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  1. I took out a payday loan in 2012 for £100, i believe it has been that long, i can't remember. I got in to financial difficulty and ignored the loan, silly i know. Today i received the following letter : Client: BCW GROUP(Gothia) limited creditor: Wonga-purchased payday loans account BCWF Ref: ****** Client Ref : *********** Dear Mr * We have been instructed by BCW GROUP(Gothia) limited to recover an over dude debt of £319.48 on their behalf. Our client has informed us that they are unaware of any legitimate reason for non payment on your account. Whilst our client wou
  2. Hello I'm hoping someone will be able to give me some advice. Last week I received 2 letters. The first was from BCW asking for me to verify my address and that they needed to communicate with me about a 'private matter'. I subsequently received a letter with a Barclays letter head stating that a debt (£1900) with them had been transferred to BCW and that I should now pay this in full. No breakdown of the debt was provided but an old current account number was quoted. I did hold an account with Barclays until 2004 when I switched to the Coop Bank. I
  3. Hi, hope someone can help with this or have any info, ive now been sent this by email, don't know what its from or what debt it could be from as had no one informing me its been passed on. So any advice would be good. Please let us know if you would like us to write to you at a different email address. This is an urgent message from BCW. We have been attempting to contact you as we require to speak with you as soon as possible. Could you please contact us on 0844 571 4044 quoting this unique reference number ********* or alternatively reply to this email with a contact
  4. BCW have been chasing me re an alleged debt to Orange and I must admit I have just been ignoring them, however a few weeks ago they threatened me with a home visit so I sent the letter which I got off here to say you get not visit my home and I will only communicate in writing. Below is their reply: The stage in which we issue a letter regarding a Home Visit forms part of our automated process. This is pre-determined by Orange. A Home Visit is only proposed when every other available means of contacting you has been exhausted and an ami
  5. Good evening, I have a contract with EE due to a health problem I am no longer able to work or afford to pay the contact and EE have sent the debt to Buchanan Clark & Wells and I sent them the template letter regarding door step visits and I got the following reply from them; Dear Mr *****, I write with regard to your email of 10th November 2014, issued in relation to the aforementioned account. I can confirm we have undertaken substantive investigations into the issues raised in your above referenced email and have concluded
  6. HI Guys Hope you can help - my partner just had a look at there CR and has an ok rating apart from a few credit cards and searches and 1 default - thing is the default is with BCW - for an apparent provident debt She called Experiean to find out what the debt was for - who directed her to call BCW - where she spoke to an absolute cretin of a man who by the way was incredibly aggressive, and totally unhelpful. The debt was apparently taken out in 2008 and defaulted in 2009 - however My partner is foreign - and has only lived in the UK since Aug 2010 She ha
  7. I have posted before about this debt but felt a new thread was needed. Long story short - my mum (70) was conned into signing for a mobile phone contract by my brother (history of drug abuse and criminal convictions as long as your arm) with the promise he would pay the bills!!! Needless to say he payed for a while and then stopped. Debt 1 - 2002 with Vodafone, £1356- now with Lowell. Tried going down Vodafone route- but no joy there. Lowell contacted my mum about 3 years ago by phone and she was so scared she agreed to pay £50 a month - until I found out what was ha
  8. Hi - have just received a phonecall and then a letter from BCW re a loan from Barclays. Story is took loan about 7 years ago paid regularly till a couple of years ago and then due to financial problems agreed a reduced payment plan (if we continued paying original amount loan would be finished by now), loan has been paid its just the interest we are paying off. Spoke to Barclays to find out why BCW are contacting us as they are still taking money out every month, last payment was on 20/05/14 only to be told that due to payment not being on time in Feb they have ha
  9. My son has come to me today completely shattered, BCW have ruined his credit rating with a debt which was wiped out in 2010 from provident due to thier collections agent not making the payments given to her and taking out fraudulent loans in her customers names. How can I help him to get his credit file cleared I know what its like to try and deal with these , but he has always paid his way and I know he made all the payments on this loan and the balance of 300 odd pound was totally down to his payments not being credited to his account by the agent. I did wri
  10. I have a problem with BCW GROUP [debt collection company] I had bad debt with provident home credit in 2009, could not pay and they sold the debt to BCW GROUP in 2010 1 of the 2 have put a default on my credit record without due process. Can somebody please help and give me some guidance.
