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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, the register keeper has received out of the blue a notice of enforcement for "entering and stopping in a box junction in march 2017". unbeknown to them and without any prior communication from TFL or equite, this Equita letter is demanding £278 which is made of £203 debt and £75 Compliance stage fee! the date on the equita letter stating the date of the contravention is also incorrect on the equita letter. tfl states it was in November last year. they are asking for the money within two days too, is that even legal? just seen the photos from 2016, looks like the keeper has entered the box junction and half the car is blocked from exiting. can we speak to someone to reduce the PCN to the original amount if we have not received ANY communication? not sure what to do and the keeper (related to me) is very worried. seen this on the TFL site, do they not have 30 days to issue? 15/11/2016 PCN Issued 23/12/2016 Charge Certificate Issued sorry contravention date is : Contravention date and time: 09 November, 2016
  2. I got a ticket through the post for stopping in the box junction. When I made the decision to drive into the box: 1. The cars in front of me were all moving, nothing was stationary 2. When I look at the picture, about a 1 - 1.5 ft of my car is in the box 3. Although this is initially a 2 lane road, the 3 cars in front of me were straddling in the middle of the two lanes, I was trying to stay to the right lane as I did not want to get blocked by parked vehicles ahead if I stayed in the left lane. If I would have forced my way totally into the right lane, half of my car would have been on the opposite side of the road. 4. The lights were still green at the time I had to stop in the box 5. I was not obstructing any vehicles if the lights had changed to red 6. I have driven down this road plenty of times over the years and have never stopped in the box I was just wondering if anyone had any up to date info on whether the box junction is legal? Everywhere I've looked seems to date from 2006-2010, any info or advice would be appreciated, I could really do without having to shell out £65 two weeks before Christmas. TIA
  3. Hello there! Similar issue to other threads. Googled my situation as I always do for this kind of thing and low and behold!!!! Find all this! And that figure stating how much the area makes the council in fines is truly shocking! Anyway, few images here to see if I have grounds for appeal! From what I make of it the bus was still moving at 14 seconds when I entered and then stops at 16 seconds resulting in me having to stop also. The right handle lane is empty but I'm saying the bus is too far over for me to enter that lane as my exit? Surely we can't be expected to wait for the vehicle in front to completely clear the box junction before entering?! We would get nowhere! Bus is clearly moving when I enter. If the bus wasn't moving then I wouldn't have entered, simple as that as I know not to. It's not like I've seen it stationary there and driven in regardless like some idiot! I would have no issue if that was what I had done. It was my first time driving in London too, and didn't know traffic at the junction moved quite so ****e! Any help much appreciated. NB There's a 6th pic that won't upload at 37 seconds showing me outside of the box. Cheers guys!
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