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Found 2 results

  1. Hi i am self employed on a low income and claiming Housing Benefit on a 1 bed (2 room) flat in an inner london brma. I have been renting one of the rooms out to a lodger on a permanent basis and receiving the 2 bed rate minus income deductions from the lodger. I would like to begin renting the room occupied by my lodger on a less permanent basis, to paying BnB visitors for weekend. Is this possible and what would be what is the best way to go about this without creating a change of circumstances every weekend that I have a paying visitor? All i can find is that there isn't any distinction at all in the regulations between a lodger and a temporary BnB guest - a 'lodger' is defined as 'someone who is liable to pay you or your partner rent, on a commercial basis, to live in your home'. There's no clarification on what 'to live in your home' means, and this means that it's quite possible that any paying weekend guest will be treated the same as any other lodger, and this may potentially mean that I have to notify the council of a change in circumstances frequently. Could i incorporate the business' under my self employed umbrella that does not interfere with my award which would be single occupancy with 1 bed LHA.? Would really appreciate any concrete info please. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am from the United States and this is my first time living in London. Unfortunately, I rent from a man, who is of bad quality. We currently have 3 of 6 rooms open in our house. I lived here for four months. Since, the beginning, Jude, the agent has sent potential renters to our home for appointments. At first I was polite and let them sit in the kitchen until he arrived. This became habit and time consuming for me, especially when the agent frequently does not show for his appointment or would be 1 to 2hrs late. He also calls and asks us to show them around the house for him. The doorbell has rang as late as 9pm with no sign of the agent, just potential renters. We have asked for all of this to stop. It is not safe for the girls of the house to let strangers inside at night when no one else is home. We shouldn't be doing his job for him either. He ignore us and kept doing it his way. So, now if the doorbell rings and it is random people we just say they can't come inside until the agent arrives. The agent also frequently shows up to the house unannounced and would use his own key to get inside. Most recently, I was sweeping the hallway on Christmas eve morning getting it ready for guest I was having over later that night. It was early morning 10am and I had not changed into regular day clothes. I was in sleep shorts, tank top, no bra. The agent just uses his own key and walks inside with four guests. I am standing there in my sleepwear. I was completely caught off guard! I felt half naked and it was not acceptable for him to just walk into the house. I waited for him to finish showing the house. Once he was done I started talking to him politely about coming into the house unannounced and how I know its not legal. He kept interrupting me. Telling me I didn’t know what legal was. I told him No, I spoke with a lawyer and what your doing is unacceptable. We asked you to change politely. I could see this was not getting anywhere so I ended the conversation and walked towards my bedroom. He followed me upstairs saying " If I am going to get lawyers involved then this will be my last month at the house" I replied " Jude, I am asking you nicely. You need to leave the house now" He replied no, and continued the fight. I asked again and again for him to leave. He wouldn't leave and had me between him and a wall. I had enough room to the right and moved past him. I ran to the 3rd floor where my male room-mate Derek was sleeping. I woke Derek up and told him that the agent is harassing me please make him leave. Derek politely said "lets all go down to the kitchen and talk" I walked to my room and the agent again followed me to my bedroom. I shut my door locked it, he continued to yell at me through my door. Threatening to evict me. Now since it is Christmas the Citizen Advice B. is closed. Not only that but yesterday we received a text message from Jude saying a new room-mate will be arriving at 1pm and to please let him inside. However, the new room-mate was not actually a room-mate. The couple informed us that they were not moving in. They asked how long we were staying at the hotel. Hotel? this is our home..... They continued to inform us that they thought it was a BNB and we were all guest here. No, this is a house with all our private things. He said that explains why our shower is dirty and we have no towels in our room. The wife then asks me if she can please have two towels and use my shower because there is no shampoo in their bathroom. They also informed us that they thought their room was dirty and the sheets have not been cleaned. So, now are home is completely open to strangers he is advertising our house on AIRBNB! complete with false reviews! Please tell me this is illegal! I live in a very nice house in a great area and I don't want to move out. The agent lease ends in three months and the original landlord will take back the house. I am trying to hold out but this man is making my life miserable. Another issue is utilities. Utilities are included in our rent. Jude has the bills come to our house and picks them up. Recently, I noticed that all the bills are under false names. I open our last water bill and it was a final notice for not paying. I could go on but please most PRESSING IS AIRBNB!
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