some discussion; my misses and I agreed that we really just cannot afford this kind of expense, so I got in touch with the guy who pointed me towards the order form saying that I signed a contract.. At no stage during the order process was I told that I was entering a contract, or was I pointed towards the Terms and Conditions which were printed in a pale blue on the reverse of the order form. Nor did it say on the order form that by signing I am agreeing to terms and conditions. This guy is now threatening me with legal action and debt collection for being in breach of contract. I guess the reason I'm here is, do I have any legal right to defend myself as I wasn't shown the terms and conditions and I wasn't directed to them before signing and wasn't told that I was entering a contract. Any help and/or advise would be really appreciated. Chris.
  9. Hi there, hope this is in the right place. Background - we reserved a home with Taylor Wimpey in January 2015. On 14th Feb 2015, we completed a reservation checklist (of which we have a copy) where we went through the plans for the estate, this detailed drains, trees, sub stations, etc etc... We completed and moved in on 3rd July 2015. Very happy in our home, until 7th Jan this year, when the local bus company erected a temporary stop outside our kitchen window. This stop is less than 3 metres from the front of my house and right in front of my gate. We knew the road was to be a bus route, but at no point were we informed that there would be a stop directly outside our house. We have contacted Taylor Wimpey to express our concerns on the 10th January (along with letters to the bus company, the local council and our MP). The bus company say the locations were decided by Taylor Wimpey (TW), the council have not adopted the roads yet so have given us the brush off and our MP is sympathetic but cannot really help either. I have been through our purchase paperwork and at no point was the location of the stop disclosed to us prior to sale, even though I have since discovered plans dated 15th August 2014 which show not only the stop located outside our home, but also that a shelter will be built with real time bus information. The path outside our house will therefore be blocked by this shelter, the view outside our window also obstructed. At the moment the path and our very small front garden are littered in gum and cigarette butts. Our reservation checklist dated after the plans for the bus stop (14/2/15) specifically says regarding Bus Stops "N/A not currently on development", and on our neighbour's, it states "N/A No plans to view". Other people on the estate claim that they were informed about the site of the stops. Do we have a case that TW purposely withheld information and mis-sold us our home? We would not have purchased this home if we were aware that a bus stop would be located directly outside.
  10. Hello, My house is a semi detached, next to my garden fence is a piece of land of which I m trying to acquire . What it is, is that there is public footpath which runs diagonally across it next to my fence. But then round the edge of the land is a ready alternative foot path too Which people also use. I have tried contacting the council, they own the land, but it has been adopted by the Essex highways they said, because of the footpath. One of the reasons for wanting the land is because passers by keep kicking and damaging my fence as the said path is just next to my fence, I have children and does not feel safe leaving them in the garden. Also because of the lay out, dog walkers without lead always stun us when leaving the house. I have reported the fence damages to the police and have a reference number. Another reason is because I have a very substantial garden and an additional portion of this piece of land will give me an opportunity to build a new property on it, I have invited an agent who has done the measurements and would only need like one third of this land. Is there any one to advise on the best way to approach this please?
  11. Hi, Last October my 14 yr old son was after a new game for his PS4. He found a website called G4k.me. As he wanted to pay with my Paypal he showed me the game on the site etc (as I always double check with him using my Paypal), Thing was I was on way to work, quick glance website seemed fine and said ok get it ordered. I later asked if he got game and he said yeah they send an PS4 account with the game on and I just login. Fair enough I thought seemed an odd set up but as Im not a PS4 user i thought maybe thats how it works with online purchase and company "seemed" legitimate enough. But I was a little confused he needed a new "account with the game on" The game activated fine and loaded ok etc - my son followed the activation instructions at the website. As I work away and upon my return, some 2 month later my son tells me the account just came up banned / suspended for no reason when he went to login. I kinda know my son well enough to know, he pretty sensible and wouldn't do anything to cause a ban on this extra account. He been on Playstation years with no issues at all. So as I had details of the account, emailed Playstation and queried. They advised contacting G4k.me . So I emailed their support and after many open support tickets (as they never replied) I got a response that they do not deal with banned accounts. Called PlayStation support and they said they can email reason to the account email but cant discuss on phone. But the email attached to this account is locked and cant be accessed, so basically I am stuffed. £25 lost basically. I have raised a Paypal dispute, although at this stage purely with g4k.me - hasn't escalated to Paypal as yet. Although g4k refused refund, so next step is escalating to Paypal. I may also contact my bank, its my debit card which funds Paypal. Since my dealings with this company I have searched the internet and found numerous similar situations, particularly with PS4 games. The company Facebook page is full of complaints with the exact same issue I have, as well as review websites. Its seems so many people with exact same issue to be more than just coincidence to me From what I have learned this company opens a PS4 account, buys game and then sells on, however they then charge-back the payment (which takes about two weeks so I hear to take effect) and as a result your purchased game & account are banned. A very clever money making racket from what I have read...Mind you I don't know exactly how they but these games and sell on so cheap or if a "middleman" is involved. Obviously, In hindsight, I wish i checked them out properly before my son bought it, but hey hoo.. was in rush etc.. At the end of the day its £25 - not end of world, lesson learned.... but just how many people have lost money with this company?? Just a warning to others, my advice stay well away from this company..
