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Found 6 results

  1. I have been working as agency in a private care provider. The staff get a good cash bonus if their inspections are good. One member of staff told me they were picked to speak to the inspector but chose not to tell all as they wanted their bonus. If they spoke out all the staff would have lost this payout (£500). Is it legal to offer a bonus that would potentially stop people from being honest and/or whisleblowing?
  2. Looking for some advice for a friend of mine. He works within a department of between 10-15 people. The work all over the Midlands area covering diffrent stores. At the end of each season a cash bonus is paid to them providing targets are met. Some stores clear target when some struggle to make it anywhere near, they work out the bonus based on which stores you have covered 80% of the time. Some people work a variety of stores whilst a select few are allowed to be based at one store only. They find any excuse not to move these stores as they know and often boast about how they will be guranteed bonus if they stay put there. They are all on the same contract which dictates you will be required to move yet the employer chooses not to enforce these terms of employment, I guess for a quiet life? My friend has been told basically it is tough when he has had issues before about moving, yet these select few get away with it and no excuse they provide to not move is challenged. Is this fair? Are they allowed to do this? Many thanks in advance for any advice
  3. Details of bankers bonuses at Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC & RBS at an estimated £5billion Lloyds who were fined £226million last July for their part in il-legally rigging international foreign exchange rates are expected to pay out £375million in bonuses to it's top bankers. So we the British taxpayer with a 24.5% shareholding in Lloyds get landed with a share of the £226million fine for il-legal activity due to incompetent management and then are expected to reward their incompetence with £375million in bonuses on top of their already over inflated wages. Their justifications for the bonuses? 1) They need to employ the top bankers 2) The pot is 15% lower than last years With labour and the coalition government having already signed up to an additional £30billion of cuts to public spending, Who feels "we're all in this together"
  4. The next round of bankers annual bonuses have been estimated at £5billion between HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds & RBS. RBS who were fined $1.6million dollars in July 2014 for their part in fixing Australian exchange rates are expected to pay out £500million in bonuses. In December 2014 they were fined £400million by regulators in UK & US for their part in il-legally fixing international foreign exchange rates. A week later there were fined £56million by UK regulators after paying out £70million in compensation to customers for a Systems failure in 2012. That is £527million in compensation and fines due to appalling management in a bank where we hold an 80% shareholding, yet have absolutely no say in the running of it and now we are expected to pay £500million in bonuses to the same incompetent management on top of their already over inflated wages. Their justification for the bonuses? 1) They need to employ the very best 2) It is 15% lower than last years bonus pot. Remember Mr Brown & Mr Cameron's words "there will be no reward for failure" With labour and the coalition having already signed up to an additional £30billion cuts to public spending regardless of who wins the next election, Who agrees "we're all in this together"?
  5. The company I work for has a track record of not really giving a damn about it's employees, until they need something from them. For the past decade or so, every Christmas, the company gives all of the female employees an expensive bottle of wine and gift vouchers for a few hundred pounds. But the male staff get nothing (doing the exact same job by the way). Even a new member of staff (who only started 3 weeks prior to Christmas) got the wine and gift vouchers, and of course she's female. It certainly seems discriminatory to me on the grounds of sex, but is it illegal? I don't mind everyone getting the bonus, but just feel like its a kick in the teeth that only the female employees get it...if we all got a bonus that would be fine. I look forward to your replies.
  6. Hi I wondered if I could please get some advice on my current employment situation: I work at a company which has 5 staff members: 3 Directors, myself and my male colleague (we both undertake identical job roles). Our company year runs 1st January to 31st December each year and bonuses are paid at Christmas time (around 21st) based on company performance over that year. Bonuses are at the discretion of the Directors but have never not been paid in the past and there is no clause in my contract referring to bonus entitlement/the circumstances in which it can be withdrawn On 1st December 2012 I commenced my one month’s notice period which ends on 31st December 2012 – meaning I will have worked the full year and will be employed on the date bonuses are issued. One Director is happy to pay my usual bonus as we have hit the required targets over the period – but the other two Directors (husband and wife) want to refuse me bonus as I am in my notice period and only pay it to my male colleague instead. As my colleague and I have both worked all year and undertaken the same job role – is it sexual discrimination to refuse me a bonus for equivalent work? If so is there anything I can do to complain or take legal action if they refuse to pay me an equal bonus? Many thanks Lola
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