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Found 2 results

  1. I share this story for educational purpose, to let you look behind the curtain. I’ve been trading different markets since 2000, but it was my first complaint ever. I have irrefutable evidences to prove the prejudice, but there was no way to address that problem. The procedure was only a barbaric joke. Nevertheless, my sense of humour is much better. I reported them for fraud to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and to the Action Fraud, based on Fraud Act 2006 chapter 35. It is proven fact that the ombudsman made an irrational decision and it was not a mistake. I am aware that it is a criminal offence. Post 15. It is recognized fact that the adjudicator and the ombudsman rejected my complaint using different arguments, but both arguments supported my claim. Using those arguments my complaint should’ve been upheld. The real nature of the FOS was unveiled due to their incompetence. Posts 3 and 4. However, the truly scandalous parts were presented by the team manager, the senior manager and the so called Independent Assessor. They covered the mess up shamefully. Posts 5-13. At the end, I will show you how the Financial Ombudsman Service manipulates its statistics. My £5,000 dismissed complaint is published on their website as upheld. Reference: DRN0281948. Post 14. Yes, I am going to write about the centralized, systemic corruption of the Financial Ombudsman Service UK, where there is no way to address the unbelievable bias and incompetence. Would you believe me if I said the adjudicator has admitted in writing that he didn’t understand anything when he made his two rejecting decisions? Yet there was no way to question his biased verdict. Post 3. Would you believe me if I said the ombudsman falsified data to dismiss my claim? Well, he had to, because his nonsense theory doesn’t exist. I mean literally, it doesn’t exist. Yet there was no way to address that fraud. Post 4. Would you believe me if I said, after the adjudicator rejected my complaint with an argument which supported my claim and wasn’t related to the case, replying to my service complaint the team manager clearly stated that the admittedly wrong decision should be left intact, and the adjudicator shouldn’t have discussed that issue with me? What fair play? Post 6. Would you believe me if I said the adjudicator supposedly deleted one of my emails with information he requested (probably contradicted the preconception) 20+ times, and the team manager, the senior manager, the Independent Assessor refused to recognize the issue? I was unable to address that problem. Post 8. Would you believe me if I said that I had to file a Freedom of Information Act request to see the evidence which was used to reject my complaint, which should’ve been disclosed in the ombudsman’s decision at the first place? Hint: I couldn’t obtain any evidence supporting the ombudsman’s decision. You are going to see why. Post 9. I know. You cannot believe it. Then just keep reading. You will see how serious the problem is that no one has control over an ombudsman. You will see that there are no real checks and balances in the system. They cover up the issues anyway, so I am sure it is done on purpose. How could you expect the financial firms playing fair when even the legal system is that rigged? They didn’t feel any shame when they got caught cheating. They didn’t show any regret. They don’t learn from mistakes. They are absolutely immoral. The goal could be genuine at the beginning, but now the Financial Ombudsman Service is only a subsidiary of the financial industry to protect itself against the public anger and the real accountability.
  2. Hi, I have had nothing but grief for a few years from my employer. A local council. I have put in a few complaints of bullying, being treated differently etc but always tried to just do my job. I have challeneged my employer in the correct process but it is very much an old boys club Yesterday I was suspended on a possible gross misconduct charge of theft of council time and frog marched out the building. I admitted to using the internet but I have to alot as I am the only person that does my job and I network with other specialists around the country for advice. I have to do this as they have refused to send me on any training etc for 4 years despite my job needing to be completely up to date with current and statute law. I get refused everything but everyone else is ok. I raise this as an issue every year and when I was turned down again I was told to source then information for free from other resources. I did use the I internet to book a holiday whilst at work, I admit that, but I leave the internet on in the background as I am always in and out of reference sites. This latest episode started a couple of weeks ago when I was told I was not allowed to use my own car anymore for visits,I said it wasn't fair and sent a spotty email to my manager saying I will challenge it as it was not yet policy. This went to her manager, then to their manager and I was ccalled in the next day to apologise. Whilst there I was then told my internet use was excessive and they would investigate, I was questioned about why my leave was all used up and 2 very pathetic other issues, going to dentist and working over my hours a little. I was then told I would be looking at a verbal or written warning and to keep my head Down and work hard. On Friday I was called back in and told off about using too much colour ink??? The head of the service said that others had done it and far more than me but I had better watch myself. Then yesterday I was suspended. I have been off sick several times with work place stress, I had a total hysterectomy whilst I was in The job after being raped and not supported and they tried to stop me going to counseling, I am no longer with the union so what do I do? Request data subject all I can, put an FOI in for all employees I internet usage? I think this is disproportionate, a verbal warning at most. I feel criminalized too. Everyone goes on the internet, why ani pulled up for it? Is it because of my sexuality? Please, please help. They cannot get away with this. I also won a national award for my work last November so they cannot say I don't do my job
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