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Found 13 results

  1. https://www.gov.uk/budgeting-help-benefits/how-to-claim Swift process took less than a minute to complete be aware it is still beta testing You’ll get a decision by post within 15 working days.
  2. Hi REGARDING SECTION 8 OF THE BUDGETING LOAN FORM there is some confusion regarding what is needed to be filled in if you are filling it on behalf of someone? can anyone help? it states:- have you filled in this form for someone else? NO (go to part 9) YES please tell us about yourself Please tell us why you are filling in and signing this form for someone else TICK BOX I am sending a letter by the claimant with this form, the letter tells you that they agree to me making the claim for them NOW SIGN THIS FORM IN PART 9 TICKBOX i am their appointee TICKBOX i have power of attorney TICK BOXES FOR NAME ADDRESS AND DATE OF BIRTH The form is made out like the above. My point is that according to the form if i tick the box 'I am sending a letter by the claimant.....' it tells me to go straight to part 9? if i go to part 9 then i assume i DONT tick '-+++I am their appointee' OR i have power of attorney' ? and therefore i DONT put my name or address or date of birth? I'm assuming you only do this if you are either appointee or power of attorney (as i am neither anyway?) i actually DONT want to give my details anyway as i am just helping a friend. finally to confuse matters further on page 9 it states sign here if you are claimant or appointee. Can SOMEONE confirm i DONT have to put my name or address. I just have to provide the letter signed by the person claiming?
  3. Hello I'm after a bit of advice please as to best way to proceed. Bit of background. I got a letter out the blue from DWP saying I owed £306.58 and to get in contact by 31/8/15 otherwise they would take this as my refusal to engage and no more letters would be sent and it will be passed to a Debt Collection Agency or they'll get an Attachment of Earnings. I phoned the number on the letter and asked to speak to the name of the person printed - they'd never heard of him/her. But, we got to the bottom of the letter and it seems I DO owe £346.40 for a budgeting loan I took back in 2013. Fair enough, I seem to remember that. I said to the phone monkey can I make a repayment plan as I'm now only working part time and can't take it in one hit - No! Her system shows £0 balance. What can I do then? She says wait until it is transferred over to her department and they'll send another letter. I told her I thought that was terrible advice as the letter clearly states no more letters will be sent and the next I'll hear will be a letter from a DCA with added fees or worse, an AOE - I work in a sensitive new job and if my boss got instructions to do an AOE it could see me sacked! I explained this to the DWP woman on the phone and she said there was nothing else she could do. I asked if she could put in an email or mail to me confirmation that she was refusing payment, telling me nothing was currently on her system and her advice: She asked for my phone number, I refused as I only want to deal with these snakes with a paper trail. She said no and hung up. Any advice? I've got previous with the DWP **** and despite what she said on a phone call that will be denied, I fully expect to hear nothing more until a DCA bangs on my door!
  4. Hi, I've just been turned down for a budgeting loan and was hoping for some advise if it's worth appealing the decision. The reason given was that my partner and I have not been receiving income based benefits for the 26 weeks. We have actually been claiming income based jobseekers since early August. I was the main claimant until December when we decided to close the claim so we could change main claimants. Our new claim started the very next day. Because we changed main claimant does that mean the 26 weeks only starts in December? Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.
  5. Hi, I've got another question, if you don't mind, please. Recently I changed my JSA claim to another council (rapid reclaim, although no break in signing on). I had a liability order for unpaid council tax and a budgeting loan being deducted each week from my JSA. Both stopped being deducted when I changed council. I've now sorted the issue with the council tax, thanks to some of the advice received on here. But the DWP has also stopped taking my deductions for a budgeting loan I had in August. I owe the money and will pay it back, no question. But can "they" (DWP/COUNCIL) get a liability order and send bailiffs or add crazy fines for a budgeting loan? I have had 3+ years of hell dancing to the DWP tune, I've got a job at last starting next week and will sign off at my next signing. So I'm loathed to bring up the budgeting loan deductions, as I'll need every penny i can get to last me the month till my first pay day. BUT - if a budgeting loan qualifies for a liability order, etc, then I'll end up owing about £600 in fines with bailiffs, so best to not let sleeping dogs lie. Anyone know? Is it my responsibility to tell DWP that they stopped making deductions from my JSA even though I never stopped signing or changed my NI number, (and they've written to me on numerous occasions recently about other stuff, thus proving they have my new address, etc). Any advice really appreciated. I need the money in the short term, I will pay back the loan in the long term - but any excuse to play these people at their own game and be as troublesome as possible gives me a warm feeling that money can't buy!