  12. I have bred pedigree cats for over four decades and it breaks my heart every time I see someone taken for a ride when buying a pedigree kitten. The aim of this thread is to demystify the whole process, to let you know what we breeders do so you know what to look for beyond the obvious clean eyes, flea free coats, and only one litter a year stuff you already know to ask. There's nothing special or magic about a breeder. Anyone can be a breeder and with cats it's quite normal for a breeding girl to be kept as any pet cat would be. What makes us different to a pet owner who simply doesn't bother to get their cat spayed/neutered is a passion for a particular breed partnered with acceptance of a set of rules and recommendations set by our chosen registry. By far the biggest in the UK is the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). Breeders can and do register kittens with others eg The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe). None is in any way better or worse but throughout I'll use the GCCF for links and examples because I understand them the best and know where to look on the website. None of them are statutory bodies but they have become accepted as a benchmark of proof that the kitten you buy is a pedigree. That's what a registry is, a database carrying details of every pedigree kitten ever bred by breeders who choose to belong to that particular 'club'. So how do you become a member of that mysterious club? You join a cat club which is affiliated. There are specialist breed clubs (sometimes more than one for a breed) and there are area clubs eg the Suffolk & Norfolk Cat Club. Membership will cost you less than a tenner a year in most cases. Once you've paid this princely sum you can apply to the GCCF for your 'prefix' - a name unique to you within that registry which nobody else can use. All you need to get this prefix is the signature of a breed or area club secretary confirming your membership and a fee of £75. Many then feel having a GCCF prefix means they can refer to themselves as 'registered breeders'. It's meaningless. It's nothing more than a word they have chosen to identify themselves and their cats. No checks are done. You don't even have to own a cat. What's the lesson to be learned from this? Ask your breeder if they are a current member of a cat club. It's the clubs which make policy on any given breed, recommend various health tests and disseminate information to breeders so the true enthusiast won't have joined for just a single year in order to call themselves a 'registered breeder' and don't be fooled by the term. It definitely doesn't mean the breeder is experienced or knowledgeable. There are plenty of wonderful breeders who never bothered with a prefix and plenty of bad ones who paid the money for one. In between there's the vast majority of us who are prefix holders but don't claim it makes us anything special - because it doesn't. One of the safest places to find a breeder is the breed club lists. Everyone listed will at least be current members. Just google your chosen breed followed by 'breed club' or 'cat club'. There are some lovely breeders who choose not to be members of a club but you need to know what you're looking for - hence this thread. OK, so you've found a breeder and they have kittens available soon(ish). Don't expect a pedigree kitten to be available straight away. You may just hit lucky, it does happen that there's a kitten not booked by 13 weeks old but it isn't the norm. What would you need to check? Well first of all have a look at adverts to get an idea of the price you'd expect to pay. Sites like pets4homes show prices so you can get a good idea of the range. If one person is asking £1000 when everyone else is sticking to the more normal £400 - £600 range you need to ask why. It tends to be the con artists who ask the most. If they claim to be a prefix holder you can check here that the prefix is indeed registered with the GCCF http://www.gccfcats.org/Portals/0/PrefixesAtoM.pdf http://www.gccfcats.org/Portals/0/PrefixesNtoZ.pdf and if it is that must at least mean the breeder has not been the subject of any complaints or disciplinary action, right? Wrong, so wrong. Once paid for that prefix is for life and cannot be taken away. The GCCF can (and do) suspend members and won't then allow them to register kittens but they can't remove that prefix from the list. The next check you need to do is here http://www.gccfcats.org/About-GCCF/Suspension-List The lists aren't that long because for minor offences it works a bit like a CCJ - pay the fine without delay and your name doesn't hit the list. I know perfectly nice breeders who have been there, myself included. A mistake in filling out a show entry form cost me £50. It's in the rules I signed up for that you get it right so I accepted the slap on the wrist and paid up. You don't get off that easily if you are found guilty of knowingly selling a sick kitten or the like so it's a list worth checking. It's still worth a look if your breeder says they use one of the other registries. It isn't unheard of for a breeder to migrate if they're on a disciplinary list for one and there