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Found 9 results

  1. I have been selling items on ebay relating to BMW and MINI and recently received no end of papers form Palmer Biggs Legal stating that they demand I sign some forms, send them any items i have relating to BMW and Mini, Agree to pay them £1000 towards legals costs and a share of the profits. Of course I first panicked. I removed any items i had on ebay and sent them some of the items i had. I did not sign the forms. The sent another letter demanding i sign but i did not. I emailed them to say that they are being heavy handed and simply had to ask ebay to remove the items, which they did not. I said that I would pay them £250 and thats it. The sent another letter agreeing to this and that i needed to sign the agreement. Since then I have searched them and have found out abit more. I am reluctant to send them any money at all. Does anyone have any advice.
  2. Hi, I have read numerous threads on the firm Palmer Biggs Legal, but still unsure what to do or how to proceed with a response as their tactics seem quiet forceful and also unreasonable with regards to costs asked for etc. I run a very small, loss making Ltd company, which specialise in aftermarket parts for BMW. The site is of our own design however as we specialise in the BMW brand, we did use a resemblance of the BMW logo as a favicon for example in our URL, an some of our replacement parts are supplied with separate BMW logos as they are required to complete the look of the complex replacement part. They claim as the photos of some of our products have trademarked logos on them we are IP infringement and that also customers could be confused to the original source of the parts i.e. they are genuine. I feel this hard to believe as the parts we sell are not even offered by BMW in the first place (we offer replacement parts but in different colour to OEM parts). However, the OEM part has a BMW logo them, which we need to supply in order to provide a good replacement. We have assumed that when we acquired the badges that accompany a few of our products that the supplier had rights to the logo etc. There was never as conversation about IP infringement when purchasing the badges. However, the badges have now been removed as we haven't sold any for over a year or more and also to save future headaches. I must stress that we do not manufacture any of the products or the badges, custom or replacement that are supplied with a very few of the parts that we believe are required in order to complete the look of the replacement part. Nor do we claim anywhere on the site that parts are genuine or affiliated with BMW. We received the original letter over a month ago asking for costs of over £1000, which included the firms research (basically screening shots of the site) and asking we sign their agreement etc and disclose stock, profits and suppliers etc. Reading advise on the forum , I did not engage with Palmer Biggs bit did contact BMW directly as I have nothing to hide and the also firm had made some mistakes on their original letter, which made me feel that the letter could be a fake or not a genuine. I was told by BMW that the firm does represent them for IP infringement and that I should do what they say etc. I also received a letter from Palmer Biggs with a photocopy of a letter, which implies they do represent the BMW group. Today I received another letter from the firm informing me that as we have not formally responded their client is looking to escalate proceedings if i do not sign their agreement with a daft court letter with Palmer Biggs claiming up to £15,000 in costs and damages on behalf of BMW. Considering we have not sold many of the items they originally highlighted for over a year on the site and we are a company operating at loss can they really claim that amount? I'm unsure of how to respond, they have given 7 days to reply. Advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hi all, New to this site expressly because hubby's business has received 'the package' today - like Dempsey40, in relation to Mini / BMW and asking £1000. Your comments have so far proved invaluable. Any updates please?
  4. Hi guys I have the same problem now. I sold some ps3 controllers on Ebay and got the letter from Palmer Biggs last week, with all the feedbacks from ebay and a picture of the product (saying they bought it from one of my customer), claimed me to pay their solicitor fee (£1000), and also the certain amount of the profit, stop to sell, etc. I got these products from China and paid the supplier via paypal, I have all the invoices and funny thing is after I got the letter from Palmer bigs, I have asked the supplier if they are faked, and the supplier replied me via email say yes but sorry did not tell me that. I have also take one of the product to HMV and GAME, both of them told me it is faked but looks very close to the original one. I have stopped to sell them already. I have read quite a few threads from internet and got various answers. I am bit confused and scared. First of all, should I pay them or response to them? Doesn't the trading standard or police should knock my door first if I was selling something fake? Secondly, how big the chance I will lose if I do not pay them or just ignore them? I doubt I will be fined for a large amount because I only sold less than 50pcs, the total net profit I got only around £400. Thirdly, can I negotiate with them for the price? for example, I pay them £300 or the whole profit I got? Thanks
  5. I have received same letters from same solicitors since August. I am in the process of dealing with it. I have done reasonable amount of research into legal cases involving this Palmer Biggs and Ebay however no one have confirmed of the outcome after ignoring the letter. Anyone have any new updates?
  6. Hi guys, Received a registered post with piles of papers from this same solicitor PM Legal, demanding 1000 pounds + compensation, in the same situation as Dempsey40. Can anyone received same letters update any outcome or solution? Thanks!
  7. Hi New to this thread, received the same letter haven't signed anything yet. Please can people update as and when things happen and will do the same. Also @ Tom what was the final settlement agreed as solicitors fees seem extreme. Thanks
  8. Hi ya I'm new on this and am actively following above thread as it's happening to me too with these solicitors. The difference is that I have ignored them and someone turned up at my door (not them, but I believe they are from the Court...probably a messenger) .Anyone had this experience before?
  9. i have just received similar email from palmer briggs any update on your case?
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