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Found 5 results

  1. About 7 years ago my wife had a gastric band fitted and subsequently had 'topups' She went for a topup about a year ago and when the bill came in it was £280. The previous band fills had been about £100. I have refused to pay as I feel that, while I understand prices go up over time, this is an unacceptable amount to increase. They now have passed the matter over to ICON collections who call frequently and while they don't intimidate us it is very annoying especially when they tell my daughter who they are and why they are calling! I am not disputing that we need to pay for the band fill but where do we stand legally regarding the hugely inflated price? Given the fact that the previous two band fills were only £100 each, was it reasonable for us to assume that this one would be a similar price? Do we have to deal with ICON collections or can we insist that it is dealt with by BMI? Are there any rules about harassment by collection agents? Thanks Woolfie
  2. Hi i started a DMP with Moorhead Savage in @ 2011 things where fine until 2016 when they stopped managing plans , took on running my plan myself . In August last year i received a letter off Regal Credit ltd informing me they were ceasing trading and the debt was been returned back to BMI . In November i received a letter to contact them , which i did offering to continoue with the same payments . which they refused , i contacted them again saying i cant increase my offer as all my Creditors are paid Pro-Rata and it would be unfair . i then got a statement a month later wanting double . On the 30/12/16 letter from Style Credit dated 28/12/16 wanting contact immediately or legal action , i replied on the 03/01/17 which they received on the 05/01/17 ( recorded ) On the 20/01/17 i received a letter dated 16/01/17 which states since ive failed to contact them they will started legal action , i had till the 23/01/17 now the 21 / 22 was the weekend . i replied the same day and wrote to the address on the top of the page and also the registered offic on the bottom of letter , they received both letters on the 23/01/17 signed for by the same person . On the 26/01/17 i received a letter from HLW Keeble Hawson saying i failed to make a payment despite repeated requests and if they dont receive full payment within seven days they are starting a claim in the County Court , i have wrote to them too with a offer of payment and list of creditors . im not sure if the account has been Defaulted or not as all paper work went to Moorhead Savage , on the staetments BMI added inetrest which had been stopped . No payments have been missed to any Creditor , im dealing with 19 in total this seams like a rail road job any comment or ideas ! Thanks
  3. I have been having a protracted argument with BMI hosiptal regarding a charge for non attendance of a consultation. They invited me to attend a consultation by letter but I did not receive the letter. They are now demanding £99 and have handed it over to ICON collections I have also had a letter today from PJH Solicitors stating I must pay ICON by cheque immediately. I would like to know the following:- 1. Can they charge £99 for a missed appointment 2. I told them I didn't receive the letter but they say that it was sent so that is my problem 3. Do I have to deal with a collection agency regarding this and why would I pay them anyway? Can anyone out there offer me some advice please? Cheers Woolfie
  4. Hi I need help with my claimagainst BMI Credit card under section 75 . 11 years ago i has 2 lots of cosmetic surgery at the BMI priory private hospital. This was paid for with my BMI card around £5000 in total. The surgery was for rhinoplasty (nose) and bat ear correction. I was told by the surgeon that it would take a year or 2 for the full effects of the surgery to become apparent. My left ear was badly deformed after the surgery, the surgeon admitted he had put the bandages on too tight which caused this. I wrote to the BMI priory telling them of the affects of the surgery and how unhappy i was. They told the surgeon to redo the surgery to the left ear. He did the surgery and told me he could not carry out further surgery to the ear and this would be the last. He said that i should wait for at least 3 to 4 years for the affects of the surgery to take place. My ear it getting worse and the large scars are becoming pain full and making my ear look deformed. My nose has now developed a depression on the top surface as well. After writing to the Hospital 6 months ago i was told that they would pass my complaint on to the surgeon who no longer works at the hospital. He has not replied to me at all. I then decided to write to BMI card who financed the operation on the credit card. They told me that i have not shown any evidence of breach of contract which is required for them to refund the money i paid. I have no paperwork or contract at all, what do i do . I know the first operation was 11 years ago but shorly there must be something i can to? It was the hospital who recommended the surgeon in the first place. Should i request my medical records from the hospital and if so what would they prove. Please help
  5. Say if I bought a ticket from BMI last year for travel later on this year. They have now been bought out by BA. Now when I bought the ticket I was told that I could make changes to it for £20 per change. Now we are being told that no changes are allowed. You either fly it or you can cancel it for a fee. But when I bought it I was told it flexible. Does BA have a right to make changes to contracts that were all ready done? BMI accepted my money and told me their ticket change guidelines. Now BA is saying we will not honor those. Shouldn't BA book me on one of their flights? Do I as a consumer have any say in this?
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