are no checks in place between the different registries. Done all that and we've made an appointment to visit the breeder. You must visit the breeder and see those kittens before you commit to buy. I'll say it again - you must visit. Do not be talked paying a deposit to secure a kitten you've never seen. Before you go check if there are any required health tests for your chosen breed. The GCCF website has a page with every breed of cat they recognise. http://www.gccfcats.org/Cat-Breeds Click on your chosen breed and scroll down to the section on health where you'll find the information. As an example we'll take the Persian because most people know what that is and among other information this is what you'll see .................... Persians can carry a gene that leads to kidney failure (calledautosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease) through the development of cysts in the kidney. This condition was found in more than a third of all Persian and Exotic shorthaired cats in the 1990s when screening tests became available. Using DNA screening, breeders are now working to try to eradicate the problem – always ask the breeder to show the PKD certificates for the cats used to produce your kitten ............................................ How many hopeful Persian kitten buyers do you suppose insist on seeing PKD certificates? I'm pretty confident the answer is not enough! Arm yourself with the information and be prepared to walk away if you don't get the answers you want. Ask what other paperwork you'll get. You should expect a pedigree certificate complete with the registration numbers of every cat for at least the last three generations. This is constructed by the breeder, many of us use specialist software these days. Anyone can make one up - it's those all important registration numbers, unique to each cat, which can be checked and verified. Without them it's a worthless piece of paper. You should also get a vaccination certificate, signed by a vet, showing your kitten has had a course of two vaccinations, three weeks apart. Every breeder I know insures kittens for new owners. The two main players in this are Petplan and Agria. I know Petplan cover for 4 weeks, Agria may do for a little longer because they are trying to break the Petplan stronghold. There's no excuse, no possible reason for a kitten to leave a breeder without that cover. And then that all important registration document. It's a pretty insignificant looking card but this is your real proof of pedigree. It's actually a transfer certificate with the space to fill in your details if you wish to transfer the kitten into your ownership according to the GCCF. It is nothing to do with legal ownership and unnecessary for pet owners, it's only an internal administrative move and of course will involve paying the GCCF a further fee. The GCCF runs two registers, active and non-active. Breeders only place kittens intended for breeding on the active register and the GCCF will not register the progeny of cats on the non-active register. If a breeder is telling you the parents are registered pedigrees but is making any excuse for not registering the kittens then ask to see the parents' registration certificates(not the pedigree certificates) and check for 'active' status. If they're non-active or the breeder won't show you the documents then walk away. Those parents won't have been subject to any of the proper health tests if they aren't on the active register and shouldn't be bred from. Don't be conned into paying a much higher price if you want the 'papers'. Registration costs £9/kitten, it's the smallest breeding expense by many a country mile, so there's not a reason on this earth for asking a buyer to pay an extra £100+ as I've seen on some adverts - except maybe to put you off asking all those awkward questions. The price without documentation may seem a bargain but would you pay it for a barn born kitten off the local farm? Unregistered kittens are no different to the local litter of non pedigrees with no proof of parentage, delightful to have but they shouldn't cost hundreds of pounds. Remember most breeders are ordinary people with a passion for their breed, it's the con artists who can spin a good tale, have all the excuses and will try to convince you that there's someone else coming later who will take this last kitten if you don't make a decision NOW. Whatever they say, there will always be another kitten and if you know what to look for you will find the one you deserve.
  13. Is this all legit and above board? This is the sort of thing I mean; http://www.ombudsman-decisions.org.uk/viewPDF.aspx?FileID=84262 I have a similar issue with quickquid in which they sold a debt and all rights to a third party, but I think they have now bought it back and want to offset the balance against a refund I'm owed. I have noted that the debt is full of charges which would need to be removed. It seems unfair that they can do this as when they sold the account they broke the chain and their right to set it off against any future refund. And they probably sold it for a fraction of what they are now saying it is worth. Any thoughts?
