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Found 4 results

  1. I had a new boiler fitted by a shade greener on 16/12/14 when i say fitted it was a very windy day when it was fitted and they left a Couple of jobs to finish of like fitting the weatherseal to the flue and clearing all the brick dust they had covered everything in my attic with' these jobs i was told would be done the next day but they were not Finally after many facebook messages and phonecalls a fitter was sent to return on his way home from work when it was dark he refused to go up the ladders as it was dark and there was nobody to foot the ladders and he only had the bottom half of a henry hoover and a brush which he said himself would not sort the job out He never came back despite many phonecalls to Everlasting boilers Just after Xmas my boiler broke down I rang the 24 hour helpline to be told somebody would ring me back to sort the problem out 48 hours later still no phonecall i rang up another gas fitter who asked me for the error code and told me to turn the boiler off and then back on again to sort the problem out - This fixed it it would appear that I was forgotton about for both the finishing off work AND the clean up work and also the "24 hour care" this was the case until about 2 weeks ago when some jumped up git rang my mobile and told me i had to pay or they would come rip the boiler out I told them that i wanted the unfinished work completed before I agreed to start paying for it but his answer was "see you in court"! Today a county court summons has appeared for the grand total of £5170.52 for the boiler I have no issues with paying for it BUT the agreement says payments start after the work has been completed but it still hant been completed so where do i stand please Thanks in advance
  2. Eaga plc that runs Warm Front is giving me a rough ride. They are denying me, heating improvements under the Govt scheme. The boiler is a floor standing Potterton Kingfisher RS50 installed when the flat was built in 1963. The Assessor took a glance at the boiler and told me that it is too old and promised me that the boiler will be replaced. He gave me a glossy brochure about the steps they will take to make improvements such as replacement boiler. The Assessor asked me to sign a Client Declaration. I trusted him and made the mistake of signing it without reading. He told me that I will receive a copy of the letter that they send to my landlord. But the landlord or I heard nothing. Then I noticed that on the back of the form that I was asked to sign, the only ‘assessor recommended improvement’ is compact fluorescent light bulbs. After number of phone calls to Warm Front and long waits, I was told that my landlord is responsible for heating, eventhough no one at Warm Front (including the assessor) has read the tenancy agreement. Their ‘landlord is responsible’ stance is based on the mis-interpretation of something I said. They are also disregarding the fact that I have been paying for annual check-ups and maintenance of the boiler for the last eight years. I was asked for past receipts; though I no longer have them. I offered to send them the tenancy agreement. But was told that it will not be valid any longer, because the landlord and I might now change it to suit. I was also told on the phone that the boiler will be replaced only if does not work and can’t get spares to repair it. Where can I get a copy of the rules and regulations that from the basis of their decisions? Is there an appeal procedure independent of Eaga plc who will hear my case? Any other course of action? Many thanks.
  3. Hi i have back in 2013 installed everlasting boiler .now i am doing a extension to the house and i need and where the boiler installed i need the boiler flue to be extended to the roof of new extension and my builder asked me to get information on the make and model of the boiler so he can order the extension parts for the flue but when i called everlasting boiler they refuse to give me info as they told me i cant get anyone else touch the boiler as they own the boiler if i need someone else to do the work on boiler i need to buy the boiler right out which seems odd so they started mentioning the agreement i singed and honestly when i signed the agreement with the sales man never brought to my attention it was all sales talk and how much i pay and its affordable and that was it sign here and i desperately needed boiler as my old one was wreck and was very hard to insure cheap as well for the time being it was good deal now i am stuck with them as i cant get them in quickly as they will come and do the survey at there convenience my whole extension project is stuck because of them .i have talked to them on the phone and logged the complain via and the response was below can someone guide what should i do i know they are going to be rip me off with the work through everlasting engineer as my builder i want have to pay extra its part of the extension to do the changes to the flue pipe to put the roof on any would be appreciated . my email to them : I am not happy with service as i am doing extension i cant extend boiler flue pipe as i was told only a shade greener are the only one allowed to do it and i have to wait 8 days for someone to come out and do survey and God knows how many more days before the quote come through and the work carried out its not fair that i have to pay whatever price you quote and i can get it done much cheaper from somewhere else and i was told on the phone its in the my agreement i trusted your sales man who visited my house and signed the agreement it was never in my mind that i am going to have extention but i regret to trust your salesman not pointing out this part of agreement that you want let me get work carried out from anyone else . my extension roof is on hold because of this boiler flue pipe i am not happy as it costing me money and time just to wait for your engineer i only called to find the make and model so i can get it done from private certified engineer but i was put in this misery of that i cant get it done only apart from you guys regardless the price . Now here is what i am going to do i am going to wait and get the quote from you guys and then i will call certified private to estimate the quote and then i am hoping that your quote is not ridiculously high and if it is then i am going to take this to court my self to claim the time and the money that i am losing for the holdup that you are causing me for not letting me repair it from private engineer and proof it with the expensive quote price that you only got this agreement term of not getting work done from anywhere else just to rip people off. their response : Good afternoon Mr Ahmed, Thank you for your email. After reading through your email and reading through all documentation and notes on your account, we are following company procedure. In your agreement, under schedule 2, 1.2, it states “the customer shall immediately notify the company on discovering any damages to the equipment. No third party shall be permitted to undertake any repairs or make any modifications to the equipment whatsoever, without the prior written consent of the company” which means your flue cannot be extended or modified by anyone other than us. Also stated in your agreement under schedule 1, 6 , “if within the term the customer requires, for its convenience, that the equipment be relocated with the property, then the company will carry out a free survey to check the new locations suitability and will then provide a written transparent quote to do the work at cost price, only accounting for the cost of labour and parts.” This is in regards to sending out an engineer on the 18/03/2016 to do a QC inspection and give you a quote to carry out your work on the flue. I understand your frustration Mr Ahmed but we are following the rules and regulations set out in your agreement, which I have attached for you to read through. Kindest regards, Everlasting Boilers LLP My response back to them : Well thanks for reply i have clearly stated in my complaint that if your price is ripoff i will take further action and will book private certified engineer to carry the work with all the legal certificate provided for the work that is carried safe by registered engineer by legal authorities .and also if you read line 6 the cash price is £3793.21 for the equipment and £4722.49 for the maintenance and service for the term of th agreement . Worst case scenario if you are not willing to cooperate i am quite happy to terminate contract £4722.49 for the maintenance and service for the term of th agreement . and will continue to pay £3793.21 for the equipment which should be less then £3793.21 because i have been paying for 3 years and will buy services from someone else for repairs .and i will not pay lumpsum as i don't have cash that the reason i went for monthly payment so i will offer monthly payment for the sum for equipment until its cleared off and be very happy yo go to court and set monthly payments for that Thanks
  4. anyone got one? boilers broken down again, might be unrepairable as its leaking water and wont power on so looking at the possiblities of a pellet burning biomass one instead apparently theres a grant towards the cost, + a possible feed in tariff next year just wondering if anyones got any good pros and cons
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