  6. Do they still exist? both my washer and dryer are on the fritz and we are barely surviving as it is its just something i cant afford to pay for or live without, i was under the impression they ended crisis loans and the social fund in the Welfare Reform act 2012 is that true? (wouldn't surprise me) The government site still allows printing off the forms thats the reason i ask, it is a pretty big form. Thanks Audrey
  7. Ive made a claim for ESA. Dis so begining of December 2013. I'm 22 weeks into claim (13 weeks of which is the assessment period ).....I've been told it'll take months to sort out my claim but not as long as a year I'm still on the lower rate. Everyone I see on forum sites talk about getting their appeal dates, I haven't got that far.....How long is this gonna take, anyone got any ideas???
  8. Hi Each I have been unemployed for over 18 months due to health , cardio, mental , epilepsy and a series of leg operations, number 4 due soon. I have been kicked out of my old home with my fiance due to a domestic and i have an anti social order against me for 5 years, this case is still due to be re heard... I have had to move back into my own mortgaged property that used to be rented out, no monies from the government for anything ie CT or \Mortgage interest, and tax paid I have moved in today no furniture no bes pots pans cutlery or any luxury apart from utilities, i receive ESA and am after advice on how my chances are on gaing a loan and how best to word it, i have the application ??? Is there anyone who could advise please, also I am currently on a non weight earing cast and require a zimmer to get around, cant get anything out of my old property as there is an order served on me to communicate or visit my ex and her home Help Please ??? Anybody Thanks in advance AG
  9. Hi Anyone can give me the true details as to how much someone can borrow on the budgeting loan? On the DWP it states up to £700 yet I am sure I read £2000! Also can you only claim if in receipt of JSA. I have two job interviews coming up and want to borrow to cover for the Housing Benefit as the Council will take months to sort my new claim if I get job and don't want to be in arrears. Also if I am working and paid back the loan ASAP and to borrow a small amount to start a business could I do this or will I not be able as deemed working.? Both jobs are part time. I will take only one job!
  10. hi all just wanted some advice please. my sister got a Budgeting Loan about 5 years ago she been paying £12.00 a week from her benefit over the last 5 years she re applied for one and then got a letter today saying she has been refused due to her having the maximum current limit based on her circumstances and that she still owes £900 to them. i cant see how this is as she been paying £12.00 a week since 2008 i just checked her new benefit award letter and it still states ther taking the £12.00 a week from her is there anyway or any form we can ask for from them to see how much she has paid back as in (all previous payments statement) as form what i have worked out she has paid a hell of a lot more back to them which concerns me a little
  11. Hello All, Does anyone know how long it takes for the budgeting loan money to be in your bank account. I have applied since 31st December then got a letter to say they are happy to offer me the loan and filled in the form where it need my signature a week later I received nothing I was told it will be in my account in 3 days once they received my signature for accepting the loan. I then send another signed form by recorded delivery that was on the 16th of January still I have not receive anything as yet I rang yesterday I was told it should be in my account today but nothing has come in. Can someone tell me if they've had similar outcome. I was going to applied earlier but I did not want the budgeting loan people to think I am borrowing that money for xmas presents that's why I held on until after xmas that money is for my flooring I have no carpet in my corridors and lounge at the moment and floors are very cold what with the snow cold weather and all makes the place colder. Thanks
  12. Hi all, Just a little advice needed. I lost my job on 5th December due to my fixed term contract ending. I have made claim for IS HB and CA which I am waiting to hear about (my 23 yr old daughter has cerebal palsy). Anyway I have no income at the moment all pay I was due has been recieved. My question is my current debt to DWP is 1500, for a bedgeting loan that was taken out when we moved into our adapted accomadation, this I understand is the maximum allowed so I am not entitled to a crisis loan until my benefit comes through. I dont have any family who can help and I am worried that I am going to be left with no money over xmas. Can anyone advise me on what to do or whether I can ask for a community care grant. Thanks in advance
  13. I have 101different reasons for applying for a budgeting loan. But I feel that I might get refused. What are the best reasons to give,? After all,the money is still going to be repaid so I dont see why one reason should be better than the other....but that's just the way it is . Im up to my eyes in 101 different types of debt that has built up since I lost my job and I need to get some of it paid quickly. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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