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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I took out a mortgage with Abbey National in June 2003 and I was advised by the in branch adviser that it would be wise to take the paymentcare policy with the remortgage and additional loan which was added to the mortgage. I have been paying this every month at a cost of £52.55 - which by my calculations means I have paid £9511.55 to date. My issue is that I didn't actually require this insurance at the time of remortgage but the adviser stressed that it would be "very helpful" to my application. Wishing to get the loan agreed I took the paymentcare insurance out. The reason I didn't need it was because I would receive 6 months full pay from work if I was sick, followed by another discretionary 18 months at full pay if required. I also had life insurance with my employer 4 x annual salary so my loan obligations in case of sickness or death would be met. This original mortgage was paid in full when I sold the property. Would someone be able to advise whether I have reason for a claim and if so where do I start? Many thanks for your help.
  2. I have my own personal collection of law books in my bedroom for me to study and reference. Although this is mine it is often used by other family members and friends to study. It is also why I know more than I used to when I first joined CAG. I have just written down just a few of my titles at random. Please feel free to read my PDF as this has the list of most of my collection of law books.... attachment.pdf
  3. It seems there’s an issue for owners of Kindles to be aware of, and take appropriate steps to avoid. A security researcher has discovered that malicious code could potentially be injected – and cookies stolen – via a stored cross site scripting attack on the Manage your Kindle page located on the Amazon website. According to the researcher, malicious code can be injected via e-book metadata such as the book title. Once the book is added to the victim’s library, the rogue code will trigger once they open their Kindle library web page, leading to the cookies being accessed by – and transferred to – the creator of the e-book in question. Here’s a writeup by someone demonstrating the researcher’s proof of concept test on themselves, passing with flying colours. The advice given is to be very wary of pirated e-books and other shady looking downloads – especially if you’re going to make use of the Send to Kindle feature, as this is the most likely way you’ll end up placing an e-book from outside the Kindle store into your Amazon Kindle page. We’ve taken a look at the Kindle before, and here’s some things you should be aware of: * Kindle Apps: Look before you leap Unfortunately apps which aren’t all they claim to be do appear on the Kindle Apps store, and buyers of apps should always check the reviews before committing to a purchase. Here’s some advice from the above blog entry to steer you in the right direction: Tips for Avoiding Kindle App Shenanigans 1) Read the reviews. While these apps are in circulation, the only real chance you have of avoiding a stinker is to see what horrors have befallen those brave souls who have gone before you. 2) Check the developer name. If it’s a horrible mashup of words associated with various titles, there’s a good chance some alarm bells may be ringing. 3) Take a good look at the “screenshots”. The majority of the 100% fake apps – the ones which claim to be amazing, mindblowing games and disclose nowhere that they’re just some terrible tile sliding effort – use lots of pre-renders / promotional art from real games. Google Image Search will probably come in handy here. * Sideloading apps is a dangerous game On a similar note, many titles in the gaming realm tend to show up on the Amazon Kindle store a while after they’ve already appeared on Android (Google Play) and the iOS stores. For many impatient individuals, this means a quick treasure hunt in a search engine for unofficial copies, quickly followed by lots of “Aargh what have I done” type complaints once dubious app x has been installed on unsupported device y. As per the advice in that particular blog: Looking for that Movie you really like but don’t want to pay for? Malware. Looking for an album you really wanted to listen to but out of cash? Malware. Looking for that new game that all your friends are playing but you can’t afford? Malware. It spans from the Desktop to the Mobile space and any device that might fall in between. Misleading E-Book advertisements install PUPs The above blog isn’t so much a threat to your E-Book reader or Amazon account as it is to your PC in general, with popular lists of E-Book titles used as a front for PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) installs. On the other hand, it is a useful example when talking about how there is no subject a [EDIT] won’t touch to make some money in the side. E-Books? Sure, why not. And you can bet your finest digital copy of 1984 that somebody, somewhere would happily set up a wide range of booby trapped E-Books to swipe some Amazon accounts – or any other accounts they can get their hands on, for that matter. E-Book readers are wonderful things, but as with all the bits and pieces of tech we carry around with us on a daily basis they can provide an inroad for people harbouring bad intentions – and the occasional rogue E-Book. Christopher Boyd
  4. I travel to work by bus. It is nearly a 60 hour journey if i can make all the connections, sometimes more. Yes - SIXTY hours To help the journey go quicker, i bought a kindle a while ago. I always assumed I had to purchase books, but then I discovered typing "free books" i could choose from a very large selection and download books for free. This may not be obvious to some people... So, enjoy your free reading time
  5. Hi - both myself and my mum have got loans with Provident (as we have previous bad credit history) . My mum is 73 this year and is paying £100 a week back on various loans - she has had loans to pay back loans. In the last three weeks - she has paid her payments as normal - BUT, when she checked her books.. ...the collector had put down that she had paid 'double' the amount. When she drew his attention to this - he said 'I've had to put down that you're paying more as Provident would be in trouble with the FSA - you're not allowed loans at more than £50 per week pay back because you're over 70 !!!' .. ....so why have Provident allowed my mum to take out loan after loan ...??? Any advice on what to do....?? they are obviously 'fiddling the books' to keep the FSA happy !!! It's disgraceful !
  6. I am just inquiring whether an employer can refuse to put minor injuries in the accident book? My son works at a major UK car manufacturing plant and has had difficulty for some time now because of the repetitive nature of the process he undertakes,it is a renowned process within the company as one of the more challenging tasks with a high worker attrition rate. He has had to have rest periods where he changes to more menial tasks to help him recover, but every time he asks to put the injury in the accident book they refuse citing his injury must have happened outside of work. He recently made a doctors appointment where the GP agreed that the injury was RSI. He feels it is being made difficult for him to report his injuries and the hope that the process can be made easier by an investigation into modifying it in some way are compounded as he is only on a 12 month contract and really wants to keep his job! Firstly does the employer have the right to refuse an entry in the accident book & are they allowed to suggest that an injury could have been caused by means other than work when my son is addament it is his process that is the cause? Secondly if he was to lose his job and no accident/injury is reported can he still bring his case to tribunal?
  7. Hello all, I am not old, I am not young, but I would like to say, A real book made with real paper and bound and written with passion, proof read, edited, published, will stand the test of a thousand years of existence! Technology is my thing, however if I were to be sitting on a deserted island and there is no power and my batteries ran out, nothing beats a real tangible physical book!!!! a work of art an inspiration, a wonder - and its in front of you there ready to be read, now and forever! real books will never die..... Kindles I pads Phones etc are fine when you are on a train etc... but give me the real stuff all day everyday. khemist
  8. I have been very fond of reading for years! instead of carrying heavy books with me all the time I think it would be easier to get an e-book reader. But the selection is big! so which one would you recommend? I´d prefer if it had wifi as well. Thanks in advance
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