  11. I have an outstanding loan(s) with provident that were part of my DMP but not had a payment since sometime 2011. It has been thru Edrupt , Network Credit services then BCW who offered me a 50% discount. Today I received a NOA from Provident to BCW although it was a bit of an odd one. Normally NOA's say things like data controller etc but this was just BCW now own your debt etc. It is £898. Are BCW proactive as per Lowells , any ideas what to expect? Thanks
  12. Dear all, This is my first time posting here. So I got this letter a day ago which is addressed to myself and one of my flat mates from University with which I shared a flat with. The letter has his name and mine and also has the address I used to live at up until early May 2013 as well as the address I currently live at. The letter states the following: Dear X (my name) Y (his name) We are trying to contact X Y with regards to a private matter. We have confirmed your address through a credit link obtained via a credit reference agency as being the same person wh
  13. Hi guys, These morons are chasing me for a alleged debt from 7 years ago, that is SB'd now and has never had a CCJ against it. I've sent them the SB letter from the templates on here by recorded delivery and they've signed for it yesterday. What do you think their next move will be? Will they just give up now or are they likely to keep asking for this alleged debt? also will this affect my credit file now? Thanks
  14. Hi everyone , I have a problem , I had an issue with a loan from Barclays , 5 figure sum , I missed a few of the agreed repayments and the debt has now been passed to BCW , of whom I know nothing about . I have received numerous calls which I have not answered and also numerous txt messages . I have emailed them with the same repayment offer I had with Barclays but have had no reply . I have had a bad year , divorce , ill health etc , although I know this is no excuse , but things got on top and I just didn't pay Barclays . Im not sure what to do ? can anyone advise please ? many thanks .
  15. Hi, Following the break up of my marriage I moved in to a granny annex that a friend had empty. I don't have a different address - I use the same address as my friend. That is I use 66 My Street rather than 66A My Street. I have a number of credit card debts which I have been ignoring for some years and have been watching them pass from one low life DCA to another, and ignoring their phone calls. A couple of days ago BCW called my friend's house phone and asked to speak to me. My friend being a kind, helpful person took a message - why would they not, it could've been som
  16. Morning All, Have a bit of a situation with Scottish Power and Buchanan Clark and Wells, which I need some advice on.... Left Scottish Power with a final gas and electric bill. Paid the electric bill, which they allocated to the gas account, and made a payment arrangement proposal along with a partial payment to the gas account. All of this was done in writing. The cheques were cashed, but no response received. Made another two monthly payments directly to Scottish Power, in accordance to the payment arrangement proposal. Letters were sent asking for responses to the prev
  17. Hi there. Ran into difficulty paying my t-mobile bill, which has now ended. Contacted by a company called Buchanan Clark and Wells demanding payment of £155.21. I checked my t-mobile account, and am still able to pay off my balance on their website, which comes to £140.21. I emailed BCW saying if I can pay them, why should I pay a DCA? I then to be safe set up a payment agreement at BCW's website, and paid on the 14th September by bank transfer. Received however a letter today stating that they would be making a home visit as the agreement has not been honou
  18. Had a letter from GPB Solicitors regarding an Orange Mobile Phone Account. Now to be fair, I did have an Orange Account which I had closed down some time ago. Started receiving letters from BCW regarding a tracing of the account, then they settled on being the person they were looking for. Started receiving letters from them regarding payment. All sent second class and some arrived after the date they wanted payment. Idiots! Interestingly the letters they sent over the course of a couple of months all had various different balances from £180 - £90 to now owing
  19. Just after some help. These guys are after a debt at a different address. I called Npower and gave them my last meter reading and told them that I was no longer at the address. Months went by and I finally got a bill from them, however, I could not remember the reading but the supply date was dated a couple of months after my call. I obviously questioned this - again and again. Finally, Npower, through BCW confirmed that the meter reading being used is from the one supplied on the 10th Jan 2011 but they continue to send me letters claiming the same, wrong supp
  20. Hi, Hopefully this is posted in the right area. My girlfriend has received a few letters from BCW chasing her for an outstanding debt of 8K from Aktiv Kapitol (think that's how you spell it, haven't got the letters with me!) Firstly the letters are in her married name. She has been divorced nearly 2 years and has been using her maiden name again for the last 3-4 years. She has never had a credit card/agreement with Aktiv Kapitol, so has ignored these letters. After looking through these forums, i now believe they have probably taken over the debt from someone else.
  21. hi all buchanan clark wells send a notice that never answered, now they send me a final notice for a debt that I do not own from a coffee shop that I gave up 2 years ago the bill is for e on energy solution limited from mid 2009 to start 2011 of £600 precise, so now what should I do I will not respond to them anyway. is there a statue of limitation to a debt I was trading as the name cafe
  22. Hi All, I've received a letter from BCW Group saying they are trying to locate a Nuclear Shark. Apparently my address is from a linked record on my Credit File. The address they've given is a fairly old one. Stupidly enough they have spelt my name very, very slightly wrong. Checked the CRA's and everything seems in order, no defaults other than the ones I am already dealing with. The letter states "If I believe I am not their customer please contact us on number" I haven't purchased anything from BCW nor do I have any dealings with them. That being obvio
  23. Morning Guys, Just a word of warning. The above have just got sneakier! Our phone rang this morning and looking at the display, it was a local number ie my local STD code so I picked up to find it was Red Castle who are most certainly not based where I live. It appears that they are now using phone technology that gives the appearance that the call is local which means you are more likely to pick up and answer the call. On adding the number to my Choose to Refuse it came up 0141 562 2804 which is BCW. Beware of any local numbers that you don't recognise. Don't pic
  24. I have received a letter today from a company called bcw claiming i owe a debt of £310.96 to 02. I had received letters from westcott credit services in the past and after a very hard battle (for 5 years) they finally realised that the debt wasn't mine. Im just wondering if anyone can help me because i really do not this to last as long.
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