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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All I have been with my boyfriend (now Fiance) for 6 months. we are living together and all seems ok - the odd argument but things are relatively ok. We wants me to remortgage the house and put his name on the deeds whilst drawing down 44k worth of extra borrowing in favour of doing some home improvements. Currently there is 80k equity in the property (driven by house process) and he is bringing no money to the table. He has moved in with me and my two daughters (and his teenage son), which means that if I go ahead with the remortgage and the relationship fails I lose my
  2. I could not believe I was reading this !! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4510778/Student-stabbed-lover-spared-jail.html
  3. Hello All I wonder if anyone can advise on my daughters situation please. She is 18 and in her first year at university. Against our advice she ditched her student accommodation to move in with her boyfriend in his flat. The boyfriend's dad owns the flat that they live in and they rent it from him. They have an assured shorthold tenancy for a furnished flat for 12 months (Jan 1st 2017 - Jan 1st 2018) Both their names are printed on the tenancy but only my daughters signature is on there for some reason which I find strange. They have now spilt up and th
  4. Hi - just wondering if I could get some advice. My daughter's boyfriend upped and walked out one day leaving the tenancy (in both their names) and a pile of debts. All credit cards were taken out in her name (about £15k), money borrowed from us (her parents) which amounts to £3000 and utility bill debts, some of which are in both their names. The last thing he took with him was a phone that she had recently taken a contract out with (because he was denied credit) and has consequently run up a bill amounting to £100. She mistakenly thought that he would be reasonable and they wo
  5. HI there, A few months ago my boyfriend got caught drink driving . He crashed his car into a wall and had only had 2 pints . His breathalyser at the scene was on the limit, but was unable to give a 2nd as he passed out. At the station they took a urine test but apparently did the test wrong which showed his urine level being higher than it should have been. They also said they took 2 samples within 2 minutes of each other and then a second 55 minutes later (even though it should be an hour?!). He goes to court tomorrow and his solicitor has told him to plead no
  6. Hiya, posting for friend. My friend had been with her boyfriend for nearly a year when he asked her to get a bank loan for a BMW car. His credit rating was low so couldn't get a loan. She got the loan from her bank and gave him the money for the car. He is working and said he would give her the money every month to make the repayments on the car. He has now left her and taken the car. The log book is in his name as he told her she couldn't own the car as she doesn't have a driving license( she believed him). She's at her wits end, working and supporting h
  7. Hi This morning I had to attend an interview with the Compliance Officer at the local Job Centre. I am the appointee and official carer for my daughter who is receipt of ESA (Support Group) and we went to a family wedding in Turkey for 7 days in June 2014. Apparently I am meant to inform them when my daughter goes on holiday for a week, firstly I would like to know if this is true as I thought it was longer than this. The second thing I would like to clarify is that since this holiday someone has informed the DWP that my daughter is living abroad in Turkey with a Turk which is totally un
  8. I own my house and have 2 kids. My boyfriend has debts and bailiffs are after him. He wants to move in with me but I am worried about his debt. I have never been in debt and always make sure my bills are paid. I know bailiffs will end up coming to my door. How do I deal with this?
  9. I borrowed my boyfriend money now he's dumped me ?? What rights have I got? How can I best get my money back?? Please help
  10. I just went in for a compliance interview baffled, and was shocked that someone has accused me simply for having a boyfriend. In this day and age they actually think if you are seeing someone then they are financially responsible for you whilst you are looking for a job!!! I am actually living with my dad but stay over with my boyfriend a few times a week which apparenhtly means I am breaking the law. I know it's my dad's ex girlfriend who has a grudge against me, she promised to ruin my life and has tried all sorts. In the interview, out of the blue, the officer told me I should be spen
  11. Hi i was told to come here by a relative for some advice, im sorry my first post is requesting help. Ive recently recieved an eviction notice from the court. on the house ive lived in for the past 4 years, it states we are being evicted due to a breach of my tenancy agreement. i phoned my letting agent up and asked him why i was being evicted. to which they replied i breached it by decorating the front room, and there was some steel drainpipes on my drive (6) as i did not have the means to take them away at the time as they were left by a friend. Also another thing they have stated
  12. Hi I'm in need of some quick advice for a friend please, My friend has had the bailiffs at her door this morning for her X-boyfriend unpaid fines Her X-boyfriend hasn't lived or been with her for over 9months now, She wants to know what to tell the bailiffs as they are coming back on Friday & said they will get a lock smith out if they need to get in the house, (Nothing in the house is his) She told them he don't live there any more but they are insisting on coming back to seize goods. I told her not to let them in but she is panicking any help will be much appreciated
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