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Found 10 results

  1. I defaulted on a bridging loan and Receivers have been appointed. They have secured the property (changed the locks) and have asked me to book a time to remove my belongings (Torts Notice served). The property was and is my home and my only home but I have not lived there since taking out the bridging loan is because the loan was unregulated and I did not want to be in breach of the terms. However, it was never rented out; in fact, I never removed my belongings from the property. I have never desired to be landlord and the only reason for taking out the loan was to keep my home. This
  2. Here's a new one, probably.... I went to a show on Tuesday. We placed our belongings in a void near our feet. Unbeknown to us there was a mechanism in the void and it damaged our belongings. The void was covered by a black curtain. I would like to claim for the damage, but I'm unsure if either: a) I was negligent in putting my belongings there, or b) The production company were negligent in leaving the void accessible or not having signage. I kind of feel that with the close proximity to the stage it was negligent to have the mechanism easily accessible and/or no
  3. Hello, I home someone can help with this problem. Around December 2009, after finishing university I put some belongings in storage with Clockwork Removals in Edinburgh figuring I would have them transported once I started work again. About a year ago, I requested that they send my items over to France. Then we discovered that these items (six packing boxes) had been "misplaced" when they moved to new premises in Granton. I've been trying for a year to get my belongings returned or a refund (£65 x 12 months x 6 years = £5500 + value of belongings). Needless to say, Clockwork are
  4. Pretty much as the title states, new policy in the handbook states we are no longer allowed keys, money, jackets (even worn) etc on the call floor and have been supplied with small lockers with repeating keys, no one is assigned a locker and its based on a trust system. The company is not accepting any liability for lost/damaged property and are sending people home AWOL if they don't take off their Jackets or putting Keys in the locker. Is this acceptable for the company to do this? It's a call centre Btw Cheers -EDIT- Right so apparently some guy got told to put his medicine in
  5. I was employed for 6 1/2 years by a company in the UK but was permanently based overseas. Recently I was dismissed (im taking this to the tribunal) and they brought me back to the UK. I could only bring one case with me and had to leave the rest of my belongings in Europe. I asked for them to please get the rest of my stuff back home to me and they have refused. What can I do about this? thanks
  6. I started renting the property in 2008, AST tenancy UK. During that time my landlord issued 3 section 21's (every time I complained or asked for work to be done!) then changed his mind when I was given an eviction order. Rent was paid in full. Deposit was never protected, when I challenged this in court he refunded my deposit and re issued s21 I received an eviction notice and an eviction date for March, however, in February my landlord emailed me and stated that I could remain in the property (he had done this before). I found out on the day of the eviction that he had not cancelled th
  7. my car was repossed by loans2go as previous owner had defaulted, i was gutted but i should have hpi,d before i bought it , gave the keys to loans2go agents when they called at my home, asked for my personal belongings from the car but was not allowed to enter the car as it "belonged" to loans2go, the agent said she would get my belongings for me, the agent passed me a bag from the boot containing car cleaning products, when i asked for my tax disc, cd player, engine (i bought the car without one in it), carpets cd,s etc, the agent said the cd belo
  8. I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I'm in a bit of a panic. I am claiming JSA but due to several health issues, one of which is stress which is being exacerbated by being out of work and all that it entails, I have been advised to claim ESA by both my doctor and an adviser at the Job Centre. I have an appointment to discuss it on my next signing day. However, today (or yesterday, as it is now), I received a letter from a Compliance Officer saying I had to go in the day before my signing day. As I was a little confused as to whether this was the same meeting that had been boo
  9. I had been with my ex partner for 13 years and we had a joint mortgagetogether for 10 years. We were due to get married 10 months ago however he felt we wereincompatible and called the wedding off 8 weeks before the date. He made it very clear that he wanted to keep the house as we bought it fromhis parents so I moved out and stayed with a friend until the joint mortgagewas transferred into his sole name and 50% of the equity released to me.. On the whole the process was fairly amicable. I boxed up as much of mybelongings as I could and put into my parents garage. I told my Ex w
  10. hi i have just split up with my ex,i rent my own flat she was staying here most days a week and some at her mum.i am the only person on the tenecy agreement.we have had a bad break up i have dropped off all of her belonging at her mums.some furniture we went half's on.she is now saying because she has the receipts for some of the stuff we bought together she is going to phone the police with the receipts and have them removed.i have paid her half for these items.i have a basic bank account so she used her card.can she do this? what is the procedure? what are my rights? thank you in advance if
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