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Found 14 results

  1. can bes take over a residential property electric supply as they only do commercial electricity I need to no as been miss sold a contract please help the last few days have been hell bes utilities phoned me saying they were acting on behalf of my hopefully soon to be landlord no lease signed I have ended up in a contract some how I have been bullied and feel forced into this contract really not sure wat to do as I don't have a lease yet or permission to change the electricity supplier still they say I cant get out of it they say they are goin
  2. Good morning A bailiff attended my mother in laws address to retrieve payment of near £1200. The debt is owed by her step son for driving offences. We only know this much because we read about it in the newspaper. The step son used to live at the property over 2 years ago - and hasn't since. The family no longer speaks to the son, and the bailiff visit came as a bit of a shock. The bailiff was rude, arrogant and happy to shout out repeatedly that he was going to take goods if she didn't pay - making a scene presumably for effect - he even threatened to ring the police
  3. Apologies if this is a common theme on this board but I haven't found an answer that fits my case. I've worked in a factory on a temp contract for a couple of months with the expectation of working there about six months. The first month all was great. My colleagues are all all seniors over 55 who have worked together and never had any temp colleague to deal with. At one point one of the manager pointed out that I could fit as a permanent replacement for one the seniors (which I don't want by the way). One of seniors did not take it well and since then has started taking excepti
  4. Previously loyal disabled customer harassed, bullied and ripped off by Amazon Unfortunately our trusty old laptop was failing and needed replacing.As this was a desktop replacement we required something of a suitable size and standard.This does not come cheap. As this was a considerable investment for us and having been a previously loyal Amazon customer for many years, we decided to purchase from Amazon based on (an apparently incorrect) perception that if there was a problem with the purchase then we would have good support and come back if required.We did however have reservations
  5. Hi, I'm hoping to take on the HSBC as they are crippling me at the monent with charges on top of charges.
  6. Hi all I will try to keep this brief but basically my partner has been off work due to work related stress for 4 weeks. He is being bullied by his boss so much so that he got ready for work as normal one morning and then just broke down, crying and physically trembling and could not go out of the front door. I got him to the doctors the same day and he is now having to go for councilling because his stress and anxiety is so bad. He is in his 40's and this has all had a very bad effect on him. Most days he cannot even speak to anyone from work as the stress of it just sets him back and he
  7. Hi, I have worked for a company for under a year and I am being bullied and harassed by my boss, I have been undermined in-front of my staff that I manage and made to look stupid in front of other managers. Our HR department is not being supportive and they are closing ranks and through my conversations with them they make me feel that this is my fault. I confided in another manager about my concerns and he informed my manager, now my position is now untenable. I am currently signed off with stress and feel that I have no choice but to resign. I have no job to go to and I am worried about mo
  8. Hi, I have worked for a department store for the last 6 years. I have been Senior Management for all these years and Full Store Manager for 3. My store is performing to all the given targets (sales, shrinkage and salary) and the standards of the store are high. I am contracted to 42 hrs a week and never do less than 46 hrs (overtime is unpaid) I got a new boss a few months ago and since then problems have started. Although nothing has actually changed with my store standards or sales dropping. Those senior to me are taking a lot of interest in my store and myself. There is a new r
  9. Hello again Everybody, After a long absence I have returned to the site. I have two questions. How do I make a donation please? I received advice a long time ago and could never afford a donation. Not much better now, but a bit:) And I am being bullied at work by my line manager. She has extended my probation period under the guise of poor performance, but it's she who has prevented me from doing my job by saying no all the time. Has anyone else been bullied by a charity? I would appreciate any thoughts.
  10. A month ago i was assaulted by a pupil in school who has been charged with GBH (and admitted it). My husband works in the school as a teaching assistant. I have been working for them for 13 years, no disciplinary ever and up until this assault been told i am their best teacher. I would say that although i am not qualified i have been working as a teacher for the last 10 years. The school is an expensive private school and my bosses (a married couple) were furious that i reported the assault to the police. They said i shouldnt have as they were going for a contract that they wouldnt get i
  11. I placed my shop counter on eBay for 'Buy It Now' for £40 with the clearly identified condition that the buyer must collect the item. An eBay buyer [EDIT], won the item and duly paid for it. However, in the end, the buyer decided that collecting it was too much trouble for her and she opened a complaint against me to eBay that she hadn't received her item. The item remains here and has been waiting to be collected for 3 months. I made every effort to assist her to collect or have the item delivered for her item but she was too lazy to be bothered. eBay, in their wisdom, have dec
  12. A friend has 7 year old twins. One of them is deaf and wears hearing aids. The children in his class are pulling them out and breaking them. He can't hear without them. She's spoken to his teacher who has said "we can't watch 35 children at the same." His aids have been sent off to get fixed and he has nothing in the meantime. He will struggle in the meantime. He's not profoundly deaf and receives little / no help and won't receive help whilst the aids are being fixed. The teacher replied that as children who are in year 2, (6 & 7 year olds) they should be taking responsibility f
  13. Hi, I worked for a company for nearly five years, I used to love it. Then the last few months, the company started to struggle and the boss was hardly around. Out of the blue I got handed a long list of 'evidence' constituting in the whole to gross misconduct. Earlier we had been given a contract to sign which had changed and I hadn't signed it and written a letter stating I wasn't happy to. I think it was this that angered the boss who then knocked my hours down and spent the time I wasn't in trawling my computer and printed off so called evidence. Silly things like joke emails and bante
  14. Hi, I've moved to UK nearly 4 years ago. I left a very good, managerial job in my country to join my british husband. After 4 month intensive job hunt I have found an admin job in one of non profit organisations. I accepted the fact my employer ''didn' recognise'' my previous experience asking me to gain some British office experience, and it worked pretty well. after one year I was given more responsible role but then I left for my maternity leave. The organisation underwent loads of changes while I was away, the role given to me before I left was terminated.
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