  14. A friend of mine has recently bought a used car for 7500 pounds for his company from a used car dealer. 9 days after collecting the car it broke down and has been diagnosed as having head gasket failure, the dealer took the car back and appeared as if he was going to sort it but now has given my friend a estimate of 700 pounds to repair the vehicle. Can anyone advise on what rights my friend has as he bought it in his company name is he high and dry or does he have some possible route for getting the dealer to sort it. Thanks
  15. Our worst car buying experience ever - horrendous! I cannot underestimate how shocked we were at how Bullitt Cars in North London refused to refund us our money when we rejected a faulty car. We bought a car for over £12,000 and the first time it rained it was clear that the roof was leaking. We returned the car to reject it as is our right under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 as it was not fit for purpose and they refused to refund us our money. They then drove and fixed the car without our permission and attempted to force us to pick the car up by charging us £30 a day storage. The police were contacted who notified them they were acting outside the law but they continued on with the same threat. They refused to tell us what work had been done on the car or who did the work. We even offered to sell it back at a loss but their counter offer was for us to lose over £1,000. When told we were going to inform other consumers about them they threatened to sue us for libel if we posted bad feedback unless it was done after we won a court case against them. We are shocked and appalled that a Bullitt Cars could act in this way and it is experiences like these that we feel make people wary of buying from dodgy car dealers.
  16. I've taken out an insurance policy. a term assurance one over 15 years thinking even if I still live over that we get a payout. I wanted one where I know there would be a definate payout.
  17. I might have been deceived or involved in illegal activity? I'm buying a property from an auction . The seller of the property isn't the owner of the property. It is an investment company that has signed an agreement with the real landlord. Their completion date is the same as my contract with the investment company but an hour earlier. The reason I think it might be fraud is because we have dealt with the investment company solicitors in the past. Their solicitors didn't want to say too much but they hinted that they wouldn't deal with that company again and what they are doing is grey area. It sounds to me like they might be evading tax and I don't want to be involved in it? Should I be worried about it? When I spoke with my own solicitors, they didn't seem to worry at all?
  18. Hi all Got an interesting question that I've not been able to find a definitive answer too. My dad is disabled and gets the full motability allowance, but is no longer allowed to drive. So for the past 3 years as I bought a car specifically large enough to take him and my mother (both are also elderly) out and about... We were able to nominate my car for use as a disabled vehicle. This means it's been transferred to disabled use and we are exempt from VED. But at some point in the next 12 months, I will need to change the car as it's getting on a bit and starting to cost more than it's worth in repairs. I paid £2100 for it and so far have spent £1800 in repairs and maintenance. Since the cat tax rules changed... when you buy a car it is the new owners responsibility to tax it. But I can't find out how that applies to vehicles that need to be re-registered as disabled use. because that involves going to a main DVLA licensing office (nearest one to me is about 25 miles away) to make the change and have the new VED applied. Given that I will need to bring any car I purchase home or direct to the DVLA offices... I won't be covered and I can't make the change to disabled use until I purchase the car. So it means being in limbo until such a time as it can be done... and depending on where the car is located could involve much more expense to me if I had to go there, buy the car, come home and go to the local licensing office and then make my way back to pick up the car. Not to mention changing over insurance and so forth. It's very unlikely I will be buying from a car dealer. I just need to know if I have any leeway in getting the car home after purchase and getting it reclassified as disabled.
  19. My lad received in the post an advise and information booklet on keeping his motorcycle safe and secure, sent by the local police. He had recently just brought the scooter, and had only ridden it a half dozen times and had not been stopped as it was Taxed, MOT'd and Insured. I was told that the local police force buy the information from the DVLA and wondered if this was true? As that being a Council Tax Payer, a proportion of the Tax goes to my local force. Having waited 8 days for them (the police) to come out after having a brick through my window, I find myself wondering if this is one of the reasons why in the last 9 months I HAVE NEVER SEEN A POLICE OFFICER ON THE STREETS LOCALLY! Why should we be paying the police to pay the DVLA for data that must be covered by the data Protection Act?? While I have no issues had he been stopped for an offence, I seriously think this money would have been better spent on having a viseable police presence on the street. I have had all sorts of worthless junk mail from the police of late and even received Victim Support correspondence long before an officer turned up. I wonder if the other member's on here agree that it's about time to put a stop on government department's selling on our personnel information.
