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Found 16 results

  1. Step-daughter had a loan with Beneficial Bank back in 2006. Part of it was to repay a previous loan too, so two PPI claims to be made - maybe more. Have just sent SAR to HFC Bank in Coventry to see what they can tell us. We have a copy of the 2006 agreement, detailing the loan, repayment of previous account and PPI.
  2. My wife has about 40k in debts and is thinking about going bankrupt. The house is in my name only and we are worried about beneficial risk. The house was purchased before we got married and I paid the mortgage off 2 years after marriage with my own money. My wife has paid nothing to the upkeep of the house and improvements since marriage. My will leaves the property to my daughter Is there any risk to our house due to beneficial risk do you think?
  3. Hello everyone, I wonder if people can help here. I have got a CCJ against someone for 18K recently. I am looking at getting a charging order against this individual on their beneficial interest which i believe they hold in a property. Now they are not a legal owner (ie not on the title deeds) I know it is possible to get a charge against the beneficial interest,but i believe the court sets the evidence bar very high to prove beneficial interest. Before i embark down this path can anyone advise what evidence the court would require to prove the beneficial interest as i do
  4. In May 2015, I started a thread on this forum regarding a debtor (Mr OR) who had followed advice from the internet and had issued an injunction against a local authority after his vehicle had been clamped by a bailiff. The debtor considered that his vehicle should have been exempt as it was subject to finance. Unfortunately, his injunction failed as the Judge ruled that there could be a ‘beneficial’ interest in the vehicle. Mr OR was ordered to pay the local authorities costs of £3,200. This was in addition to his own costs (the fee for the injunction alone was £395). A link to
  5. Well old Tawnyowl is thinking of going Vegan.Or try to slowly.Anyone in the forums Vegan. I do not know that much about it, but had some Vegan soup the other day at a protest. Very nice and made me think. 57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan http://www.nursingdegree.net/blog/19/57-health-benefits-of-going-vegan/ Also made me think when I read this as old Tawny's Arteries are not what they used to be.
  6. Beneficial interest on HP Agreements. I have tried to simplify this definitions in order to keep them in context with the current discussion regarding, if a vehicles on HP can legally be taken under control. The intention on this thread is not to discuss any success or failings of cases which have gone to court, it is just to examine terms which are unfamiliar to many on the Bailiff forum. It will be necessary to introduce some more terms, which should assist understanding within context. These are: “Property on goods” and “possession in goods”. Property in goods
  7. When moving house recently i came across a file detailing every statement for a credit card I had in the late 1990's that went into default, eventually leading to a CCJ that took me years to clear. Thankfully I was able to clear it, but at a fairly hefty cost. As a result of the CCJ, the collection agency the debt was sold to by HFC (now HSBC), TBI Financial, added all the interest right up until judgement, and right up until it was paid in full, some four years after judgement in 2007. Thankfully, because I contested some of the charges at the time, TBI were asked by the court to p
  8. In 1996 my husband was declared bankrupt following a business failure. At that time I took over paying all the mortgage payments including all the insurance endowment premiums. At that point there was no equity in the property. In 2006 the Protracted Assets unit of the Official receivers "took" my husbands share of the property and the endowment policy although, by that point, I had been paying all the mortgage/insurance premium payments for ten years I made no effort to prevent them from doing so, I realise that was probably a serious mistake but it's spilt-milk now. The property was ev
  9. Hi, I have written to the creditor asking for proof of debt CCA ect and received no response However, today I received a claim form from County Court Business Centre, Northampton in the name of HSBC, who have been looking after this debt for a couple of years It is from Northampton County Court Business Centre but was posted from Newcastle and says all Documents and payments should go to HSBC Birmingham I assume all that is correct but how should I proceed? I am guessing I should acknowledge receipt on line saying I intend to fully defend and then send CPR 31.14 reques
  10. I have received a CCA from HSBC dated 05/2005 Does not appear enforceable to me but would appreciate another set of eyes Also guessing it is a copy from microfilm or computer not from a physical agreement
  11. I'm trying to help somebody with a dispute over claimed beneficial interest in a property. The lady doesn't have a computer or the funds to seek legal advice, and as I've read (and had) so much excellent advice from the people on this forum, wanted to ask for any views/help. Thanks in advance and apologies for the long post. The situation is: The lady (L) was living in a housing association property (1) with young children following a divorce. She lived there for roughly 5 years and then met a man (M) and they became partners. M had his own small house with no mortgage (2). L was inf
  12. Hey all, Waaay back in 1997 i took out my first loan with Beneficial Bank. At the time i was told when offered PPI that i might not get the loan if i didnt take it - I was in a full time job that gave me 6 months full sick pay then 6 months half pay if needed. Anyhow - just the not getting the loan part if not taken is enough to be mis sold correct?? What i didnt realise was that i renewed the loans to the tune of 5 times no less! each and everytime with PPI on it. I was never offered any other advice, the figures they quoted at the times just included the ppi on top!
  13. ............or any other name they are calling themselves:roll: Tried phoning a couple of companys that reclaim for you, but as its not a straightforward claim they dont want to know. So I thought I would ask here for advice and possibly help and go it alone We took out a loan in 2004, it was more or less said it would be better if we took out the ppi, even though they knew I got 6mths full pay from my employer if I was ill. A few years later I phoned and asked to cancel the ppi only to be told that the only way to do it was, as they no longer did unsecur
  14. Hi All I am new to PPI claims and would like some advise if possible. I have discovered through looking back over old paperwork I have paid PPI insurance on a Beneficial Bank loan I had back in 1998 which I never agreed to. I was told I had to take out this insurance in order to get the loan. I was working FT and had no requirement for this Loan was approx £1500 PPI charge was approx £395 I have today rang through to HFC bank 0845 6023793 who advised me that they have no record of my account and that I would need write to their complaints department proving that I have p
  15. Evening, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct place but I hope someone may be able to offer some advice. My husband and I went bankrupt in 2007 discharged a year later. Purchased the beneficial interest in our property for a £1 prior to discharge. Since then no problems until a year ago when my husband lost his job and one of our children was taken ill and everything that could go wrong did. We are now in a position where we are 6 months in arrears (NRAM MORTGAGE) and our home is in negative equity. Now up till now NRAM have done nothing, no letters, no phone calls nothi
  16. In early April my parents submitted a PPI complaint to HFC/Beneficial for an old credit card they had, citing the usual grounds for misselling. As usual, they'd sent the form via Recorded Delivery and knew that it had been received. After 4 weeks they hadn't heard anything by way of an acknowledgement/reference number so contacted HFC. I'm not sure how of the exact route but they were told that they did not know anything about it (despite having a receipt showing who had signed for it, when, etc., etc.) When it was explained that it was PPI for a credit card they were told to call anoth
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