  20. I need some advice please on how to get a deposit back after placing one on a 2nd hand car. 2 weeks ago we found a car at a small 2nd hand car dealer but it had some issues. The deal was we would purchase the car if the issues (repair some bodywork, pass MOT, fix door seal, stop car veering to right when driving) were rectified. We agreed and I placed a deposit of £495 (Car cost £3995) on a visa debit card, signed an agreement and left. I have returned today to collect the car after being told all repairs agreed were fixed and the car was ready. On arrival we found that only the MOT and the door seal was repaired. The car still veered to the right, the original bodywork damage hadn't been sorted and in fact there were more paintwork issues since we first inspected it and agreed the deal. The salesman offered to repair the bodywork issues for £100 discount or they would repair them but we had to come back a week later. I was not happy with this offer and instead requested a refund. Ultimately they had gone back on their word and now i didn't trust the deal. The sales man said he couldn't authorise the refund and put me onto a call with the manager. The manager listened to the issues raised, provided the same offer of £100 which I declined. He then told me it was his policy not to offer a refund and if I wanted my deposit he would "see me in court" after a heated exchange he then threatened to "send the boys round" I understand that if you change your mind you shouldn't be entitled to a refund but surely in this case i have a right? 1. he breached the original agreement 2. The goods are faulty and have not been supplied correctly. the car is actually still for sale on a number of websites so surely i can also argue that he is not at a loss. what options do i have? thanks for any advice
  21. Hi all, Is there a cooling off period when you buy a used car?? I went to a main dealer yesterday and bought a near new Ford Fiesta and I'm happy with the car but now think it would be cheaper just to get a loan rather than take out the PCP finance. Can I walk away from this and get my £1000 deposit back if i've signed the vehicle order agreement?? Many thanks.
  22. Not sure if this is the right forum or not for this one, but here it is. My dad has offered me an interest free loan to buy my council flat, which is all good, and everyone is happy to go ahead with it. The problem i have is, within the next five years, he may well end up in a care home, which means his assets will be taken to pay for it. Does anyone know, as the loan will count as an asset, if i can be forced to pay back, or sell, to pay the bills, or would the terms of the loan still hold, but just be transferred to the local authority paying for the care home? I have asked my solicitor, they told me to ask the council, who then told me they dont know, or know who to ask.
  23. Well have been with Hastings since 2011 prices started out at around £300 fully comp last quote was £600 changed to premium as it was a better deal think it was £480 for this year anyway paid because everything has been fine its the same car 2001 Peugeot 406 no claims no accidents 9yrs no claims etc... just don't want the hassle need insurance its a legal requirement (not a luxury) and when I'm told not to worry if anything happens you can depend on us to make your claim hassle free I trust that statement. Well 12/12/2014 at 19:40 somebody came off a side street on the right smashed into the side of me so hard that I was pushed into a passing car on my left we pulled to a side street and exchanged details the driver that hit me was with Hastings the lady to my right was with Zenith (she had just changed from (hasting that day to Zenith) everybody exchanged details went home. Called The 0844 number the next morning 22min later gave my details to somebody who did not have any way to check my policy number eventually told me that Hasting claims don't work on a weekend and all they did was log them and I would be contacted on Monday asked about a hire car put me on pause came back saying it was not possible as they cant give a response until Monday. that was a 1 hr conversation between 3 different departments. the scary thing about this is the fact they are ready to turn my car into a total write off it needs 2 new wings a headlamp and a bit of bumper trim and I'm good to go, the car is brilliant not going to find a replacement for what they will offer me. Its not right that Insurance companies should get away with leaving people out of pocket when making a claim Insurance is there so that innocent people are not left holding the cost of somebody else's liability. My shift starts 15/12/2014 at 7pm till 7am now I will have to spend the day time trying to organise transport to work (hopefully a hire car) 30 mile round trip as the car is driveable but the headlamps make it illegal to drive. After the response from Hastings and reading the post on the net I feel a dread of what's coming next from Hastings lets hope this is a successful story and not a sham insurance company, I will keep you up to date with this and I am already feeling that I should in the interest of other should take this to other bodies as they have sold me something that does not match up to what is advertised and clearly stated on my contract and that is 24 Hr support and advise help line, and by that I don't mean phone back on Monday as advise... the ball in your court Hasting make this a success Please. Oh and the Lady that took out Zenith insurance Phoned me said the other driver`s insurance company (Hasting) they were struggling to find him on the database and that she was about to receive her hire car within the hour, that I'm afraid says it all. some companies have the sense to get it right other don't know where to start.
  24. Hi I currently have a car which i use for personal and business use, this is my only vehicle. I am replacing this car with a sign written business van, again i will also be using it for personal use. I am borrowing the money for the van. Can you tell me how i put this through the books, do i put the loan through and the cost of the vehicle or not? Do i still work purely on the mileage allowance of 45p per mile that i use for business? Appreciated, thanks
  25. Another lender has just informed me that they have sold the account to MMF, they already owned 2 accounts which are still outstanding and now this is the 3rd! Is there any limit to the amount of accounts they will buy belonging to a single person? Do they believe I'm easy to get money out of so they keep buying my accounts? Do they do bundle deals to clear all accounts? Anyone been in the same situation, or able to shed some light on the situation and the best course of action. I dont want a company buying up all my old debts but could be some benefit if they do deals to settle them all cheaply.
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